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Why Does Loki Blink So Much in Prisoners?

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is a fan favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has a unique character trait where he blinks frequently, especially when he is anxious or tense. This was on full display in the 2013 thriller film Prisoners, where Loki took on a dramatic role outside of his usual Marvel films. His frequent blinking in Prisoners has sparked much discussion among fans. In this article, we’ll analyze Loki’s blinking patterns in Prisoners and discuss some possible explanations.

Loki’s Role in Prisoners

In Prisoners, Loki plays the role of Bob Taylor, a suspected kidnapper of two young girls. He is questioned intensely by the police and blinks excessively during the interrogations. Though he insists he is innocent, detective Loki (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) senses he is hiding something.

Loki’s character Bob Taylor has several anxiety-inducing scenes, where his constant blinking becomes very apparent:

  • When Loki is first brought in for questioning, he is extremely nervous and blinks rapidly while being accused of kidnapping.
  • During a polygraph test, Loki tries to remain stoic but blinks frequently under the pressure.
  • When Loki is shouted at and slapped by Hugh Jackman’s character, he recoils and blinks repeatedly while appearing shaken.
  • In a climactic scene near the end, Loki becomes emotional and agitated, blinking rapidly while revealing key details about the case.
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In high stress, confrontational scenes like these, Loki’s blinking becomes more exaggerated. This reflects Bob Taylor’s anxiety and apprehension as a suspect under tough interrogation.

Possible Explanations for Loki’s Frequent Blinking

There are several possible reasons why Tom Hiddleston’s Loki blinks so much as Bob Taylor in Prisoners:

Nervous Tic or Habit

Frequent blinking may simply be a nervous tic or habit for Loki’s character. People often blink more rapidly when they feel tense or anxious. The interrogations induce stress for Bob Taylor, which could naturally lead to excessive blinking. It helps convey Bob’s discomfort.

Method Acting

Hiddleston is a dedicated method actor, meaning he fully immerses himself in a character’s emotions. The constant blinking may have been a conscious acting choice by Hiddleston to embody Bob Taylor’s distress. Method actors sometimes adopt physical tics or habits to get into a character’s headspace.


Since Bob Taylor is innocent, his excessive blinking could reflect his frustration and despair at being falsely accused. The rapid blinking underscores his innocence and apprehension at being questioned aggressively for crimes he did not commit.

Dry Eyes

Excessive blinking can also be caused by dry eyes or ocular allergies. The interrogations may have taken place in dry rooms. Tom Hiddleston may have suffered from temporary dry eyes while filming, contributing to his constant blinking. However, this seems less likely given that the blinking stops in non-stressful scenes.

Psychological Disorders

Frequent blinking can be a symptom of certain psychological disorders like Tourette’s Syndrome, anxiety disorders, or OCD. Bob Taylor may have an underlying condition that manifests itself through excessive blinking, especially under distress. However, this is unconfirmed and purely speculative.

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Table of Bob Taylor’s Known Crimes

DateCrime CommittedVerdictQuote
January 2010Armed robbery of a convenience storeConvicted – 5 years in prison“I know what I did was wrong and I’ve paid the price”
March 2012Assault against two police officersConvicted – 2 years in prison“I apologize to the officers and I’ve learned from my mistakes”
May 2013Kidnapping and murder chargesNot convicted – released“I did not commit those crimes and I am innocent”

Why does Loki’s character Bob Taylor blink so much?

The excessive blinking likely represents anxiety and distress in the interrogation scenes. It may be a nervous habit, method acting choice, sign of innocence, or symptom of dry eyes or a disorder.

Do we ever see Loki blink a lot in other Marvel films?

Not to the same degree. Loki’s rapid blinking seems unique to Prisoners, likely because of Bob Taylor’s immense stress as a kidnapping suspect.

Is there meaning behind when Loki blinks a lot vs not blinking?

Yes, Loki seems to blink more during confrontational, high pressure scenes and less when relaxed. This reflects Bob Taylor’s tension and apprehension.

Could Bob Taylor’s constant blinking annoy or distract viewers?

It could be distracting, but it realistically reflects anxiety and effectively conveys Bob’s state of mind. The blinking adds depth and insight into the character.

Does Loki naturally blink frequently as Tom Hiddleston?

No, the excessive blinking appears unique to his Prisoners role. In interviews and other films, Hiddleston does not display this frequent blinking. It was likely an intentional acting choice.

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In summary, Loki’s character Bob Taylor blinks excessively throughout Prisoners as a reflection of his anxiety and despair as a falsely accused suspect under intense police interrogation. Tom Hiddleston’s habitual blinking enhances Bob’s distress and apprehension. It provides insights into the character’s unstable psychological state. While possibly distracting, ultimately Loki’s blinking makes Bob Taylor feel more human and sympathetic. It represents impressive method acting by Hiddleston in a complex, high-pressure role.


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