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The Worst Prisons in the State of Georgia

Georgia has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States, with over 50,000 people currently imprisoned in state facilities. While some prisons are relatively modern and humane, others are notorious for violence, gang activity, unsanitary conditions and poor medical care. Here is an overview of some of the worst prisons in the state of Georgia:

Phillips State Prison

Phillips State Prison is a maximum security facility located in Buford, Georgia. With around 2,000 inmates, it suffers from severe overcrowding and understaffing. Gang violence is rampant, with the Gangster Disciples, Bloods and Crips all active within the prison walls.

In 2012, the Southern Center for Human Rights filed a lawsuit against Phillips State for failing to protect inmates from violence. Between 2010 and 2012 alone, 4 inmates were murdered by other prisoners. The lawsuit described a “chaotic general population” where weaker inmates were in constant danger of physical and sexual abuse.

In addition to violence, Phillips has issues with poor sanitation and medical care. Access to medical treatment is limited, and disease outbreaks are common. The aging facility is in need of major renovations and repairs.

Georgia State Prison

Georgia State Prison is another notorious maximum security correctional facility, located in Reidsville. With around 1,700 inmates, it suffers from the same problems of overcrowding, gang violence and deteriorating facilities.

According to a 2019 investigation by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia State Prison had more homicides than any other state prison between 2000 and 2015. At least one inmate was killed every year during that period, with 4 murders occurring in 2015 alone.

In 2012, the prison was the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging failure to protect inmates from violence. The facility is plagued by crumbling infrastructure, malfunctioning locks, poor sanitation and vermin infestations.

In 2020, the US Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation into a pattern of prisoner deaths and inmate-on-inmate assaults at Georgia State Prison.

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Augusta State Medical Prison

Augusta State Medical Prison houses around 1,000 inmates with chronic health conditions. Despite its status as Georgia’s main medical facility for prisoners, it has been plagued by allegations of poor healthcare and neglect.

In 2012, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that at least 36 inmates had died under questionable circumstances at Augusta State Medical Prison between 2008 and 2012. Sources described a facility where fragile prisoners lived in “brutal conditions” and medical care was essentially non-existent.

Inmates claimed they often waited months to see a doctor, despite serious health complaints. Records revealed multiple cases where prisoners died of treatable conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Disability Rights Georgia filed a federal complaint against Augusta in 2015, alleging “abysmal medical care” for inmates with hepatitis C. However, conditions at the facility are still criticized as endangering prisoners’ health.

Valdosta State Prison

Valdosta State Prison is a close security men’s prison housing around 1,400 inmates in Valdosta, Georgia. In June 2015, the facility was locked down due to a major riot believed to be caused by disputes over territory and contraband.

During the riot, inmates set fire to three buildings and slashed the tires of a security truck. At least 18 prisoners were injured in the melee. Back in December 2010, 5 Valdosta inmates were hospitalized after a coordinated disturbance in the prison yard.

The recurring violence at Valdosta is attributed to gang rivalries as well as grievances over poor living conditions. In 2012, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that Valdosta State Prison led the state in reports of sexual violence by officers.

Multiple lawsuits have alleged physical abuse of inmates by guards and authority figures at the overcrowded facility.

Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison

Also known as Jackson State Prison, Georgia Diagnostic is a maximum security facility housing around 1,000 of the state’s death row and high-security inmates. It has a long history of violence within its walls.

In late 2015, the facility was placed on lockdown after two rival gang members clashed in the yard. The following February, two murder convicts escaped the prison grounds before being apprehended a day later.

In 2017, the Department of Justice ordered reforms at Georgia Diagnostic after finding a pattern of sexual abuse by prison staff. Reports indicated that young inmates at the facility were coerced into sexual acts under threat of retaliation.

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A 2019 investigation by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found 29 inmate deaths at Georgia Diagnostic between 2016 and 2018, caused either by illness or violence. The deaths included gang-related stabbings and beatings.

Hays State Prison

Hays State Prison is a high-security facility located in Trion, Georgia. With around 1,200 inmates, it has developed a reputation as the most dangerous prison in Georgia.

Between 2010 and 2013, the facility witnessed at least 15 inmate-on-inmate killings. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution described a “horrifying bloodbath” at Hays State during this period. In 2012 alone, 5 prisoners were murdered in dozens of stabbing and beating incidents.

Gang violence was largely to blame for the deaths, which included inmates being strangled, stabbed with makeshift knives and beaten to death. Inmates claimed that gang members acted with impunity while guards stood by.

The families of multiple murder victims sued Hays State Prison for failing to ensure a safe, secure environment. The facility has been plagued by corruption scandals, with guards arrested for bringing in contraband items.

Recent Reforms and Changes

The Georgia Department of Corrections has undertaken some reforms in recent years in an effort to reduce prison violence and improve safety and sanitation issues.

In 2015, Georgia Corrections Commissioner Homer Bryson ordered violence reduction initiatives and cell phone interdiction at high-security prisons including Hays State.

Some facilities have seen replacement of old locks and security systems to prevent contraband entry. Augusta State Medical Prison implemented a new telehealth system in 2016, allowing remote medical and mental health treatment for inmates.

While these changes represent progress, critics say broader reforms are still needed to address overcrowding and create more humane conditions at Georgia’s aging, understaffed prisons. Reducing the prison population through criminal justice reforms is also seen as vital to alleviating poor conditions behind bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which prison is the most violent in Georgia?

Based on data of inmate homicides, the most consistently violent prison in recent years has been Hays State Prison. Located in Trion, Georgia, Hays State gained notoriety for having one of the highest rates of inmate-on-inmate killings in the entire country between 2010 and 2013.

What are the main gangs operating in Georgia prisons?

There are several major gangs with a strong presence across Georgia’s prison system, including:

  • Gangster Disciples
  • Bloods
  • Crips
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • Ghost Face Gangsters
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These gangs are involved in conflicts over territory, contraband and general power within prisons. They contribute to networks of violence, intimidation and extortion among the inmate population.

What are some of the human rights issues in GA prisons?

The ACLU and other watchdog groups have raised concerns about basic human rights violations occurring in Georgia prisons. These include:

  • Excessive force, abuse and neglect from corrections officers
  • Lack of access to adequate medical care
  • Overcrowding exacerbating poor living conditions
  • High levels of violence due to understaffing and lack of oversight
  • Excessive use of solitary confinement/isolation

Reforms are needed to bring GA prison conditions up to basic constitutional standards.

What is being done to reduce overcrowding in GA prisons?

Georgia has enacted some bipartisan criminal justice reforms in recent years to address prison overcrowding, including:

  • Reducing penalties for nonviolent drug offenses
  • Decriminalizing minor traffic violations
  • Expanding parole and accountability courts as an alternative to incarceration
  • Capping prison sentences for minor crimes and probation violations

While these represent steps forward, many believe more needs to be done to reduce inmate populations, including reclassifying nonviolent offenses and expanding diversion programs.

How prevalent are contraband cell phones in GA prisons?

Cell phones represent a major form of contraband in Georgia prisons. A 2018 report found over 10,500 contraband phones confiscated at state prisons over a two-year period. Phones allow inmates to direct criminal enterprise and coordinate violence within prisons indirectly. Georgia corrections officials utilize a variety of interdiction methods, including managed access systems and phone-sniffing dogs, to curb this issue.


In conclusion, while certain Georgia state prisons are improving, others still face major challenges with violence, poor living conditions and deficient healthcare. Overcrowding and lack of funding exacerbate these problems in aging facilities. However, through comprehensive reforms that address over-incarceration and provide more rehabilitative services, Georgia can potentially transform its troubled prison system into an international model of excellence. The state must remain vigilant and transparent about conditions in its prisons to protect the rights of inmates and correctional officers alike.

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