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Why Did Bam Margera Go to Prison?

Bam Margera is a professional skateboarder and TV personality who rose to fame in the early 2000s with his popular MTV show “Viva La Bam.” However, in recent years, Margera has faced escalating personal issues that culminated in a court-ordered rehab stint and imprisonment in 2022. His dramatic downfall has been difficult for fans to witness.

Early Success and Popularity

Margera first gained attention in the late 1990s as part of the CKY crew alongside Ryan Dunn and Brandon DiCamillo. Margera’s skating skills and outrageous stunts soon earned him mainstream popularity.

Jackass and Spinoffs

Margera became known to millions as a cast member on the hit MTV show “Jackass” in 2000. This led to him getting his own show “Viva La Bam” in 2003, showcasing elaborate pranks and stunts.

videogames and branding

Margera capitalized on his fame by launching branded merchandise, a series of popular video games, and even a music album. For many years he was one of the most recognizable faces of extreme sports and stunt entertainment.

Spiraling Issues

However, Margera’s success masked some growing problems in his personal life, including marital issues, outbursts, and substance abuse.

Ryan Dunn’s Death

Margera was devastated by the sudden death of Ryan Dunn in a 2011 car accident. Margera openly grieved and struggled to cope.

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erratic behavior

In the following years, Margera’s behavior became increasingly erratic, leading to conflict with friends like Johnny Knoxville. A downward spiral saw Margera get fired from Jackass 4 in 2021 for failing to abide by the terms of his contract.

substance abuse

Margera struggled with alcohol abuse issues for years before his habitual use of drugs like Adderall and later methamphetamine resulted in severe addiction problems.

Court-Ordered Rehab and Legal Troubles

Margera’s family eventually intervened in an attempt to get the troubled star help. However, this led to further dramatic incidents that landed Margera in prison.

involuntary 5150 hold

In June 2022, concerned for his safety, Margera’s family tricked him into going to a rehab facility, using a 5150 psychiatric hold to keep him there involuntarily.

escaping rehab

Margera fled the facility shortly after. A warrant was issued for his arrest for leaving court-ordered treatment. He was located days later at a hotel in Florida.

Felony charges

While initially allowed to return home for outpatient treatment, Margera fled again to California in violation of his probation. This resulted in felony charges for escape and burglary, as he broke into a vacant home during his flight.

Imprisonment and Uncertain Future

With his erratic behavior spiraling out of control, the justice system finally ran out of patience, locking Margera away for an extended time.

one year in jail

In November 2022, Margera pleaded no contest to the charges against him. He was sentenced to one year in a county jail in California.

Downward spiral

Margera’s fans expressed sadness at his imprisonment but hope he will finally get the mental health and rehab treatment he desperately needs while locked up. However, his future once released remains uncertain.

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reflection and rehabilitation

For now Margera passes his days behind bars, removed from the temptations and triggers that accelerated his downward spiral outside. Perhaps the isolation will give him a chance to reflect and commit to the rehabilitation necessary to turn his life around.


Bam Margera’s prodigious skating talent and outrageous personality made him an icon. But unchecked mental health issues and substance abuse led to a dramatic public downfall. His failure to comply with court-ordered rehab left authorities with little choice but to imprison him. The year ahead will test Margera’s ability to chart a healthier path forward. His multitude of fans hope Margera can emerge rehabilitated and rebuild his life and career.

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