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Roux Lopez Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Roux Lopez is 4 years old. She has already captured the hearts of millions. She is the daughter of WWE stars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Roux was born on December 4, 2020 in the United States. She was introduced to the world via Instagram shortly after her birth. As of 2024, her age stands at 4 years old. With famous parents in the wrestling world, Roux has already made a name for herself at a young age.

Her father’s Instagram Live video of her birth went viral. Her mother’s pregnancy photoshoot in November 2020 added to her growing fame. Standing at 3 feet 2 inches tall and weight is 13kg, Roux is already a spitting image of her parents. As for her parents’ net worth, it is estimated to be a whopping $3 million. Keep reading to find out more about Roux Lopez’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki in 2024.

Who is Roux Lopez?

Roux Lopez is a little girl. Her mommy and daddy are both stars in wrestling. It’s a sport where people pretend to fight in a ring for fun. She was born in December, when it was really cold. Just like you, Roux enjoys playing, especially with dolls and coloring in her books.

People worldwide saw her cute face on the internet right after she was born. They did so thanks to her parents sharing her picture. She loves to laugh, play, and have fun, just like any other kid her age.


Full Name:Roux Lopez
Born Date:December 4, 2020
Age:4 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Roux Lopez is the name everyone knows her by, but sometimes, names can be a bit longer, like a secret code! People often wonder if “Roux” is her whole name. Or, if she has other names her mommy and daddy call her when she’s playing or getting ready for bed.

Even though her name sounds cool and unique, just like her, it’s the name her parents chose especially for her. They picked it out from lots of names because they thought it was perfect for their little girl. So, Roux Lopez is the special name given to her, filled with love.

Early Life and Education

Roux Lopez is a little girl who was born in a cold month of December, just before the year 2020 ended. She is growing up with her mom and dad, who are both stars on TV, wrestling and showing off their strength!

Roux is learning lots of new things every day. She might start going to a school for little kids like her soon. There she can play, make new friends, and learn about numbers, letters, and all the colors. Right now, she loves to play and learn at home with her mom and dad watching over her.

Parents and siblings.

Roux Lopez has a mom named Becky Lynch and a dad named Seth Rollins. They’re both superstars in wrestling. They perform in big shows where they pretend to fight for fun. Roux’s mom and dad met because they both love wrestling.

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She is their first baby, which means she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters yet. Her mommy and daddy love her very much and often share her cute moments with their fans. Roux’s family is small but filled with a lot of love and fun times together.

Favorite Foods

Roux Lopez loves yummy foods, just like any other kid! Her favorite things to eat include crispy chicken nuggets that are golden and tasty. She also loves to munch on macaroni and cheese, which is gooey and cheesy. For snacks, Roux enjoys crunchy apple slices and sometimes she gets to have sweet ice cream as a treat.

Pizza nights are special in Roux’s house, where she picks her favorite toppings. Breakfast might be fluffy pancakes with lots of syrup. Roux’s meal times are full of delicious foods that make her smile and say “yum!”

Favorite Games

Roux Lopez loves to play many fun games. She enjoys playing “hide and seek,” where she hides and her mommy and daddy have to find her. It’s making her giggle a lot! Roux also likes to play “dress up” with her dolls. She gives them funny outfits and pretends they go on adventures.

Another favorite game of hers is “building”. She uses colourful blocks to make tall towers. Then, she knocks them down with a soft ball. She laughs when they tumble. These games fill her day with joy and lots of playful moments.


Roux Lopez loves making friends! Even though she’s young, she has a lot of buddies. She meets other kids at the park when she plays on the swings and slides. Sometimes, her friends come over to play with her dolls and build tall towers with blocks.

They laugh a lot and have fun together. Roux is always happy to share her toys and snacks with her friends. They also love to draw and color in her coloring books, creating beautiful pictures. Roux’s friends think she’s really kind and fun to be with!

Roux Lopez physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Roux Lopez is as tall as a big penguin, standing 3 feet 2 inches height. She weighs as much as a large watermelon, about 13kg. Just like a playful kitten, Roux is growing bigger and stronger every day. She’s the perfect height to reach up and give big hugs to her mom and dad.

Imagine stacking three fluffy pillows on top of each other, that’s how tall Roux is! She’s just the right size for having lots of fun, playing games, and exploring the world around her. Roux is growing up just right, with a bright smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

Roux Lopez Before Fame

Before Roux became known to many people, she was just a tiny spark in her mommies and daddies’ hearts. They were both very good at wrestling, a sport where people pretend to have battles, but it’s all for fun.

They shared lots of love and happiness together. Then, they found out that Roux was going to join their family, which made them super happy. They couldn’t wait to meet her! Before the world knew Roux, she was already very special to her mommy and daddy. They prepared a cozy and loving home, ready to welcome her with open arms and big smiles.

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Roux Lopez Career

Roux Lopez is just starting her journey in life, being a 4-year-old little girl. She doesn’t have a job like grown-ups. But, her career now is all about being a wonderful daughter, learning, and playing. Every day, she learns more about the world around her. She learns through her toys, the books she looks at, or when she’s playing outside.

Right now, her main job is to learn to be the best Roux she can be. She will do this by laughing, playing, and spending time with her loving family. Who knows? Someday she might choose to be anything she dreams of.

Roux Lopez parents Net Worth

Roux Lopez is still a little girl, just 4 years old, so she doesn’t have a job to earn money like adults do. But her mommy and daddy, who are big stars in wrestling, have saved up a lot of money from their matches and shows.

They have about $3 million saved up! That’s like having a giant treasure chest filled with shiny coins and sparkly jewels. Roux’s family uses this money to take care of her. They buy her toys and tasty food and make sure she has all she needs to be happy and healthy.

Roux Lopez Famous Reason

Roux Lopez is famous because her mommy and daddy are wrestling superstars. Wrestling is a fun sport where people pretend to have battles in a ring. People all over the world watch her parents on TV, cheering and clapping for them.

When Roux was born, her parents shared her cute picture online. It made many people smile and say “aww.”” That’s how Roux became known to many people. Not just because her parents are famous, but because she brought joy to everyone who saw her sweet face.

Roux Lopez Nationality and religion.

Roux Lopez is a little girl who was born in the United States, making her an American. America is a big country with lots of different people and places. As for her religion, that’s something very personal and private. Religion is what some people believe in and it helps guide them in how they live their lives.

Just like you have your own family traditions, Roux’s family might have their own too. But, no matter where someone is from or what they believe. It’s important to remember that being kind and respectful to everyone is what matters.

Roux Lopez Legacy and Impact

Roux Lopez is a tiny girl with a big light shining around her. Even though she’s only four, Roux is showing everyone how joyful childhood can be. She is teaching us, both kids and grown-ups, to find joy in small things by just being herself. She is a happy and playful kid.

Her story, shared with the world by her mommy and daddy, helps others smile and feel a bit of joy. Roux might not know it yet. But, her laughter and adventures are like tiny seeds. They are growing into a garden of joy in people’s hearts. She’s a little girl making a big, happy difference.

Roux Lopez Future Plains

Roux Lopez is only four years old, so she has a lot of time to dream about what she wants to be when she grows up. Maybe she’ll be a wrestler like her mommy and daddy. Or perhaps she’ll love painting, singing, or exploring the stars as an astronaut.

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She might choose to help animals, become a teacher, or write stories that make people smile. Roux has her whole future ahead of her. She can explore different paths to find what makes her happiest. Whatever she decides to do is up to her.


  • Playing with dolls: Roux loves to play with her dolls, making up stories and adventures for them.
  • She enjoys coloring in her coloring books. She uses many colors to make the pictures bright and beautiful.
  • Roux likes to watch cartoons on TV. He laughs at the funny parts and enjoys the stories.
  • She has fun playing outside in the garden. She runs around and explores nature.
  • Roux enjoys dressing up in costumes. They like to pretend to be superheroes or princesses.
  • She loves being read to. She also loves looking at the pictures in her favorite storybooks.
  • Roux likes to build tall towers and houses with her blocks. Then, she knocks them down and starts over.

Interesting Facts About Roux Lopez

  • Roux Lopez was born in December 2020. That makes her a winter baby!
  • Her mom and dad are both WWE stars. They fight in wrestling matches on TV!
  • She was shown to the world on Instagram right after she was born. So many people said “hello” to her online.
  • Her dad became really popular from a video on Instagram when she was just born.
  • Before she was born, her mom took special pictures to show she was going to be a mom.
  • Roux is pretty tall for her age, at 3 feet 2 inches.
  • She weighs 13kg, which is just right for a little girl like her.
  • Both her mom and dad together have a lot of money, about $3 million. That’s like a huge mountain of coins!


What’s Roux’s favorite thing to do?

Roux loves playing with her dolls, coloring, watching cartoons, and building with blocks! She has lots of fun running around outside and dressing up in cool costumes too.

How tall is Roux?

She’s 3 feet 2 inches tall. That’s like standing next to a big teddy bear!

Does Roux have any siblings?

It’s not mentioned if she has brothers or sisters, so she might be an only child for now. Who are Roux’s parents?

Her mom and dad are famous wrestlers! They perform in wrestling matches on TV and are known as WWE stars.

How did people learn about Roux?

Right after she was born, her parents shared a picture of her on Instagram, saying hello to the world. Remember, Roux is a happy and fun-loving girl. She enjoys many activities and has famous parents who love her very much!


In the end, Roux Lopez is a very special little girl with a big story. Even though she’s just 4 years old, she has a lot of people who love her and think she’s really neat. Roux likes doing fun things like playing, coloring, and watching cartoons.

Her mom and dad are famous wrestlers, which is pretty cool! They have lots of fans, and now Roux has fans too. She’s just a kid, but she’s already known by so many people. Remember, being kind and having fun are the most important things for kids like Roux and you!

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