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Does Cain Dingle Go to Prison?

Cain Dingle is one of the longest running and most notorious characters on the British soap opera Emmerdale. The brooding bad boy has been involved in various criminal exploits and stints behind bars over the years. This article looks at Cain’s backstory and delves into his multiple experiences of incarceration on the fictional show.

Cain Dingle’s Character Profile

A quick overview of the fan favorite Emmerdale antihero:

  • Played by Jeff Hordley, Cain first appeared on Emmerdale in 2000.
  • He was born out of wedlock to Zak Dingle and Faith Dingle in 1974.
  • Cain is married to Moira Barton and has three children – Debbie, Kyle and Isaac.
  • He co-owns Butler’s Farm and the Dingle family garage business.
  • Cain acts as the tough patriarch of the chaotic Dingle clan.
  • Despite his short temper, Cain displays fierce loyalty to his family.
  • He frequently engages in illegal money-making schemes and scams.

Brooding and belligerent Cain has been central to Emmerdale drama for over two decades.

Cain’s Bad Boy Backstory

From the beginning, Cain cultivated an image as the local bad boy and crime boss:

  • He had a difficult childhood due to his mother Faith abandoning him at birth.
  • Cain was a troublesome youth constantly in trouble with police.
  • In the 1990s he did multiple stints in young offenders institutes.
  • Cain graduated to more serious crimes like assault, drug dealing, robbery and car theft.
  • He frequently ends up back behind bars thanks to his temper and illegal exploits.
  • Cain sees prison time as an occupational hazard to be endured.
  • Despite often being jailed, he never learns his lesson for long.
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His reputation as a career criminal tends to precede him.

Cain’s Prison History on Emmerdale

A timeline of some of Cain’s many incarcerations over the years:

  • 2001 – Sentenced to 3 years for burglary. Released in 2002.
  • 2004 – Jailed for 2 years for grievous bodily harm. Freed in 2005.
  • 2011 – Held on remand before getting 3 years for arson. Out in 2013.
  • 2016 – Arrested but let off for shooting Robert Sugden.
  • 2018 – Imprisoned awaiting trial for his part in Joe Tate’s apparent death. Charges dropped.
  • 2022 – Arrested for the murder of Al Chapman but not charged.

Cain seems to have spent almost as much time locked up as free!

Cain’s Prison Escapes

Never one to docilely serve his time, Cain has escaped incarceration multiple times:

  • In 2002 he broke out of custody after headbutting a guard while awaiting burglary trial.
  • In 2013 Cain and his cousin Aaron Dingle escaped prison by taking guards hostage during a riot.
  • They hid out in an isolated cottage but were recaptured after 2 weeks on the run.
  • In 2018 Cain escaped police custody again while being transferred to prison by hijacking the van.
  • His time on the lam was short however as he soon handed himself back in.
  • Cain rationalizes his escapes as necessary to protect his family from danger.

His prison breaks only end up elongating Cain’s stint behind bars when recaptured.

Impacts of Prison on Cain

While acting tough, Cain finds doing hard time challenging:

  • He struggles being separated from his family, especially his young children.
  • Cain misses the freedom of the Yorkshire countryside while cooped up in a cell.
  • His short temper frequently gets him into fights and punishments from guards.
  • Cain passes time by working out but finds the food abysmal.
  • He laments missing major family events like births and weddings.
  • Prison erodes Cain’s mental health leaving him lonely and often depressed behind the bravado.
  • But he remains stoic, knowing he alone is responsible for his incarceration.
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Under the surly façade, Cain yearns for his chaotic family and rural home while imprisoned.

What Next for Cain Dingle?

Cain’s future looks troubled given the looming charges over Al Chapman’s murder:

  • In 2022 Cain had an affair with Al’s fiancée Kerry Wyatt.
  • When Al discovered the betrayal, a fight ensued resulting in Al’s death.
  • Cain then buried his rival’s body and has attempted to cover up the crime ever since.
  • But the truth looks set to emerge, leaving Cain potentially facing a life sentence for Al’s murder.
  • He could end up behind bars for years if convicted for the premeditated killing.
  • But will Cain find yet another way to escape justice and imprisonment?

The next chapter of Cain’s never-ending legal sagas continues to unfold.


In summary, the infamous Emmerdale bad boy Cain Dingle has seen more than his fair share of prison time over the past two decades. His regular stints behind bars serve to underscore his menacing character on the long-running program. Whether escaping custody or brooding in his cell, Cain’s incarcerations continue to drive storylines given his criminal proclivities. His future currently hangs in the balance with the looming threat of imprisonment for life over murder. But can any prison truly hold the legendary Cain Dingle?

Key Points:

  • Cain Dingle is a long running character on Emmerdale.
  • Known as the local bad boy, he frequently engages in criminal activities.
  • Cain has been jailed multiple times since 2001 for crimes like assault and arson.
  • He has escaped from prison custody more than once while incarcerated.
  • Cain struggles being separated from family while imprisoned.
  • He faces a potential murder charge and life sentence for killing Al Chapman.
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How many times has Cain Dingle been in prison?

Cain has served at least 5 different stints in prison since first appearing on Emmerdale in the early 2000s.

What were Cain Dingle’s main crimes he was jailed for?

His main incarcerations were for burglary, assault, arson, and escaping custody. He currently faces a murder charge.

What is the longest Cain has been jailed for?

His longest sentence was 3 years imprisonment for arson in 2011. He was released in 2013 after 2 years served.

Has Cain ever managed to escape from prison?

Yes, he has escaped both while being transported to begin a sentence and once during a riot behind bars. But he always ends up recaptured.

Could Cain Dingle face life imprisonment?

Yes, he potentially could face a life sentence if convicted of the 2022 murder of his rival Al Chapman which he is currently covering up.

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