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How to Book a Prison Visit Online

Scheduling an in-person visit with an incarcerated loved one is important for maintaining connections. Many corrections departments now allow online prison visit reservations to improve convenience and efficiency. This article outlines the typical process for booking online prison visits.

Check Visitation Eligibility Requirements

Before scheduling visits, confirm eligibility with the facility’s policies:

  • Age minimums – Adult visitors usually required.
  • Visitor approval – Visitors must be on inmate’s approved list.
  • ID/documentation – Valid photo ID often required.
  • Allowed items – Review dress code and authorized items.
  • Health requirements – Some facilities require COVID vaccination proof.

Ensure you meet all criteria to avoid wasted trips or denied entry.

Create a Visitor Account on the Facility’s Website

Most prisons with online scheduling require creating a visitor account:

  • Enter your personal details like name, address, email, phone number.
  • Create a username and password for the visitor account.
  • Provide your ID number and type (driver’s license, passport, etc).
  • Electronically sign any waivers or terms required.
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This information links you to the inmate and confirms identity upon arrival.

Schedule Visit Date and Time

With an approved visitor account, you can view visitation calendars and schedule dates/times:

  • Select day(s) – Weekends and holidays are busiest.
  • Choose time slot(s) – Typical windows are 1-2 hours long.
  • Check-in 15-30 minutes prior – To clear security screening.
  • Bring printed or digital confirmation – Shows your scheduled slot.

Visits are usually first-come, first-served for available times. Book well in advance for best selection.

Understand Cancellation and No Show Policies

Review policies if you must cancel or miss scheduled visits:

  • Timeframe – Cancel at least 24-48 hours in advance when possible.
  • Allowed frequency – Too many cancellations or no shows may restrict future visits.
  • Notifications – Call the visitation hotline as soon as possible.
  • Exceptions – Illness or family emergencies may qualify for waivers.

Follow proper procedures to avoid penalties like temporary visit suspensions.

Arrive Prepared on Visitation Day

Give yourself extra time and arrive prepared:

  • Dress appropriately – Follow dress code to get cleared for entry.
  • Limited belongings – Carry only approved items needed for children.
  • Check in at gate – Provide printed or digital confirmation and ID.
  • Clear security – Successfully pass through metal detectors and searches.
  • Confirm visitation rules – Keep physical contact limited if prohibited.
  • Enjoy visit! – Make the most of this valued time together.

Proper planning ensures visitation goes smoothly.


Online scheduling systems are making arranging prison visits easier and more efficient. Visitors can quickly check availability and reserve slots after creating an approved account. Following facility policies ensures a smooth visitation process. While in-person time is limited, it remains invaluable for maintaining inmate connections and support systems.

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FAQs About Booking Online Prison Visits

How far in advance can visits be booked?

Most facilities allow booking 1-4 weeks in advance. Holidays and weekends fill up quickly.

Can visitors schedule multiple back-to-back time slots?

Usually not – facilities limit visits to 1-2 hour sessions with buffer times in between.

Is there an age limit or requirement for minor visitor approval?

Yes, approval rules vary but most prisons prohibit visitors under 18 years old.

Can online visit reservations be made on a mobile device?

Some systems only allow scheduling on the desktop website. But mobile-friendly platforms are becoming more common.

What if a visitor’s plans change after booking?

Notify the prison as soon as possible if you cannot make the booked time. Schedule changes are limited.

How do waiting lists work if times are fully booked?

Waiting lists prioritize visitors by order and frequency since last visit. Openings from cancellations are first-come, first-served.

What happens if a visitor is late for check-in?

You may forfeit that day’s visit. Arrive well before the scheduled window to ensure entry.

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