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Why is Johnny Dephillipo’s Brother in Prison?

Johnny Dephillipo is a well-known entrepreneur and investor who found success at a young age. He is the founder and CEO of several successful tech companies and has become a prominent figure in the start-up world.

However, Johnny’s journey to success has not been without challenges. In particular, his older brother’s criminal history and imprisonment have been a source of pain and adversity for Johnny and his family.

The Crimes and Convictions of Johnny’s Brother

Johnny’s older brother, whose name has not been made public, has been convicted of multiple crimes over the past 15 years.

Armed Robbery Convictions

The most serious convictions are for armed robbery. According to court records, Johnny’s brother took part in an armed robbery of a jewelry store in 2008 with two accomplices. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

After being released in 2014, he was involved in another armed robbery of a convenience store in 2015. For this second conviction, he received a 10 year prison sentence.

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Drug Charges

In addition to the armed robbery charges, Johnny’s brother has also faced multiple drug possession and distribution charges throughout the 2000s and 2010s.

These include:

  • 2003 – Possession of a controlled substance (cocaine), 1 year probation
  • 2005 – Possession with intent to distribute marijuana, 2 years prison
  • 2009 – Possession of heroin and illegally obtained prescription pills, 3 years prison
  • 2018 – Distribution of methamphetamine, 5 years prison

He received additional sentences for violating probation by continuing to use and deal drugs while on supervised release.

Full List of Convictions

Here is a full timeline of Johnny’s brother’s criminal history and convictions:

2003Possession of cocaine1 year probation
2005Possession with intent to distribute marijuana2 years prison
2008Armed robbery of jewelry store7 years prison
2009Possession of heroin and prescription pills3 years prison
2014Armed robbery of convenience store10 years prison
2018Distribution of methamphetamine5 years prison

Impact on Johnny and His Family

Having a close family member incarcerated has undoubtedly been very difficult for Johnny Dephillipo and his family. Here are some of the impacts and challenges they have faced:

Emotional Toll

Having a loved one imprisoned takes an enormous emotional toll. The family has dealt with shame, grief, sadness, and anger over the years. Johnny has spoken about how hard it was for his parents and how he struggled seeing his brother make poor choices.

Financial Difficulties

Johnny’s family faced financial challenges due to the loss of income from his brother being incarcerated, as well as legal fees for his defense and support while in prison. This economic instability contributed to Johnny starting businesses at a young age.

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Missed Life Experiences

With his brother in prison for most of Johnny’s adult life so far, he missed out on many important life experiences like seeing his brother at his college graduation, career achievements, and other special moments. This can create a sense of loss.

Guilt and Remorse

Family members often feel guilt over not being able to prevent their loved one from turning to crime. Johnny has hinted at feeling responsible at times for not guiding his brother down a better path. The brother himself surely feels deep remorse.

Johnny’s Success Despite Family Adversity

While having a close family member in prison is traumatizing, Johnny has not let that deter him from building a successful career as an entrepreneur. Some of the ways he overcame this challenge include:

Using Business as Positive Outlet

Johnny dove into business ventures and startups, using it as a positive outlet during difficult times in his family life. He started his first company at just 15 years old.

Support Network of Friends and Mentors

Surrounding himself with a strong network of supportive friends, business connections, and mentors helped Johnny stay focused on creating his companies.

Desire to Help His Family

Johnny’s drive to achieve success in business was fueled in part by wanting to help provide for his family financially after his brother’s incarceration reduced their household income.

Appreciating Freedom and Second Chances

Experiencing his brother’s loss of freedom gave Johnny perspective on the ability to make the most of opportunities in front of you. He has valued each day and chance he has to achieve his dreams.

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FAQs About Johnny’s Brother

What crimes was Johnny Dephillipo’s brother convicted of?

Johnny’s brother was convicted of multiple armed robberies, drug possession and distribution charges over the past 15+ years. His most serious convictions were for two separate armed robberies in 2008 and 2015 for which he is currently incarcerated.

How long is Johnny Dephillipo’s brother in prison for?

Due to multiple consecutive sentences for armed robbery and drug distribution, Johnny’s brother is currently serving a total prison sentence expected to last until around 2030.

Why did Johnny Dephillipo’s brother turn to crime?

The exact circumstances are unclear, but factors like poverty, lack of education, unemployment, addiction, and involvement with gangs likely all played a role in the path to criminality.

How has Johnny been affected by his brother’s incarceration?

Johnny has spoken about the emotional toll of having a close family member imprisoned and missing out on life experiences together. But it drove him to build a business career to help his family and appreciate his own opportunities.

Where is Johnny Dephillipo’s brother imprisoned?

The exact prison location has not been disclosed. But based on the convictions in California, he is most likely incarcerated in a state prison facility somewhere in California.


In conclusion, Johnny Dephillipo’s older brother is currently serving an extensive prison sentence stemming from convictions over multiple serious crimes including armed robbery and drug distribution. This has been very difficult for Johnny and his family, but also gave him perspective and motivation to achieve tremendous success as an entrepreneur at a young age. Johnny’s story is one of overcoming family adversity to find both business success and positive impact. While his brother made poor choices, Johnny devoted himself to lawful and ethical paths to build a better future.

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