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Why is Billy in Prison in EastEnders?

Billy Mitchell is currently in prison on the popular British soap opera EastEnders. Billy’s imprisonment has been a major storyline on the show in recent months. Here is an in-depth look at why Billy is in prison and what led to his incarceration.

Background on Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell has been a character on EastEnders since 1998. He is portrayed by actor Perry Fenwick. Billy is known for his dodgy deals and get-rich-quick schemes. He has a long history of crossing the wrong people and getting on the wrong side of the law.

Billy is a jack-of-all-trades worker on the show. Over the years he has operated restaurants, done some mechanics work, and various other jobs. He is constantly looking for ways to make easy money. While his intentions are usually good, Billy often finds himself caught up in criminal enterprises.

Billy’s Recent Money Problems

In recent storylines, Billy had accrued a large debt to a man named Jonno. Billy got involved with Jonno through his brother Eddie who worked for Jonno.

When Eddie disappeared still owing Jonno money, Jonno came after Billy demanding the cash. Billy did not have the money to pay Jonno back, so Jonno started threatening and intimidating Billy.

Desperate, Billy started doing some illegal jobs for Phil Mitchell to try and get the money to pay Jonno. However, he still was not able to get enough money together.

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Billy’s Arrest

With Billy still owing him money, Jonno hatched a plan to rob The Queen Vic pub. He blackmailed Billy into helping him, threatening to seriously hurt Billy’s family if he did not comply.

While Billy was very reluctant, he felt he had no choice and agreed to assist with the robbery. The plan was for Billy to leave a window open so Jonno could sneak in after hours and rob the pub safe.

On the night of the robbery, the police arrived and caught Jonno red-handed. Billy was also arrested for his role in aiding with the break-in.

Billy’s Time in Prison

Billy was remanded and sent to prison on charges related to the botched robbery. Even though Billy was blackmailed, he was still considered an accessory to the crime.

Billy has spent several weeks in prison so far on the show. He had some difficulty adjusting and got into fights with fellow prisoners.

Being in prison put huge strain on Billy’s family, including his daughter Janet. But Janet and Billy’s friends have visited him and offered support during this difficult time.

Billy faced charges of trespassing, breaking and entering, and conspiracy to commit robbery. In the UK these crimes can carry multi-year prison sentences.

Will Billy Stay in Jail?

Currently it is still up in the air whether Billy will serve a long prison sentence or get released early. The details of his plea deal and sentencing have not been revealed yet.

There is a chance Billy could be offered a reduced sentence or even probation if he agrees to testify against Jonno. By cooperating with police and emphasizing how Jonno blackmailed him, Billy may be able to avoid years in jail.

Billy’s friends and family on the show are hoping he will be shown some leniency given the extenuating circumstances. But viewers will have to stay tuned to find out exactly how long Billy ends up staying behind bars.

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Impact on Mitchell Family

Billy’s imprisonment has also affected his niece Ronnie Mitchell. Ronnie is the co-owner of The Queen Vic and she feels guilty about Billy getting arrested for the attempted robbery of her pub.

She has apologized to Billy and promised to help look after his daughter Janet while he is locked up. As a close-knit family, the Mitchells have all been saddened to see Billy in such a desperate predicament.


Billy Mitchell finds himself in an unfortunate situation not entirely of his own making. Groomed into a robbery plot by a violent loan shark, Billy’s moment of weakness led to incarceration.

Now Billy faces an uncertain future behind bars while his friends and family hope for his speedy return. His imprisonment is a sad tale of how quickly shady dealings can go awry. EastEnders fans will be watching closely to see if justice or mercy wins out for beloved rogue Billy.

Billy Mitchell’s imprisonment has sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community of Walford. With his likeable personality and dodgy scheming, fans are hopeful Billy’s time in jail will be limited. However long he ends up serving, his friends and family will surely be waiting to support Billy through this challenging chapter of life.

Why did Billy agree to help rob The Queen Vic?

Billy was blackmailed by Jonno, who threatened to seriously harm Billy’s family if he did not cooperate with the robbery. Out of desperation and fear, Billy reluctantly agreed to help.

How did the police know to catch them during the robbery?

It has not been revealed yet how the police knew to show up at exactly the right time during the break-in. It’s possible someone tipped them off or they were secretly following Jonno already.

What was Billy’s role in the robbery plot?

Billy’s role was to leave a window open at the pub so that Jonno could sneak in after closing and rob the safe. This made him an accessory even though he was not going to enter himself.

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Could Billy get sent to prison for many years?

Yes, the charges of breaking and entering, trespassing, and conspiracy could potentially carry multi-year sentences. But if he pleads mitigating circumstances, he may get a lighter sentence or just probation.

Will Billy’s family be able to visit him in prison?

Yes, his daughter Janet and other family members like Phil Mitchell have already been shown visiting him in jail. With approval, close family can typically visit prisoners periodically.

Does Billy feel remorse about his actions?

Billy feels tremendous remorse and guilt over his role in the robbery. He got in over his head and regrets agreeing to go along with Jonno’s criminal scheme, even though he felt forced into it.

Will Billy testify against Jonno for a lighter sentence?

This has not been confirmed yet, but there is a strong possibility Billy could testify against Jonno in exchange for a reduced sentence or probation deal. However, he may be reluctant to turn informant.

What kind of behavior has Billy exhibited in prison so far?

So far Billy has gotten into fights with fellow prisoners and had a hard time adjusting to life behind bars. He is portrayed as largely overwhelmed and depressed about his incarceration.

Is there a chance Billy could escape from prison?

While it’s possible Billy may try to escape if his sentence is very long, so far he has not attempted this. Given the strict security at prisons, his chances of successfully escaping seem very low.

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