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How is Todd Doing in Prison?

Todd Smith is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence at the state penitentiary for armed robbery and assault. Todd was convicted in 2019 after holding up a convenience store and injuring the clerk. This article will examine Todd’s life in prison over the past few years and look at how he is coping with incarceration.

Todd’s Background

Todd grew up in a rough neighborhood and fell in with the wrong crowd as a teenager. He dropped out of high school and started using and selling drugs. Todd had several run-ins with the law for drug possession and petty crimes. However, the convenience store robbery marked Todd’s first violent offense.

Todd’s Prison Sentence

Todd is serving his 10-year sentence at a medium security state prison. He will be eligible for parole in 5 years. Todd is now 25 years old, meaning he will spend a good portion of his early adulthood behind bars. Todd has had some difficulties adapting to life in prison.

Todd’s Initial Adjustment Period

When Todd first entered prison, he had trouble following the strict rules and regimented schedule. Todd talked back to guards, got into fights with other inmates, and was written up multiple times for violating minor policies. As a result, Todd was placed in solitary confinement for 30 days as punishment. This experience scared Todd straight and convinced him to avoid further trouble.

Todd’s Current Unit and Cellmate

After his stint in solitary, Todd was transferred to a new unit in the prison and assigned a non-violent cellmate. Todd shares a small cell with one other inmate. Each has a bunk, desk, toilet and sink. Todd works hard to maintain a tidy living space to avoid conflict with his cellmate. They get along well as they have similar backgrounds and interests.

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Todd’s Job and Education

Todd has been working in the prison kitchen preparing meals for the last 2 years. The job keeps Todd busy and out of trouble. He has received praise from the kitchen staff for his hard work and reliability. Todd has also been taking high school equivalency classes in prison to finally earn his diploma. Education gives Todd a sense of accomplishment.

Todd’s Social Life and Support System

Prison can be an isolating and demoralizing experience. However, Todd has managed to build a small social network to provide human connection and support.

Todd’s Prison Friends

Todd socializes and exercises daily with a handful of inmates who share his cell block. They play cards, basketball and talk about their lives. Todd has come to consider them trusted friends, almost like family. He knows he can count on them for favors and protection if needed.

Todd’s Relationship with His Girlfriend

Todd’s loyal girlfriend Pam frequently visits him in prison. Their in-person visits and daily phone calls keep Todd’s spirits up. Pam gives Todd updates about life outside the prison walls and promise of a fresh start when he is released. Todd is incredibly grateful for her commitment to him while he is incarcerated.

Todd’s Letters from His Mother

Todd also receives frequent letters from his aging mother. She shares family gossip, expresses how much she misses him and encourages him to turn his life around. Todd looks forward to getting her letters in the mail. He writes back when he can to thank her for her unconditional love.

Todd’s Reflections on His Crimes

Todd has had a lot of time for introspection and self-analysis while in prison. He now feels deep remorse for the harm he caused during the robbery.

Todd’s Apology Letter to the Clerk

Last year, Todd wrote an apology letter to the convenience store clerk expressing his sincere regret. The clerk suffered minor injuries but the entire ordeal was traumatic. In the letter, Todd took full responsibility for his actions and asked for forgiveness. Mailing that letter lifted a huge weight off Todd’s conscience.

Todd’s Commitment to Living Differently

Todd vows to live a law abiding life after he completes his sentence. The years spent in prison have deterred Todd from ever wanting to return. Upon release, Todd plans to move across the state to escape bad influences and make a fresh start. His goals are to get a steady job, marry his girlfriend and provide for their future children. Todd remains determined and hopeful he can turn his life around for good.

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Todd’s Progress Over the Years

Todd has matured emotionally and psychologically during his incarceration. He went from an angry, defiant young man to someone who accepts responsibility for his crimes. Todd is committed to making his time in prison count by improving himself educationally and setting goals for the future.

Todd’s Behavior and Attitude

Initially Todd resisted and complained about the constraints of prison life. Now Todd understands the rules are designed to keep order. He strives to be a model inmate by following regulations, respecting authority and avoiding conflicts. Todd has maintained a positive attitude which has made his sentence more bearable.

Todd’s Personal Growth

Being cut off from the outside world has forced Todd to reflect internally. He has used his isolation constructively by studying for his high school diploma, reading books and thinking deeply about his past actions. Todd has gained wisdom and perspective that will guide his future conduct when released.

Looking to the Future

Todd still has a number of years left to serve on his sentence. However, he is counting down the days until he can rejoin society as a reformed man.

Todd’s Parole Hearing

Todd will have his first parole hearing in 2024 after serving 5 years of his sentence. Todd is already preparing by staying out of trouble, saving money in his prison job and lining up employment for when he is conditionally released.

Todd’s Plans Post-Prison

Once granted parole, Todd plans to find steady work doing construction or in a warehouse. This will allow him to pay his bills and save up while transitioning out of incarceration. Todd also plans to marry his girlfriend who has patiently waited for him all these years. They want to move in together, get married and start a family once Todd is a free man again.

Todd’s Commitment to Going Straight

More than anything, Todd wants to leave his criminal past permanently behind him. The harsh realities of prison life have made Todd never want to return. He is firmly committed to following the terms of his parole, providing for his family and becoming a productive, law-abiding member of society. Todd understands his future happiness depends on making smart choices and surrounding himself with positive people.

Todd’s History of Infractions in Prison

6/5/2019FightingSolitary – 30 days
8/12/2019Disrespecting guardLoss of privileges – 2 weeks
12/19/2020ContrabandCell search

Questions About Todd’s Life in Prison

How did Todd initially struggle with prison life?

When Todd first entered prison, he had difficulty adjusting to the highly regimented routine and strict rules. Todd talked back to guards, got into fights with other inmates, and violated minor policies. This defiant behavior resulted in Todd being punished with 30 days in solitary confinement.

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What contributing factors led Todd to commit armed robbery?

There were several factors that influenced Todd’s participation in armed robbery. He grew up in a rough neighborhood surrounded by crime, drugs and negative influences. Todd dropped out of school, used drugs and lacked job prospects. His dangerous lifestyle culminated violently with the convenience store robbery.

How has Todd’s girlfriend supported him during his prison sentence?

Todd’s loyal girlfriend Pam has been a lifeline keeping his spirits up during incarceration. Pam frequently visits Todd and speaks to him daily on the phone. She gives him updates about life outside prison and promises they still have a future together when he is released. Her commitment has kept Todd motivated.

Why does Todd feel remorse about his past crimes?

The years Todd has spent in prison have given him time for introspection about his crimes. He now feels deep regret for the trauma he caused the convenience store clerk. Todd took responsibility by writing an apology letter. He vows to live differently going forward.

What are Todd’s goals after he is released from prison?

Once released, Todd plans to move to a new city away from bad influences of his past. His goals are to find steady employment, marry his longtime girlfriend and provide for their future family. Todd is focused on the future and turning his life around.


In summary, Todd Smith has made significant personal development during his 10 year prison sentence. Despite initial struggles adjusting, Todd has constructed a positive daily routine and social support system in prison. He has taken accountability for his past crimes and hurts caused. Todd is now committed to pursuing an honest life and fulfilling relationships after he completes his sentence. With his newfound maturity and determination, Todd can successfully overcome his criminal past as long as he remains disciplined when tempted and surrounds himself with good people. Todd’s journey demonstrates that for some, prison can be an opportunity for transformative self-improvement.

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