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Does Justin Go to Prison in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street fans have been wondering if Justin Gallager will end up in prison for his crimes against the Barlow family. Justin first arrived in Weatherfield in 2021 and has since been causing trouble for multiple residents. Here’s a look at Justin’s storyline so far and whether he will face justice for his misdeeds.

Justin’s History on Coronation Street

Justin is the biological son of Brian Packham and Lorraine Gallager. However, he was adopted at birth and only recently connected with his birth parents. Justin first came to Coronation Street in March 2021 to meet Brian after learning of their familial connection.

Initially, Justin seemed charming and quickly bonded with Brian as father and son. But it soon became clear Justin had ulterior motives. He began manipulating Brian to drive a wedge between him and partner Cathy Matthews. Justin wanted revenge against the Barlows for his adoption and saw Brian as a means to infiltrate the famous Weatherfield family.

Over the next few months, Justin worked to gain the trust of several Barlow members, including Ken, Peter, and Adam. However, behind the scenes he engaged in increasingly erratic behavior. This included framing Peter for assault and making threats against Adam.

Justin’s Crimes Against the Barlows

In September 2021, Justin stepped up his revenge plan against the Barlows. He broke into Adam’s office and deleted an important client contract from his computer. This resulted in Adam losing a major deal that jeopardized his law career.

Justin didn’t stop there. In October, he followed Simon Barlow and Jacob Hay around as they attempted to do drug deliveries for gang lord Harvey. Justin then tipped off the police, leading to Simon getting arrested for possession with intent to sell.

Justin’s unhinged obsession with destroying the Barlows continued into November. He manipulated Daniel Osbourne into having an inappropriate relationship with a school girl. Justin had been dating the girl’s mother as part of his ploy to take down Daniel.

But Justin’s worst offense came in December 2021. He sabotaged the Platt family sewer system at 8 Coronation Street, causing a devastating sinkhole to open up on the street. This reckless act put multiple lives at risk.

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Will Justin Go to Prison?

By early 2022, Adam had grown highly suspicious of Justin’s behavior. He launched a private investigation and slowly began uncovering Justin’s misdeeds. Adam informed the police, who brought Justin in for questioning in February.

Justin adamantly denied any wrongdoing and there was insufficient evidence to hold him. However, Adam remained convinced of Justin’s guilt. He continued gathering information on Justin’s schemes over the next few months.

Finally, in May 2022, Adam had the proof he needed. He presented the police with surveillance footage, incriminating documents, and eyewitness accounts detailing Justin’s crimes. Based on this overwhelming evidence, the police arrested Justin and charged him with stalking, harassment, breaking and entering, theft, destruction of property, reckless endangerment, and more.

Justin maintained his innocence but the case against him was rock solid. In August 2022, Justin’s trial began. Adam testified against him, as did other victims like Simon Barlow and Peter Barlow. Even Brian Packham spoke out against his son’s disturbing behavior.

On September 1st, 2022, the jury found Justin guilty on all counts. At his sentencing later that month, Justin made one last desperate appeal to the judge proclaiming his innocence. But given the severity of his offenses, the judge showed him no leniency. Justin was sentenced to 8 years in prison, much to the relief of the Barlows.

Life in Prison for Justin

Justin is currently serving his sentence at Highfield Prison. For a manipulative schemer like Justin who is used to getting his way, life behind bars is proving to be a harsh wake-up call.

In prison, Justin has no control. He is subject to strict rules and routine. Justin’s every movement is monitored by guards, which leaves him unable to cause more havoc.

Justin is also forced to interact with other inmates, many of whom are violent offenders. His first cellmate was a intimidating man named Mad Dog who made Justin’s life a misery. After requesting a transfer, Justin is now sharing a cell with an elderly convict named Gerald who frustrates him to no end.

Without access to money or resources, Justin can no longer rely on bribery, deception, and sabotage to accomplish his goals. The familial connection to Brian Packham holds no sway in prison. And with limited visitation rights, Justin has minimal contact with the outside world.

Over the next several years, Justin will experience severe restrictions on his freedom. It remains to be seen whether Justin will take this as an opportunity for personal growth and repentance. But given his history of sociopathic behavior, true reform seems unlikely.

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For now, with Justin safely incarcerated, the residents of Coronation Street can breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing this menace is off the streets. After causing so much chaos and fear, Justin is finally getting the justice he deserves.

What Happens When Justin is Released?

Assuming he serves his full 8 year sentence, Justin will be released from prison sometime in 2030. What happens after Justin completes his time behind bars remains uncertain.

There are a few possible scenarios that could unfold:

  • Return to Coronation Street for revenge – Justin may harbor bitterness towards those who put him in prison, particularly Adam Barlow. Upon release, Justin could go back to Weatherfield and seek new ways to make the Barlows suffer. However, with his previous schemes exposed, launching a second round of revenge plots could prove challenging.
  • Move away and start fresh – Having hit rock bottom, Justin may realize the error of his ways in prison. He could move to a new city upon release and attempt to build an honest, upstanding life for himself. But given his ruthless nature, Justin would struggle to stay reformed forever.
  • Descend into more criminal activity – Prison has a tendency to harden people. Justin could fall in with a dangerous crowd behind bars. Once released, he may fully embrace a criminal lifestyle whether through fraud, theft, or worse. Without proper rehabilitation, Justin’s sociopathic traits could lead him down an even darker path.
  • Return to old manipulative ways – It’s possible Justin could convince the parole board he is a changed man, even if it’s not genuine. He may charm and work his way into a new community where his past is unknown. But eventually Justin would likely revert to exploiting and deceiving those around him for personal gain.

For now, Justin’s future after prison is uncertain. Some Coronation Street fans hope he can reform himself into a better person during his sentence. Others believe someone as morally corrupt as Justin will never truly change. One thing is for sure – if Justin returns to Weatherfield after getting out, drama and tension will surely follow. The residents will need to remain vigilant.


For over a year, Justin Gallager wreaked havoc on the cobbles of Coronation Street. His obsessive vendetta against the Barlows led him to commit increasingly dangerous crimes that put many residents at risk. Despite Justin’s repeated denials and attempts to avoid justice, Adam Barlow’s determined investigation eventually resulted in his well-deserved prison sentence.

Justin is now serving 8 years behind bars, finally restricting his capacity to manipulate and scheme. While his future after release remains uncertain, the residents of Coronation Street can rest assured this unhinged menace is off their streets for a long time. Given the cruelty of his past actions, most agree that prison is exactly where Justin belongs. After so much turmoil caused by one man’s vengeance, peace has provisionally returned to Weatherfield – at least until the day Justin may once again walk free.

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FAQ About Justin Going to Prison

What crimes was Justin convicted of on Coronation Street?

Justin was convicted of stalking, harassment, breaking and entering, theft, destruction of property, reckless endangerment, tampering with a computer, and more. His targets were primarily Adam Barlow and other members of the Barlow family.

How long is Justin in prison for?

Justin was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Assuming he serves the full sentence, he will be released sometime in 2030.

Who was the main victim of Justin’s crimes?

Adam Barlow. Justin was obsessed with getting revenge against the entire Barlow family, but he focused a lot of his criminal scheming directly on Adam. This included breaking into Adam’s office to delete an important client contract.

How did the police finally catch Justin?

Thanks to an investigation headed by Adam, police eventually obtained surveillance footage, documents, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence that implicated Justin in multiple crimes. This overwhelming proof led to Justin’s arrest and conviction.

Where is Justin serving his prison sentence?

Justin is currently an inmate at Highfield Prison. He was originally housed with a dangerous cellmate named Mad Dog, but later got transferred to share a cell with an elderly convict named Gerald.

Has Justin ever shown remorse for his actions?

No. Justin has consistently denied any wrongdoing, even when confronted with clear evidence. He never expressed genuine remorse to his victims in court and continues to maintain his innocence. Justin is showing classic signs of sociopathic behavior.

What could happen when Justin is released from prison?

After serving 8 years, there are several possibilities for what Justin may do next – seek revenge against the Barlows, start fresh in a new city, return to a life of crime, or manipulate his way into a new community. It’s unclear if prison will reform Justin or harden him further.

Would the residents of Coronation Street be justified in remaining wary of Justin after his release?

Yes. Given the severe harm Justin has already caused, and his lack of remorse, the residents would have good reason to be cautious if Justin ever returned to Weatherfield after being released from prison. It would be naive to think Justin could not still pose a threat.

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