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When Does Big Meech Get Out of Prison?

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory is an infamous drug kingpin who led the Black Mafia Family, a notorious drug trafficking organization that operated for over a decade before being taken down by the U.S. government. Big Meech was convicted on charges of running a continuing criminal enterprise and is currently serving a 30-year federal prison sentence. His scheduled release date has been a topic of much speculation among fans, critics, and the media.

Overview of Big Meech’s Crimes and Conviction

Big Meech co-founded the Black Mafia Family in 1989 alongside his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory. Based in Detroit, the organization grew to become a hugely successful drug trafficking operation that pulled in hundreds of millions of dollars. At its peak, BMF was moving thousands of kilograms of cocaine across the U.S. per month.

The organization laundered drug money through legitimate businesses like car dealerships, a hip hop promotion company, and real estate investment. Big Meech and other BMF members enjoyed lavish lifestyles filled with expensive cars, jewelry, and mansions.

In 2005, the DEA launched Operation Motor City, an investigation into BMF’s criminal activities. Meech went on the run but was apprehended in Atlanta in 2007. He and Southwest T were charged with running a continuing criminal enterprise and other drug-related offenses.

In 2008, Big Meech was convicted of the charges and sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. His brother Southwest T was convicted on similar charges and also sentenced to over 30 years behind bars.

Big Meech’s Scheduled Release Date

Big Meech was incarcerated at USP Florence High, a high-security federal penitentiary in Colorado. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator, his scheduled release date is March 4, 2032.

This means Big Meech will have served nearly 30 years before his projected release. Assuming no changes to his sentence, he will be 60 years old by the time he is freed.

Here is a table summarizing key details regarding Big Meech’s incarceration:

Full NameDemetrius Flenory
NicknameBig Meech
BOP Register Number00276-748
Age at Incarceration35 years old
FacilityUSP Florence High
Date IncarceratedSeptember 10, 2008
Sentence30 years
Projected Release DateMarch 4, 2032
Age at Projected Release60 years old

So in summary, if Big Meech serves his complete sentence with no time reduced, he will be released from prison on March 4th, 2032 at the age of 60.

Factors That Could Shorten Big Meech’s Prison Sentence

While Big Meech is not scheduled for release until 2032, there are some factors that could result in him getting out slightly earlier:

  • Good Behavior – Like all federal inmates, Big Meech can earn reduced time for exhibiting good behavior in prison. He could earn up to 54 days off per year served for good conduct.
  • Compassionate Release – The First Step Act expanded early release for elderly and terminally ill inmates. Big Meech could potentially petition for compassionate release as he gets older, but this is very unlikely to be granted.
  • Sentence Commutation – The President has the power to commute (shorten) federal sentences. In theory Big Meech could have his sentence commuted, but this is extremely rare.
  • Rule 35 Motion – If Big Meech provides “substantial assistance” to the government, prosecutors could file a Rule 35 motion to reduce his sentence. But he has shown no signs of cooperating.
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Realistically, the odds are that Big Meech will do every day of his 30 year bid in prison. But the possibility exists that his sentence could end up slightly shorter than projected.

Will Big Meech Get Out Early for Good Behavior?

Many people wonder if Meech can get an early release from prison based on good behavior behind bars. However, experts say this is unlikely to significantly reduce his 30-year sentence.

Federal inmates can earn up to 54 days of good conduct credit per year off their sentence under the First Step Act. Big Meech has been incarcerated since 2008, meaning he could possibly accrue over 1,000 days for good behavior.

But sentences over 30 years are not eligible for early release based on good conduct alone. The most his sentence could be reduced is capped at 17%, or around 5 years.

Big Meech also lost good conduct time after a disciplinary incident for possessing a contraband cellphone in 2009. Given his leadership in a notorious drug organization, he is considered a high-risk inmate unlikely to get the full good behavior credit.

Overall, experts expect Meech will do close to the full 30 years of his sentence. The possibilities of shaving a small portion off for good conduct exist, but major early release based on his behavior in prison is improbable.

Could Big Meech File Appeals For a Shorter Sentence?

When Big Meech was sentenced in 2008, he filed an appeal against the charges and the length of the sentence. However, the appeal was unsuccessful and his conviction and 30-year sentence were upheld.

Meech could theoretically attempt to file further appeals to try and have his sentence reduced. But his options for appeal at this point are limited:

  • Direct Appeal – This initial appeal of the conviction has already been unsuccessful. Further direct appeals challenging the ruling would be barred and denied.
  • Habeas Corpus – Meech could file a habeas corpus petition alleging unlawful detention. But it would only be considered if there were new evidence or issues not already ruled on.
  • Commutation – As mentioned earlier, he could request the President commute his sentence. But commutations are only granted in extremely rare cases.

Given that Big Meech has already lost a direct appeal, and there are likely no grounds for habeas corpus, the chances of him winning an appeal for a shorter sentence are very low. Unless an unexpected legal issue arises, he will most likely serve the full 30 years.

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How Much Time Will Big Meech Really Serve?

Trying to predict exactly when Big Meech will get out of prison is difficult. The projected release date of March 2032 assumes he completes every day of his full 30 year sentence.

However, as discussed earlier, there are some factors like good behavior credits that could slightly reduce the total time served, by months or potentially even 1-2 years.

Law experts widely agree that Big Meech will not get out significantly early and will still serve decades in prison. But the possibility exists that his final time served could end up being 28 years or 29 years instead of a full 30 years.

In summary, while his scheduled release date is March 2032, the best estimate is that Big Meech will ultimately serve somewhere between 28-30 years in federal prison before making it out.

Will Big Meech Return to Prison After His Release?

With Big Meech potentially getting released from prison in his late 50’s or 60’s, many wonder if he will be able to stay out of legal trouble or end up behind bars again.

There are a few factors that determine whether someone released from federal prison will reoffend or not:

  • Age – Research shows heavily involved criminal activity decreases with age. The older inmates are when released, the less likely they are to reoffend.
  • Supervision – Federal offenders are usually subject to supervised release for 5 years after prison. Strict oversight makes it harder to reoffend.
  • Employability – Getting stable employment lowers recidivism rates. But Meech’s notoriety may make legitimate work difficult.
  • Financial Situation – Having resources lowers incentives to commit crimes. But it’s unclear if Meech has any money left from his drug empire days.
  • Associations – If Meech maintains connections with criminals or gangs, that increases reoffending odds.

Overall, statistics show that only 11.8% of released federal inmates over age 50 are re-arrested within 8 years. So while risks remain, there is a decent probability Big Meech will not return to prison given his age upon release. However, much depends on his ability to successfully reintegrate into society.

Questions About Big Meech’s Prison Sentence

Here are some additional commonly asked questions regarding Big Meech’s current incarceration and release:

Where is Big Meech incarcerated right now?

Big Meech is currently being held at USP Florence High, a high security federal prison located in Florence, Colorado. He was moved to this facility in 2020 after previously being held at FCI Oakdale in Louisiana.

What was Big Meech convicted and sentenced for?

Big Meech was convicted of running a continuing criminal enterprise and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. His total sentence was 30 years (360 months) in federal prison. His brother Southwest T was also convicted as part of the conspiracy and given a similar sentence.

What was BMF’s peak worth?

Federal prosecutors estimated that at the peak of its powers around 2003-2004, the Black Mafia Family was pulling in over $270 million in revenue from drug trafficking and money laundering. The organization’s total worth and assets accumulated likely reached into the billions.

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Does Big Meech have a chance at parole?

No, Big Meech will not have a chance to get paroled early from his federal sentence. There is no parole available in the federal prison system since it was abolished in 1987. Meech must serve at least 85% of his sentence unless Presidentially pardoned or commuted.

Can Big Meech communicate with the outside world from prison?

Yes, Big Meech is allowed to communicate with approved people on his contact list via phone calls and letters. He lost phone privileges for a while after his cell phone was confiscated, but now can make monitored calls again. He also had a prison email system and FBOP messaging access temporarily disabled due to disciplinary infractions.

Big Meech’s Convictions and Mindset Behind Bars

While incarcerated, Big Meech has shared his thoughts and views about his criminal convictions, the charges against him, and his mindset about serving a 30-year prison bid. Here are some notable Big Meech quotes that provide insight into how he is handling his lengthy sentence:

“As far as my wrong convictions, through my way of thinking, I have none.”

This defiant quote indicates that Meech steadfastly refuses to admit guilt or take accountability for the crimes that landed him in prison. He maintains his innocence and does not believe he was rightly convicted.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Here Meech acknowledges the lengthy sentence he faces and encourages making the most out of every day in prison. He appears to want to keep a positive mindset about serving his time.

“Even a caged bird has to find a way to fly.”

Big Meech seems to be saying that even in captivity, he will remain free in spirit and stay strong mentally. He retains his self-determination.

“My only problem with authority is when they abuse it.”

This quote suggests Meech feels targeted, profiled, or treated unfairly by the criminal justice system. It provides insight into his distrust of law enforcement and government authority.

“Struggle does not have to be a lifetime condition. As long as you have breath, you can change your life.”

Here Big Meech acknowledges that he faces a struggle serving decades in prison. But the quote indicates he is working to maintain a positive attitude and better himself behind bars.


In summary, barring an unexpected commutation or successful legal appeal, the notorious drug kingpin Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory will remain incarcerated in federal prison until at least March 4, 2032. He is serving a 30 year sentence with no possibility of parole after being convicted of running large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracies.

While a model inmate could theoretically earn limited good behavior time credits, legal experts agree Big Meech will serve close to the entirety of his lengthy sentence. His status as a high-profile criminal mastermind makes major sentence reductions unlikely.

Big Meech will be in his early 60’s when finally released from prison. The aging process coupled with federal supervised release conditions will hopefully prevent him from recidivating. But only time will tell if Big Meech is able to successfully reintegrate and avoid trouble with the law after his decades long stint behind bars.

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