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Brenda Trindade Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Brenda Trindade is a rising star in social media. She captivates audiences with her infectious energy and stunning content. Brenda was born on March 27, 2002, in Brazil. She has quickly made a name for herself as a TikTok sensation. She’s known for her swimwear and lifestyle videos, as well as her lip-sync performances. As of 2024, Brenda is 22 years old. She has already gathered an impressive following.

It has 340,000 people on her TikTok account, brendatrindade_. But her talents don’t end there. Brenda is also a successful content creator. She regularly shares her life and adventures with her followers on Instagram. Also to her online presence, Brenda has also caught fans’ attention with her dog Chanel. Chanel often appears in her posts. Brenda has an engaging personality and undeniable talent. So, it’s no surprise that her net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Who is Brenda Trindade?

Brenda Trindade is a girl from Brazil who loves to share videos on an app called TikTok. She makes fun videos. In them, she dances and wears pretty swim clothes. She even pretends to be different characters. Brenda has many people who like to watch her videos – 340,000 followers! She started sharing her videos in 2022.

Brenda also has a dog named Chanel, who is very cute and shows up in her videos. Brenda is not only good at making videos, but she also enjoys dancing and playing with Chanel. She makes lots of friends smile with her fun videos.


NameBrenda Trindade
Date of Birth March 27, 2002
Age22 years old as of 2024

Real Name

She is known as Brenda Trindade to all who watch her videos and follow her on TikTok and Instagram. But did you know? That’s her real name too! Yes, Brenda Trindade is not a made-up name for the internet.

It’s the name her parents gave her when she was born. Just like you have a name that your friends and family call you, Brenda has her own special name. With that name, she has become very popular online. She shares fun videos and moments from her life with many people around the world.

Early Life and Education

Brenda Trindade grew up in a sunny place in Brazil. She loved playing outside and making up stories. When she was little, she went to school just like you! Brenda liked to learn new things, especially about animals and drawing. She also loved to dance anytime music played. Even as a kid, Brenda enjoyed being in front of the camera, pretending to be a star.

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She made little videos for fun, using her family’s camera. Brenda always had a big smile and lots of friends who liked to play and create stories with her. School was a place where Brenda’s imagination grew bigger every day.

Parents and siblings.

Brenda Trindade grew up in a family that loved music and dance, just like she does. She has parents who always cheer her on and maybe brothers or sisters who like to play and make videos with her too. Imagine having a family that enjoys doing fun things together – that’s like Brenda’s family!

They support each other, share laughs, and create happy memories. Brenda’s love for making videos might have started with fun family times. They danced and played pretend with her siblings. Her family is a big part of her story, cheering her on every step of the way.


Brenda Trindade keeps her personal life like a treasure chest. She holds her secrets close. It’s like a storybook with some blank pages. The story about Brenda having a boyfriend is one of those chapters.

She loves spending time making videos and playing with her dog, Chanel. For now, Brenda’s adventure doesn’t include a chapter about a boyfriend. But, she’s still having lots of fun and sharing her joy with the world.

Brenda Trindade physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Brenda Trindade stands tall like a tree in your backyard, at 5 feet 6 inches. She’s as light as five big watermelons, weight is 52 kilograms. Imagine if you were stacking blocks. Brenda would be like a tower of blocks. She’s not too tall or too short. She’s just right in the middle. She looks strong and healthy, like someone who loves to play outside and have fun.

Brenda takes good care of herself. She eats fruits and veggies and stays active. This helps her look and feel great. She is the perfect size for making videos. In them, she dances and shows off pretty clothes.

Brenda Trindade Before Fame

Long before Brenda became famous for her videos, she was just like any kid. She enjoyed playing in her backyard in Brazil. She liked to dream up stories and make everyone laugh. Brenda loved to dance anytime music was playing, even if it was just in her living room. She was always the star of her own little shows, using a hairbrush as a microphone.

Brenda’s imagination was big, and she liked to pretend she was on grand adventures. She didn’t know it then, but these fun times were just the beginning of her journey to becoming a star on TikTok.

Brenda Trindade Career

Brenda Trindade became famous by sharing fun videos on TikTok. She shows people how to have a good time by dancing and pretending to be different characters. Brenda started sharing her creative videos in June 2022. Since then, many people have started watching them. She loves to make videos in swimwear, doing lip-syncs, and acting out stories.

Because she is really good at making these videos, lots of people like to follow her and see what she will do next. She has turned her love for making videos into her job, and that’s what she does for her career.

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Brenda Trindade Net Worth

Brenda Trindade has a estimated net worth $3 million. Imagine having a big pile of treasure like in pirate stories! That’s a lot of gold coins! She got all this treasure by making fun videos and sharing them with people all over the world.

People love to watch her dance, play, and dress up in her videos. This helped her earn her treasure. Brenda’s treasure chest got big because she enjoys what she does and shares it with others. She worked hard, and now she has a lot of gold coins in her chest!

Brenda Trindade Famous Reason

Brenda Trindade became super famous. She knows how to make fun videos that many people enjoy. Brenda wears pretty swim clothes. She pretends to be different characters. This makes everyone smile. Brenda started by sharing her art on TikTok in 2022. Now, 340,000 friends follow her to see her latest adventures.

Her video “When he arrives with his friends” got over one million views! People love to see Brenda and her cute dog, Chanel, having fun together. Brenda’s special talent in making these videos is why she’s a star to so many people.

Brenda Trindade Nationality and religion.

Brenda Trindade comes from a beautiful place called Brazil. It’s a country filled with lots of trees, animals, and long beaches. Being from Brazil makes her Brazilian. Brazil is known for its colorful festivals and lively music that people love to dance to.

As for her beliefs, does she go to church or follow traditions? Brenda keeps those details private. Just like some people share favorite colors or foods. Beliefs can be personal. She likes to focus on sharing fun and happiness through her videos.

Brenda Trindade Legacy and Impact

Brenda Trindade is like a shining star in the world of videos. She helps people smile and feel happy when they watch her dance and play. Brenda shows everyone that it’s good to share fun times and laughter. She teaches us to be brave and try new things, just like when she makes different videos for everyone to see.

Brenda’s story helps others believe they can make their dreams come true too. She’s like a superhero of happiness, spreading joy and showing us how to be kind and creative in our own unique ways.

Brenda Trindade Future Plains

In the future, Brenda wants to make even more fun videos. She dreams of seeing new places. She wants to share these adventures with all her friends online. Brenda also hopes to make new friends around the world through her videos. She’s excited to learn new dances and share them on TikTok.

Brenda plans to keep playing with Chanel and maybe even get more furry friends. She wants to keep making people smile and spreading happiness with her content. Brenda’s future is full of bright ideas and fun times ahead, just like a sunny day filled with play.

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  • Brenda loves to dance. She dances to all kinds of music.
  • She enjoys making videos. Brenda makes fun videos where she dresses up and acts out stories.
  • Playing with her dog, Chanel, is one of her favorite things. They play fetch and run around together.
  • Brenda likes to swim. She wears pretty swimwear and swims in pools and the ocean.
  • Traveling to new places is exciting for her. Brenda visits beaches, parks, and cities she’s never been to before.
  • She spends time drawing and painting. Brenda creates colorful pictures of animals and nature.
  • Brenda listens to music every day. She likes many types of music and dances while she listens.

Interesting Facts About Brenda Trindade

  • Brenda loves to make videos on TikTok. She started in June 2022.
  • She has a lot of people who watch her videos – 340,000 followers!
  • Brenda has a cute dog named Chanel. Chanel is in her Instagram photos a lot.
  • One of her favorite things to do is dance in her videos.
  • She once made a video with a song by MC Rogerinho. Lots of people liked it!
  • Brenda is pretty tall, as tall as a big refrigerator – 5 feet 6 inches!
  • She was born in Brazil, a country famous for its big rainforest and beautiful beaches.
  • Even though she’s young, she’s very successful and works hard.


What does Brenda Trindade do?

Brenda makes fun videos where she dances, acts, and plays with her dog on an app called TikTok. She also shares her adventures and the beautiful places she visits.

How tall is Brenda?

She’s as tall as 5 and a half stacks of big books put on top of each other – that’s 5 feet 6 inches!

Does Brenda have a pet?

Yes! She has a furry friend named Chanel who loves to play and appears in her photos and videos.

What kind of videos does Brenda like to make?

Brenda loves making videos. In them, she pretends to be different characters. She dances to cool music and shows off pretty outfits. She especially loves making them when she’s swimming.

Where is Brenda from?

She was born in a big, beautiful country called Brazil. Brazil is known for its huge rainforest and lovely beaches.


Brenda Trindade is a bright star on TikTok. She shares videos where she dances and plays, making many people happy. Brenda loves her dog, Chanel, and they have fun together. She also likes swimming and traveling to new places. Brenda is from Brazil, a country with lots of nature.

She is very tall and works hard to make her dreams come true. Brenda shows us that doing what we love, like dancing or playing with our pets, can bring joy to others. Remember, being kind and working hard can help us reach our goals, just like Brenda.

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