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Why is Stephen Bear In Prison?

Stephen Bear is a British reality television personality who rose to fame through shows like Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. In 2021, he was arrested and jailed relating to charges of filming and sharing a private sex tape without consent. Here is more detail on the allegations against Bear and the reasons for his imprisonment.

Background on Stephen Bear

  • 31 years old, from Walthamstow, England
  • Appeared on reality shows like Shipwrecked, Ex on the Beach, Just Tattoo of Us, Celebrity Big Brother
  • Known for outlandish behavior and pranks on TV
  • Has over 1 million followers on Instagram and Twitter
  • Launched own clothing brand and YouTube channel

Bear developed a reputation as a controversial, egotistical character through his reality TV antics. But his legal issues stem from actions in his personal life that crossed major lines.

The Sex Tape Allegations

In August 2020, Stephen Bear was accused of filming a sex tape without his girlfriend Georgia Harrison’s consent and then sharing the footage online. Harrison is another former reality TV star who dated Bear briefly.

  • Bear allegedly filmed them having sex on CCTV cameras at his home without Harrison’s knowledge.
  • Weeks later, he shared screenshots from the video on WhatsApp and hinted about a sex tape on OnlyFans.
  • Harrison was devastated when she learned of the secret sex tape and Bear sharing images without her approval.
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Harrison bravely came forward and told her story publicly, leading to a police investigation of Bear for these criminal violations of privacy and revenge porn laws.

Bear’s Arrest and Charges

In January 2021, Stephen Bear was arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of disclosing private sexual photographs and obstructing a police officer.

After examining devices and conducting interviews, Bear was officially charged by authorities in May 2021 with the following criminal counts:

  • 1 count of voyeurism
  • 2 counts of disclosing private sexual photographs and films without consent

Voyeurism carries a potential prison sentence of up to 2 years. The other charges related to sharing private explicit images could result in up to 2 years per count.

Bear Remanded into Custody

Bear initially was released on bail after his arrest, but then kept violating the conditions by contacting Harrison and discussing the case publicly.

In July 2021, Bear was remanded into custody for breaking his bail terms. He was denied bail and sent to prison while awaiting his trial.

Bear spent around 5 months in prison before his trial began in early February 2022

Bear’s Trial and Sentencing

Bear’s trial lasted one week with both he and Harrison testifying about their toxic relationship, the sex tape incident, and subsequent fallout.

Ultimately in February 2022, Stephen Bear was:

  • Found guilty on all charges
  • Sentenced to 2.5 years in prison
  • Given a restraining order preventing him from contacting Harrison

Bear was immediately taken into custody to begin serving his 30 month prison sentence following the guilty verdict.

Bear’s Life in Prison

Bear is currently incarcerated at HMP Peterborough, a Category C men’s prison in Cambridgeshire, England.

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In prison, Bear has had issues adapting to life behind bars:

  • Reportedly had “meltdowns” in his cell
  • Struggled with isolation from family and friends
  • Targeted by bullying from fellow inmates
  • Limited to very short phone calls monitored by guards

However, Bear remains outspoken and defiant while imprisoned, vowing to appeal his conviction and repeatedly denying any wrongdoing. Only time will tell how he ends up coping with his multi-year sentence.

Impact on Bear’s Career

Stephen Bear’s imprisonment essentially puts his entertainment career on hold for several years.

  • His visibility will fade after being off TV for an extended time
  • Brand sponsorships and endorsements will dry up
  • His YouTube content and social media brand growth will stall

The serious charges and jail time also severely damage Bear’s reputation. TV networks may be reluctant to work with him again after such predatory behavior.

Bear still maintains a loyal fanbase, but his imprisonment represents a major interruption and reputational blow as he reaches what should be the prime of his career.


Stephen Bear is experiencing serious consequences after callously exploiting and violating the privacy of his ex-girlfriend. His imprisonment sends a strong message that sharing explicit footage without consent is an unacceptable sex crime.

Bear’s case is a cautionary tale of how reckless behavior can ruin reputations and destroy lives in the social media age. While proclaiming his innocence, Bear may have many years behind bars to reflect on the damage caused by his degrading actions.

What specific charges was Stephen Bear convicted of?

He was convicted of 1 count of voyeurism and 2 counts of disclosing private sexual photographs without consent.

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How long is Bear’s prison sentence?

Bear was sentenced to 2.5 years (30 months) in prison for his convictions.

Where is Bear serving his prison sentence?

Bear is incarcerated at HMP Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, England.

Has Bear shown any remorse for his crimes?

Bear has continued to deny any wrongdoing and is appealing his conviction, so he has not publicly expressed remorse.

Can Bear be released earlier than 2.5 years?

He will be eligible for release after serving half of his sentence if he demonstrates good behavior in prison.

What will happen to Bear’s career after prison?

His entertainment career faces major hurdles after such a long break and damage to his reputation.

How difficult has prison life been for Bear?

Reports indicate Bear has struggled to adjust to prison isolation and bullying from fellow inmates.

What was Bear’s relationship with the victim like?

Bear briefly dated Georgia Harrison in 2020. Their relationship was toxic and she eventually exposed his secret sex tape.

Is Bear able to communicate with the public from prison?

His contact is restricted, but Bear has occasionally relayed messages to friends and fans expressing his frustration.

Could Bear face additional legal issues in the future?

With his history, it’s possible. But hopefully Bear has learned his lesson and will reform his behavior.

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