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Why Did Brittney Taylor Go to Prison?

Brittney Taylor is an Instagram model and former girlfriend of NFL player Antonio Brown. She first made headlines in 2019 for filing a lawsuit alleging Brown sexually assaulted her. Then in 2020, past legal troubles resulting in Taylor serving jail time came to light, raising questions about her motives and credibility. While brief, Taylor’s prior incarceration and alleged fraud convictions provide insight into a complex situation.

Background on Brittney Taylor

A native of Florida, Brittney Taylor worked as a gymnast and cheerleader during school. She went on to become a personal trainer and build a sizable Instagram following showcasing her fitness routines and bikini modeling.

It was through working as Brown’s trainer that Taylor and the NFL star began an on-again, off-again romantic relationship starting in 2017. But Taylor had some secrets in her past that would eventually resurface.

2014 Fraud Arrest in Florida

Years before meeting Brown, Brittney Taylor had a run-in with the law in Florida that threatened her future prospects. In 2014, Taylor was arrested and charged with identity theft, insurance fraud, and filing a false police report.

Prosecutors alleged Taylor illegally used someone else’s credit card information to pay for a cosmetic medical procedure. Taylor also filed an insurance claim falsely stating her purse was stolen to try recouping the cost.

Conviction and Brief Incarceration

Faced with multiple felonies for fraud, Brittney Taylor agreed to a plea deal with Florida prosecutors. She pleaded guilty to one felony count of insurance fraud.

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In exchange, Taylor received three years of probation along with 30 days in county jail – a light punishment given the severity of the charges. Records confirm Taylor served her sentence in 2015 and completed probation.

The Antonio Brown Lawsuits

Flash forward to 2019 – Brittney Taylor was back in the news filing a lawsuit accusing Antonio Brown of multiple incidents of sexual assault when they dated in 2017 and 2018. Brown countersued Taylor for defamation.

When Taylor’s past convictions came to light, Brown’s attorneys painted her as having limited credibility and financial motivations in accusing Brown. However, Taylor maintained her allegations were valid despite her past mistakes.

Insights into Taylor’s Legal Saga

Brittney Taylor’s jail record and alleged fraud convictions provide an added layer of complexity in evaluating her sexual assault allegations against Antonio Brown:

  • Her criminal past allowed Brown’s lawyers to undermine her credibility in the lawsuits.
  • However, Taylor served her time and deserves a presumption of innocence like anyone else.
  • The dueling lawsuits suggest a contentious romantic relationship between Brown and Taylor.
  • Only Brown and Taylor know the true nature of what transpired in their past relationship.
  • Ultimately, Taylor’s brief incarceration does not prove or disprove the merits of her sexual assault claims against Brown.


While brief, Brittney Taylor’s past convictions resulted in scrutiny when she later accused Antonio Brown of misconduct. Her jail time served as a cautionary tale about the long-term consequences criminal behavior can create. However, Taylor’s allegations deserve to be evaluated based on the facts of her case against Brown rather than past legal troubles. The full truth likely rests somewhere in a gray area between competing legal claims.

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Key Points:

  • Brittney Taylor served 30 days in jail in 2015 for felony insurance fraud
  • In 2019, Taylor accused ex Antonio Brown of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit
  • Brown used Taylor’s conviction to attack her credibility regarding the allegations
  • However, Taylor’s past jail time does not inherently negate her claims against Brown
  • The legal saga illustrates how brief incarceration can have lingering implications

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