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Why Did Tom Sizemore Go to Prison?

Tom Sizemore is an actor who had his breakthrough playing Sgt. Michael Horvath in the WWII film Saving Private Ryan. However, from the late 1990s through mid-2000s, Sizemore struggled with substance abuse that resulted in multiple convictions and prison sentences. This article will provide background on Sizemore’s acting career, detail the drug charges that led to jail time, and analyze how incarceration impacted his life and career.

Tom Sizemore’s Early Acting Career

Tom Sizemore was born in Detroit in 1961. After high school, he earned a theatre degree from Temple University in 1986. Sizemore landed early bit parts in films like Born on the Fourth of July before his memorable role as an LAPD detective opposite Denzel Washington in 1993’s Heart and Souls.

Sizemore worked steadily through the 1990s in films like True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Heat, and Wyatt Earp. His big break came with Saving Private Ryan, establishing him as a gritty, intense character actor.

Following Saving Private Ryan, Sizemore continued high profile roles in Bringing Out the Dead, Red Planet, Pearl Harbor, and Black Hawk Down. He was one of Hollywood’s most in-demand supporting tough guys during this peak.

Sizemore’s Drug Addiction Spirals Out of Control

However, around 2000, Tom Sizemore developed an addiction to crystal meth that began to disrupt his career and land him in serious legal trouble. His erratic behavior led to his removal from films like Red Planet.

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In 2003, Sizemore was convicted of harassing and physically abusing his girlfriend, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. This resulted in a conviction for domestic violence and over seven months in prison.

After being released in 2004, Sizemore failed to get sober. In 2005, he was caught attempting to fake a urine test for drugs while on probation, resulting in another conviction and more jail time.

Sizemore continued using and getting arrested for possession of meth and heroin. By 2007, he had served over two years cumulative in prison associated with his drug addiction.

Impact on Sizemore’s Career and Finances

Tom Sizemore’s series of convictions and incarcerations essentially destroyed the career momentum he had built through the 1990s:

  • Became extremely difficult to get hired for major roles with a criminal record
  • Missed out on work during periods of incarceration
  • Burned bridges in Hollywood due to unprofessional behavior
  • Exhausted his wealth paying legal fees and restitution
  • Could no longer get insured for films due to drug use
  • Developed a reputation as unreliable and troubled
  • Forced to accept smaller, direct-to-video B movies after release

Sizemore’s struggles with addiction sidetracked what was shaping up to be an extremely successful acting career.

Sizemore’s Life and Work After Prison

Tom Sizemore continued battling addiction and legal problems for years after being released from prison in 2007:

  • He appeared as a drug addict in Season 6 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010
  • Continued acting in low budget action and horror movies to pay the bills
  • Had a minor role in Twin Peaks revival in 2017
  • Was arrested for domestic violence again in 2017, violating parole
  • Publicly discussed trying to stay sober on podcasts and interviews
  • Published a memoir in 2013 detailing his struggles with addiction
  • Has worked as a drug abuse counselor to help others battling similar demons
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While Sizemore has struggled to reclaim previous success, he has been open about his desire to redeem himself personally and professionally.

Key Factors in Sizemore’s Downward Spiral

There were a few key factors that contributed to Tom Sizemore’s sudden substance abuse issues and subsequent incarcerations:

  • Exposure to Hollywood party scene triggered latent addiction issues
  • Surrounded by network of enablers happy to provide drugs
  • Made risky choice to use meth to lose weight and keep up energy for long work days
  • Lacked coping mechanisms when career hit lull after early success
  • Existing psychological issues exacerbated by drug abuse
  • Failed to take court-ordered rehab and sobriety seriously at first
  • Troubled relationships with women led to abusive behavior
  • Violated parole repeatedly believing could evade consequences

Sizemore serves as cautionary tale of how addiction can destroy even the most promising career if left unchecked.


In summary, respected actor Tom Sizemore saw his career plummet after developing an addiction to crystal meth in the early 2000s. A series of convictions for drug use and domestic violence resulted in Sizemore spending over two years in California prisons.

Incarceration essentially derailed his acting career which was at its peak after Saving Private Ryan just a few years earlier. Sizemore continued battling his demons for years. While still working consistently, he has been unable to reclaim the A-list status he once enjoyed.

The moral of Sizemore’s story is that substance abuse can ruin even the most talented individuals if they fail to take it seriously. However, he serves as an example that it is possible to recover both personally and professionally with commitment to sobriety. His prison stints were a low point, but also motivated him to turn his life around.

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