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What Prison is Benjamin Field In: Everything you should to know

Benjamin Field is currently incarcerated at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. Field was sentenced in 2019 to a minimum of 36 years in prison for the murder of Peter Farquhar and the attempted murder of Ann Moore-Martin. His shocking crimes and the details of his incarceration have sparked considerable public interest.

Background on Benjamin Field’s Crimes

Benjamin Field was a church warden and PhD student who cunningly manipulated and gaslighted Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin, two deeply religious retired lecturers who lived in the village of Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire.

Farquhar and Moore-Martin were vulnerable and lonely when Field entered their lives and pretended to care for them deeply. He gradually isolated them from family and friends and made them dependent on him. Field ultimately poisoned Farquhar and tried to do the same to Moore-Martin in order to inherit their wealth when they died.

In October 2015, the 69-year-old Farquhar was found dead in his home. His death was not initially treated as suspicious. However, when Moore-Martin, 83, narrowly survived a near-fatal seizure in 2017, police finally began investigating Field’s involvement in both cases.

Extensive evidence proved that Field had methodically manipulated both victims for financial gain. In 2019, he was convicted of murder, attempted murder, fraud and burglary. His ex-girlfriend, Martyn Smith, and magician friend, Tom Field (no relation), were convicted as co-conspirators.

Benjamin Field’s Prison Sentence

For his heinous crimes against two vulnerable people, Benjamin Field received a life sentence with a minimum term of 36 years before being considered for parole. This was an unusually long minimum term that reflected the calculated nature of Field’s actions.

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Judge Mr Justice Sweeney emphasized Field’s severe breach of trust and the distress caused to the victims’ loved ones in delivering the sentence. He stated:

“Ben Field is an articulate, intelligent, narcissistic, dangerous offender. The extent to which he was prepared to go to get what he wanted in respect of these two suitable victims was staggering and almost beyond belief.”

Co-defendants Martyn Smith and Tom Field received more lenient sentences, but still must serve a minimum of 12 and 5 years respectively.

HMP Wakefield Prison Overview

Benjamin Field is serving his life sentence at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire. This facility is a Category A high-security men’s prison with a notorious reputation.

Some key facts about HMP Wakefield:

  • Location – Love Lane, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
  • Capacity – around 750 inmates
  • Built – constructed in 1594, modern facility opened in 1992
  • Notable inmates – Harold Shipman, Charles Bronson, Jeremy Bamber
  • Category – high-security with maximum-risk prisoners
  • Operated by – Her Majesty’s Prison Service

HMP Wakefield houses some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals. It has a reputation for housing sexual offenders like Field. Other infamous inmates have included serial killer Harold Shipman, notorious prisoner Charles Bronson, and Jeremy Bamber who was convicted of killing his own family.

The prison has a grim, foreboding atmosphere with large thick walls and sparse facilities. However, it does aim to provide educational courses and rehabilitation programs tailored to inmates’ risks and needs.

Benjamin Field’s Life in Custody

Benjamin Field is subject to the strictest security conditions within HMP Wakefield. As a high-risk, high-profile offender, his movements are severely limited compared to other prisoners.

According to officials, Field spends almost all of his time in his single prison cell in an isolated protective custody unit. He is allowed out only one hour a day for solo exercise. This is to protect him from being attacked by fellow inmates who may target a convicted murderer and sexual predator.

Field takes his daily exercise alone in a secure yard, not the main exercise area. His cell is specially alarmed and he is escorted by guards on his infrequent trips out of the unit. Contact with other prisoners is highly restricted.

Apart from tightly controlled interactions with guards and authorized visitors, Field lives an existence almost totally alone. It’s a drastic contrast to the once active life he enjoyed deceiving and manipulating his victims and those around them.

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Will Benjamin Field Be Able to Get Parole?

Given Benjamin Field’s heinous crimes, he is highly unlikely to ever be granted parole and released. His minimum 36 year term before parole eligibility is already exceptionally long for someone his age.

By the time Field can apply for parole in 36 years, he will be around 80 years old assuming he lives that long. The parole board would have to determine he was no longer a threat to the public before authorizing release, which is improbable.

Realistically, Field can expect to live out his remaining years behind bars at Wakefield. Some key factors that make successful future parole extremely difficult:

  • Calculated, long-term planning of his crimes
  • Complete lack of remorse shown
  • High risk of manipulating and exploiting others if released
  • Severe impact on victims’ loved ones
  • Public outrage over his case and demands for justice

While he will have the right to periodically apply, Benjamin Field’s parole applications are near certain to be denied. This dangerous offender has forfeited his right to freedom and can expect to stay incarcerated for the rest of his life.


Benjamin Field’s cruelty and complete lack of conscience make his lifetime incarceration fully justified. His refusal to take responsibility and show genuine remorse proves he remains a high risk to the public.

HMP Wakefield is notorious, but Field’s restrictive prison existence there is still better than the suffering he inflicted on Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin. While his victims’ families continue grieving their loss, Field will remain cut off from society and denied freedom he exploited so evilly to steal from others.

For the loved ones seeking justice, knowing that Field is sealed away in a grim, isolated cell with little hope of release provides some small consolation. The harrowing case serves as a warning to always be vigilant against manipulation and exploitation of the vulnerable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly is HMP Wakefield located?

HMP Wakefield is located on Love Lane in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. It is near Wakefield city center.

What type of criminals are housed at the prison?

As a Category A high-security facility, HMP Wakefield houses maximum security inmates convicted of the most serious crimes like murder, rape, terrorism and organized crime. Many prisoners held there are considered highly dangerous.

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How old is Wakefield prison and when did the current facility open?

There has been a prison on the site since 1594. However, the current modern complex was constructed in 1992. This replaced Victorian era facilities dating from the 1800s.

What is daily life like for prisoners at HMP Wakefield?

Prisoners are confined to their cells for much of the day. They are subject to strict security procedures when moving around the prison. Inmates have access to some facilities like exercise yards, education classes and workshops depending on their risk assessments. However, conditions are basic and austere.

Is the prisoner Charles Bronson still incarcerated at Wakefield?

No, Charles Bronson was transferred from HMP Wakefield to HMP Woodhill in 2017. He is now held in a solitary confinement unit and no longer resides at Wakefield.

How can the public visit HMP Wakefield?

Members of the public cannot tour HMP Wakefield or visit without official authorization. The facility does not offer general public tours or access to non-authorized persons due to security reasons.

Can prisoners get parole and be released early from HMP Wakefield?

In some cases prisoners can be released before fully serving their sentences if the parole board determines they are not a severe public threat. However, parole is not common for high-risk Category A prisoners incarcerated at Wakefield like Benjamin Field.

How can victim’s families keep track of Wakefield inmates?

The UK Prison Service has a Victim Contact Scheme that keeps registered victims updated on offender sentencing and location. This allows monitoring of inmates like Benjamin Field and notification if they were ever to be transferred or released.

Does Wakefield prison aim to rehabilitate inmates or just punish them?

HMP Wakefield focuses primarily on security, but does provide rehabilitation programs to inmates based on individual risk assessments. The goal is to both punish and ideally rehabilitate prisoners, but the high-risk population makes rehabilitation very challenging.

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