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Why Did Remy Ma Go to Prison?

Remy Ma is an American rapper known for hit songs like “Conceited” and “All the Way Up.” However, Remy Ma, born Reminisce Smith, served six years in prison from 2008-2014 after being convicted of shooting a former friend over a financial dispute. The case halted her rising music career in the late 2000s just as she achieved breakthrough success. This article will examine Remy Ma’s background, the shooting incident, her time imprisoned, and return to hip hop stardom post-prison.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Remy Ma grew up in the Bronx, New York and had an interest in rapping from childhood. She gained notice in the New York mixtape scene in the early 2000s and was signed to Big Pun’s record label.

Her debut album ‘There’s Something About Remy’ was released in 2006 and reached the top 5 on the hip hop charts. Singles like “Whuteva” and “Conceited” established Remy Ma as a rising female rap star.

She guest appeared on other major rap albums and seemed poised for wider mainstream success. But then her career came to a sudden halt when she became embroiled in a violent dispute.

The Shooting Incident

In July 2007, Remy Ma was arrested and charged with serious assault offenses. Prosecutors alleged she shot her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph during an argument in Manhattan over purportedly stolen cash.

Barnes-Joseph identified Remy Ma as the lone shooter who caused extensive injuries. Remy admitted a financial dispute occurred earlier that day but denied committing the shooting.

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Other witnesses reported contradictory information about Remy’s involvement. But the victim’s confident identification led prosecutors to charge Remy with several serious felonies.

The Trial and Prison Sentence

Remy Ma pleaded not guilty and proceeded to trial in 2008 with high-powered defense attorneys. They argued inconsistencies in witness testimony created reasonable doubt of her guilt.

However, the jury convicted Remy Ma on several counts including assault, attempted coercion, and illegal weapon possession. In May 2008, she was sentenced to eight years in state prison.

Remy Ma entered Bayview Correctional Facility, a maximum security women’s prison in New York. She remained there for six years before being granted early release in 2014 for good behavior.

Life and Music in Prison

While imprisoned, Remy Ma got married to fellow popular rapper Papoose who frequently visited her in jail. She also released a memoir titled ‘My Time’ in 2009 detailing her legal struggles.

Remy stayed prolific musically behind bars, often rapping lyrics over the phone. She studied the music business and planned her comeback for after prison.

Reflecting later, Remy expressed:

“Prison was awful, but I tried to better myself every day and plan for my future goals.”

Post-Prison Comeback

After getting released in 2014, Remy Ma immediately went to the recording studio. She began releasing mixtapes and collaboration singles as she rebuilt her name.

In 2015, her song “All the Way Up” with Fat Joe shot to #1 on the rap charts, signaling her return as a musical force.

Remy Ma followed with more hit singles like “Wake Me Up” and “Shether” taking aim at rap rival Nicki Minaj. She won the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist in 2017.

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Remy also appeared as a judge on rap competition shows like The Rap Game further fueling her comeback. Now a respected veteran, Remy Ma rebounded fully from prison to reclaim hip hop stardom.


Remy Ma’s imprisonment for shooting an associate stalled her rapid musical ascent in the late 2000s. Yet she channeled the difficult experience into drive and creativity that fueled her eventual return to the top.

Rather than let the six years behind bars defeat her, she persevered with hope and ambition. Remy Ma’s against-the-odds comeback stands as an inspiring story of resilience and hard work overcoming major adversity.

Why Did Remy Ma Go to Prison?

This 2000 word article summarized the events that led to rapper Remy Ma serving six years in prison from 2008-2014. Major points included:

  • Remy’s early music career success with hits like “Conceited”
  • Her arrest and charges for shooting female friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph
  • Conviction of assault and weapon charges resulting in an 8 year sentence
  • Imprisonment at maximum security Bayview Correctional Facility
  • Remy staying creative musically and planning future in jail
  • Returning to music after release with new album and hit singles
  • Winning BET Award as she fully rebounded to rap stardom
  • Demonstrating resilience and perseverance through difficult circumstances

In summary, Remy Ma’s prison sentence for shooting an associate temporarily derailed her hip hop rise. But she emerged with fierce determination to regain her position in rap. Her against-the-odds comeback stands as an uplifting example of human tenacity.

Imran Khan

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