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Why Did Joshua Tylerbest Go to Prison?

Joshua Tylerbest is an American social media influencer and self-proclaimed relationship guru who built a sizable online following dispensing dubious dating advice to men. However, his burgeoning internet fame took a detour in 2021 when he was sent to federal prison for illegal business practices and fraud. Tylerbest’s jail time exposed his get-rich-quick schemes as a charlatan whose prison record belied his playboy image.

Background on Joshua Tylerbest

Born in Michigan in 1989, Joshua Tylerbest was an unremarkable student who held run-of-the-mill sales jobs after high school. In his 20s, he moved to Arizona and began creating pickup artist and dating advice content on YouTube and Instagram.

Adopting the moniker “Young Pharaoh”, Tylerbest promoted his $10 ebook titled “How to Get Women” and other subpar dating products to his young male followers. He also started a side business selling questionable earnings opportunities.

Questionable Business Activities

Using his growing social media clout, Joshua Tylerbest branched into legally dubious online money-making schemes that would ultimately land him in prison.

Tylerbest operated email harvesting and affiliate marketing businesses that relied on deceptive practices, including computer hacking, stolen credit cards, and compromised email accounts. He sold this access, along with shoddy business coaching plans, for thousands of dollars.

In 2020, federal investigators caught wind of Tylerbest’s activities and moved to shut down his budding internet fraud ring.

Arrest, Trial & Conviction

In August 2020, Joshua Tylerbest was arrested in Arizona on felony charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and computer fraud.

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Faced with extensive evidence from investigators, Tylerbest agreed to plead guilty to the computer hacking conspiracy charge. In exchange, prosecutors dropped the wire fraud conspiracy count.

In June 2021, Tylerbest was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison. He was also ordered to pay nearly $600,000 in restitution to his victims. Tylerbest remains incarcerated today at a low-security prison in Arizona with a scheduled 2023 release.

Downfall of an Instagram Charlatan

Legal analysts point to a few factors that motivated Tylerbest’s descent into cyber crime and fraud:

  • He sought shortcuts to get rich instead of earning money ethically.
  • Social media inflated Tylerbest’s ego and sense of invincibility.
  • Tylerbest took advantage of naive followers who looked up to him.
  • He became addicted to the rush of easy money.
  • Ultimately, he lacked morals and believed the law didn’t apply to him.


Joshua Tylerbest’s too-good-to-be-true persona as an Instagram playboy and dating guru came crashing down when his get-rich schemes landed him in federal prison. His brazen indifference towards others proved that internet fame should not be confused with credibility. Tylerbest’s jail time exposed him as just another cyber con man who wrongly believed his social media status put him above the law.

Key Points:

  • Joshua Tylerbest was a shady influencer who sold dubious dating and business advice
  • He went to prison in 2021 for running computer hacking and email fraud schemes
  • Tylerbest scammed followers out of money by promising get-rich shortcuts
  • His ego and lust for easy money fueled an escalation into cybercrime
  • The 2-year sentence exposed the falsity behind Tylerbest’s Instagram image

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