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Why Did Kyle Chrisley Go to Prison?

Kyle Chrisley is the son of reality star Todd Chrisley, known for shows like “Chrisley Knows Best.” However, away from the cameras, Kyle has faced serious struggles with drug addiction and mental illness that resulted in multiple run-ins with the law. His most recent incarceration in 2019 highlights the privileged child star’s long battle with inner demons.

Background on Kyle Chrisley

Born in 1991 in South Carolina, Kyle Chrisley endured a tumultuous childhood under a demanding father obsessed with projecting a perfect family image. Kyle began using drugs as a teen to cope with the pressure.

After being estranged from his father for years, Kyle reconciled and appeared in a story arc on the family reality show. But behind the scenes, his substance abuse was spiraling.

Early Legal Issues

Kyle Chrisley’s addiction issues led to his first arrest in 2012 for possession of methamphetamines. After a rehab stint and relapse, he had another drug arrest in 2014.

That same year, Kyle was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, adding mental illness to his struggles. He continued cycling in and out of treatment while feuding with his family.

Most Recent Arrest in 2019

In May 2019, Kyle Chrisley was arrested in Oklahoma for possession of methamphetamine after a routine traffic stop. Police found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle during a search.

Due to the state’s strict drug laws, Chrisley faced up to 30 years in prison for the felony charge. His past record only exacerbated the situation. This marked a new low in his descent into addiction.

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Conviction and Incarceration

In August 2019, Kyle Chrisley was sentenced to serve five years in an Oklahoma state prison after pleading guilty to the meth possession charge.

Chrisley had violated the terms of a suspended sentence from a prior conviction. The judge opted for mandatory prison time in hopes it would help Chrisley overcome his addiction issues.

Life in Prison

During his incarceration, Kyle Chrisley has received addiction counseling and mental health treatment. He has spoken out about the positive impact prison has had on his recovery and outlook.

Chrisley is not eligible for early parole. He is expected to complete his full five year sentence in August 2024, absent any credits for good behavior.

What Led to Kyle’s Downfall?

Mental health experts point to several factors that likely contributed to Kyle Chrisley’s substance abuse and legal problems:

  • Childhood trauma and pressure from growing up on reality TV
  • Self-medicating to cope with his bipolar disorder
  • Constantly trying to live up to his father’s impossible expectations
  • Surrounding himself with negative influences and enablers
  • A genetic predisposition towards addiction and mental illness


While currently incarcerated, Kyle Chrisley has embraced his prison experience as an opportunity to finally get his life on track. His latest conviction marked a turning point where he could no longer evade the consequences of his actions. Kyle’s multi-year sentence may provide the structure, treatment, and self-reflection needed to break unhealthy patterns that kept landing him behind bars.

Key Points:

  • Kyle Chrisley is in an Oklahoma prison until 2024 for meth possession
  • His latest arrest resulted from a traffic stop in 2019
  • Childhood fame, mental disorders, family pressure, and genetics contributed to his drug abuse
  • Previous failed rehab attempts justified a lengthy 5-year prison sentence
  • Incarceration has provided stability for Chrisley to overcome addiction and mental health issues

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