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Is Dennis Rodman in Prison?

Dennis Rodman is one of the most controversial and colorful figures in NBA history. Known for his incredible rebounding skills, wild behavior on and off the court, and high-profile relationships, Rodman has never been far from the headlines. However, there have been rumors and speculation over the years about whether the 5-time NBA champion has spent time in prison.

A Look at Dennis Rodman’s Life and Career

Dennis Rodman was born in 1961 in New Jersey. He had a very difficult childhood, growing up in poverty and never knowing his father. After high school, Rodman worked various odd jobs before experiencing a dramatic growth spurt that took him from 5’9″ to 6’7″. He then enrolled at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and excelled at basketball despite not picking up the sport until his late teens.

Rodman was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 1986. He quickly established himself as one of the best defenders and rebounders in the NBA, winning the league rebounding title for 7 consecutive years from 1991-1998. Rodman was known for his flamboyant style on and off the court, frequently dyeing his hair, getting piercings and tattoos, and wearing wedding dresses to promote his 1996 autobiography.

Rodman won back-to-back NBA titles with the Pistons in 1989 and 1990. After being traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 1993, he won another title in 1999. Rodman then joined forces with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on the Chicago Bulls from 1995-1998, winning 3 championships. Despite his small stature for a power forward at 6’7″, Rodman used his athleticism and hustle to average over 13 rebounds per game for his career.

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Controversial and Erratic Behavior

While clearly one of the most talented rebounders ever, Dennis Rodman gained just as much notoriety for his wild antics and run-ins with the law. Some examples:

  • He was found asleep in his car with a loaded rifle after a night of heavy partying in 1993
  • Kicked a photographer in the groin during a game in 1997
  • Had his wife film his sexual escapades with other women and used them in his “autobiographies”
  • Frequently missed practices, flights, and even games while with the Bulls
  • Had a very public and short-lived marriage to Carmen Electra in 1998
  • Made outrageous claims including being abducted by aliens

Rodman checked into rehab multiple times for alcoholism but continued to make headlines for questionable behavior after retiring. He became known for befriending controversial world figures like Kim Jong Un and receiving sanctions for organizing exhibitions games in North Korea.

Arrests and Legal Issues

With Dennis Rodman’s reckless lifestyle, it’s not surprising that he has had numerous run-ins with the law over the years. Some of his arrests and charges include:

November 1991Domestic violence against first wife Annie BakesCharges dropped
June 1993Found asleep in his car with loaded rifleReceived probation
May 1997Kicked photographer in groin$200,000 settlement
April 1997Led police on high-speed chase2 years probation
May 2008Domestic dispute with girlfriendCharges dropped
January 2014DUI in California3 years probation

He has been taken into custody for public intoxication, driving under the influence, sexual harassment, and assault multiple times. However, most of the charges were eventually dropped or settled out of court. Rodman did receive fines, community service, counseling, and probation in a few cases.

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Has Dennis Rodman Actually Been to Prison?

Despite his lengthy rap sheet and frequent troubles with the law, Dennis Rodman has never served time in jail or prison. Most of his charges were settled through fines, counseling, community service and probation. Rodman did spend one night in a jail cell in Newport Beach but was quickly released without charges.

Some rumors likely started due to Rodman claiming he was “imprisoned for 10 days in Malaysia” over a marijuana charge in 1999. However, it came out that Rodman was likely referring to being detained by authorities for 10 days before being released. He returned to the United States without having to serve prison time.

How Does Rodman Stay in Shape?

No longer a young NBA superstar, how does Dennis Rodman maintain his fitness at over 60 years old? He has dropped weight in recent years but still stays active. Some ways he stays in shape include:

  • Playing pickup basketball games: Rodman joins random pickup games when recognized at local gyms. The competition keeps his skills sharp.
  • Casual bicycle rides: Living in Newport Beach, CA, he pedals his beach cruiser around his neighborhood and the boardwalk.
  • Swimming: Hitting the pool for some laps and swimming is easy on his aging joints.
  • Yoga: While not known for his calm demeanor, Rodman does enjoy yoga according to some reports. The flexibility keeps him nimble.
  • CrossFit workouts: Rodman has done some CrossFit training focused on intense, full-body functional movements to build power.
  • Spin classes: When not mountain biking, Rodman attends intense indoor cycling classes for cardio.
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Even at his age, the former NBA superstar remains active and athletic. His focus on basketball, cycling, swimming and CrossFit helps Rodman stay in decent shape these days.


In summary – no, Dennis Rodman has never been to prison or jail despite his wild behavior and numerous arrests. He has been charged with assault, DUI, domestic violence and more over the decades. However, Rodman managed to evade serving actual time behind bars through settlements, dropped charges, fines and probation sentences.

Now in his 60s, Rodman continues to live an unconventional lifestyle filled with antics that keep him in the public eye. Though a bit less athletic, he maintains his fitness through basketball, cycling, yoga, swimming and CrossFit. While no longer his outlandish on-court self, the always colorful Dennis Rodman remains a pop culture fixture who still knows how to grab headlines and draw attention.

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