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Why is Sasuke in Prison in Boruto?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most popular characters in the Naruto franchise. He starts off as a rival to Naruto, leaves the village to train under Orochimaru, and eventually becomes an ally in the fight against the Akatsuki. However, in the Boruto sequel series, many fans were surprised to see the heroic Sasuke locked up in prison. So why exactly is Sasuke imprisoned in Boruto?

Sasuke’s Crimes After the War

After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke continued to wander the world on secret missions. While his intentions were good, many of his actions were illegal according to the laws of the allied Shinobi nations.

Unauthorized Missions

Sasuke frequently left the village to investigate threats like Kaguya without authorization. This violated the alliance’s rules for Shinobi cooperation.

Using Forbidden Jutsu

Sasuke regularly relied on his Rinnegan abilities, like summoning meteors or shifting spaces. These were considered forbidden jutsu that violated international treaties.

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Defying Oversight

The Kage wanted Sasuke to work under their joint supervision. But he often acted alone in covert operations. This defiance of authority and oversight was seen as criminal.

Political Tensions Around Sasuke

Sasuke’s actions contributed to rising political tensions between the newly allied villages.

Fear of His Powers

Many feared Sasuke’s immense powers, especially his Rinnegan and Mangekyo Sharingan. Villages like the Hidden Cloud remained wary of another dangerous Uchiha.

Demands for Punishment

Some officials demanded Sasuke face consequences for his past crimes, like attacking the Kage Summit. Others wanted him punished for recent unsanctioned activities.

Calls for Imprisonment

More extreme voices called for Sasuke to be imprisoned or executed. They saw him as too dangerous and uncontrollable. The prisons prevented him from further destabilizing relations.

The Decision to Imprison Sasuke

After much political debate, the Kage finally agreed to imprison Sasuke for an indefinite period.

Preventing Harm

Imprisonment prevented Sasuke from acting in ways that could harm the alliance or worsen tensions between villages. It limited the unpredictability he represented.

Satisfying Demands

Imprisoning the controversial Uchiha helped satisfy the demands of those who called for his punishment. It served as an acceptable compromise.

Reducing Resentment

Locking up Sasuke for his past crimes quelled some of the resentment villages like Cloud felt. It made his integration back into the alliance smoother.

Awaiting Release

The Kage left the option for Sasuke to be released in the future if tensions lowered and he agreed to cooperate fully. The prison term was meant to be temporary if conditions allowed.

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Questions About Sasuke’s Imprisonment

Why did Naruto allow Sasuke to be imprisoned?

As Hokage, Naruto faced intense political pressure from the other Kage to limit Sasuke’s autonomy. Agreeing to imprisonment likely prevented even harsher consequences and preserved hope for Sasuke’s future release.

How does Sasuke feel about being imprisoned?

Given his lone wolf nature, Sasuke likely feels frustrated at the loss of freedom and being confined against his will. But he seems to understand the political reasoning, trusting that Naruto still supports him.

What are the prisons like for Sasuke?

The prisons are likely customized to hold someone as powerful as Sasuke securely. But as an ally, he is probably granted reasonably comfortable conditions rather than harsh punishment.

Does Sasuke’s family visit him in prison?

Sasuke’s wife Sakura and daughter Sarada are allowed supervised visits, giving him some human connection. But contact is limited for security reasons.

Could Sasuke escape the prison if he wanted?

With his advanced skills, Sasuke could likely escape. But that would make him a rogue criminal again. For now, he seems to be cooperating with the sanction to avoid causing more trouble.

Does the imprisonment impact Sasuke’s role as Boruto’s mentor?

Sasuke takes interest in training Boruto even while imprisoned. But the limited interaction makes mentoring more challenging. Boruto mainly benefits from his teachings during supervised visits.


In summary, Sasuke is imprisoned in Boruto because of political tensions and fears surrounding his past actions and immense power. The Kage saw imprisonment as the best compromise to avoid greater conflict or harm. While frustrating to Sasuke, the sanction represents an attempt to integrate him into the shinobi alliance safely. The possibility remains for Sasuke to be released and continue advising the next generation if security concerns and demands for justice ease over time. But for now, supervised imprisonment provides a politically acceptable solution.

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