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Why Did Mike Tyson Go to Prison?

Mike Tyson is one of the most legendary and controversial boxers in history. At just 20 years old in 1986, he became the youngest ever heavyweight champion. However, at the height of his fame in the 1990s, Tyson was convicted of rape and sentenced to six years in prison. This article will provide background on Mike Tyson’s prolific boxing career, discuss his rape conviction, and analyze how prison impacted his career and life.

Mike Tyson’s Early Boxing Career and Fame

Mike Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1966 and had a very troubled childhood, getting arrested dozens of times as a teen. He was taken under the wing of legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, who helped Tyson harness his explosive power and aggressive fighting style.

Tyson turned pro in 1985 and knocked out all of his first 19 opponents, most within the first round. After D’Amato died in 1985, Tyson continued his meteoric rise under managers Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs. In 1986, Tyson became the youngest ever heavyweight champion at just 20 years old with a victory over Trevor Berbick.

By the late 1980s, Tyson was one of the biggest superstars in sports due to his raw punching power and brutal knockouts of opponents. He was the most feared boxer on the planet and earned the nicknames “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike.”

However, Tyson’s career soon began to unravel as his volatile behavior outside the ring made headlines. Still, he remained heavyweight champion until an upset loss to Buster Douglas in 1990.

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Tyson’s Rape Conviction and 6 Year Prison Sentence

In July 1991, Mike Tyson was arrested and indicted on charges of raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington, a beauty pageant contestant, in an Indianapolis hotel room.

Tyson’s trial took place in Indiana beginning in January 1992. The prosecution argued that Tyson raped and assaulted Washington despite her attempts to fight back and reject his advances. The jury deliberated for nearly 10 hours before finding Tyson guilty on all counts.

In March 1992, Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison along with four years probation and mandatory counseling. Despite his fame, Tyson received a harsh sentence typical for rape charges. He was imprisoned at the Indiana Youth Center in April 1992 and served about half his sentence before being released in 1995.

Impact of Incarceration on Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson spent his early-to-mid 20s, the typical athletic prime of a boxer, in prison. This significantly altered the trajectory of his career and life:

  • Years of boxing primes lost – Being unable to compete from ages 25-29 may have cost Tyson title bouts and additional career highlights.
  • Loss of momentum and notoriety – By the time Tyson was released, much of the buzz and fear factor around him had faded.
  • Financial hit – Tyson lost out on millions in fight purses and endorsements while imprisoned.
  • Personal turmoil – Tyson’s marriages crumbled and family life deteriorated during his incarceration.
  • Reputation damage – The rape conviction seriously hurt Tyson’s public image and popularity after he had been one of the most famous athletes in the world.
  • Setbacks after release – Tyson struggled with comebacks in the late 1990s and never regained his title.
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The lost years in prison clearly took a major toll and altered the trajectory of Tyson’s legendary boxing career.

Tyson’s Comeback Attempts and Life After Prison

After being released from prison in 1995, Mike Tyson launched multiple comebacks and attempted to regain his place atop the boxing world:

  • In 1995, he had several successful tune-up fights against lesser opponents before facing champion Frank Bruno and regaining a title.
  • In 1996, Tyson lost to Evander Holyfield and lost again via controversial disqualification for biting Holyfield’s ear in their 1997 rematch.
  • His last title bout came in 2002 – a knockout loss to champion Lennox Lewis.
  • Tyson ultimately retired in 2005 after a loss to relative unknown Kevin McBride, ending his career on a disappointing note.

Outside of boxing, Tyson declared bankruptcy in 2003 despite earning over $300 million in his career. He had a short-lived marriage to Monica Turner end in divorce. Tyson has dealt with substance abuse issues and mental health struggles.

In retirement, he has found success with one man shows recounting his turbulent life story. Tyson has also become a cannabis entrepreneur and podcast host. While no longer the dominant fighter, his fame and notoriety remain immense.

Factors That Led to Tyson’s Rape Conviction

There were a few key factors that ultimately resulted in Mike Tyson going to prison just as his fame peaked:

  • Reckless behavior – Tyson felt invincible and untouchable, leading to indulgence in drugs, partying, and sex without regard for laws.
  • Toxic associates – Criminals, con men, and hangers-on in Tyson’s inner circle enabled his worst impulses.
  • Sense of entitlement – Tyson came to see fame as meaning everything was for the taking.
  • Substance abuse – Cocaine and alcohol use compromised Tyson’s judgment and self-control.
  • Disregard for women – Tyson saw female fans as sexual objects for conquest.
  • Public pressure – The egregious nature of the charges made the jury determined to convict Tyson as an example.
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In many ways, Tyson’s own fame and success contributed to the mindset and circumstances that resulted in rape and landed him in prison at the height of his career.


Mike Tyson had the world at his feet as the youngest heavyweight champion in history in the late 1980s. But his rape conviction and subsequent six year prison sentence marked the beginning of his downfall and failure to ever achieve that level of success again.

Tyson lost irreplaceable years of his prime, missed title opportunities, and never regained the ferocious form that initially made him champion despite multiple comeback attempts after being released from prison in 1995.

While he remains one of the most famous boxers ever, it is clear Tyson’s legacy and career accomplishments were greatly diminished by how his hubris and criminal actions landed him in prison just as he reached the pinnacle of his potential and fame.

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