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Why Did Faye Go to Prison in Coronation Street? Examining Her Storyline

Faye Windass is a troubled character on the popular British soap opera Coronation Street. In 2021, fans were shocked when Faye was sentenced to prison for attacking a man. Her descent into criminal behavior made for a gripping storyline.

Faye’s prison sentence highlighted how mistakes and bad choices can quickly spiral out of control, especially for vulnerable youth. Examining key events in Faye’s tragic storyline provides insights into how a young life can become derailed despite the best intentions.

Overview of Faye Windass’ Character

  • Portrayed by actress Ellie Leach
  • First appeared in 2011 at age 11
  • Daughter of Anna Windass, adopted by Anna’s partner Eddie Windass
  • Had difficult childhood and struggled in school
  • Known for being outspoken and temperamental
  • Dated Seb Franklin and was close friends with Kelly Neelan
  • Caring and protective towards her family

Faye lived a modest life on the fictional working-class Coronation Street. Her rebellious attitude often got her into trouble. But deep down, she remained devoted to loved ones.

Faye’s Involvement in the Attack Case

Faye’s world was turned upside down in April 2021 when she became embroiled in a hostile confrontation between her friend Kelly Neelan and Seb Franklin.

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While walking home from a night out, Kelly and Seb were viciously attacked by a gang. Seb later died from his injuries.

Faye had not been present for the attack. However, she made the fateful decision to hide Kelly’s involvement when questioned by police.

Despite not participating in the violence, Faye soon found herself sinking deeper into the cover-up. Her desire to protect Kelly would have devastating consequences.

Why Did Faye Obstruct Justice?

Faye made the misguided choice to obstruct the investigation due to several factors:

  • Wanted to help Kelly avoid punishment.
  • Felt compelled to keep her friend’s trust.
  • Did not realize the full extent of Kelly’s role initially.
  • Panicked and feared getting Kelly in undeserved trouble.
  • Assumed she could just deny knowing anything.
  • Naively thought concealment was her only option.

Faye soon discovered the police had evidence implicating Kelly. But she felt trapped in her lies and unable to back out. Her rash decision to conceal facts spiraled quickly.

Faye’s Arrest and Prison Sentence

Despite her best efforts, Faye’s obstructive behavior eventually unravelled:

  • Police charged Faye with perverting the course of justice.
  • She was denied bail and remanded in juvenile detention awaiting trial.
  • In August 2021, Faye was sentenced to 3 years in prison.
  • She was transferred to a youth detention facility due to her age.
  • Faye was distraught,having never envisioned prison time.

The 4 month deception ended up costing Faye her freedom. Her sentence highlighted how quickly falsehoods can snowball out of control.

Why Specifically Did Faye Receive a Prison Sentence?

Faye was sentenced to 3 years in prison due to the severity of her repeated offenses:

  • Perverting the course of justice – By concealing information and obstructing the investigation, Faye undermined justice for Seb and his family.
  • Lying under oath – Faye continued her deception by giving false testimony in court.
  • Concealing evidence – She hid evidence that could identify Kelly as involved.
  • Intent to mislead – Her aim all along was to distract police from finding the truth.
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She crossed serious ethical and legal lines that demanded significant punishment. Faye’s young age was the only factor that saved her from an even harsher prison term.

Life in Prison for Faye

Faye struggled to adapt to the harsh realities of incarceration:

  • Forced to cut ties with friends and family outside.
  • Lost all independence and privacy.
  • Treated as just another offender by guards.
  • Shared a small, sparse cell with other inmates.
  • Restricted from any comforts of normal life.
  • Psychologically scarred by the extreme environment.

Her dreams of a happy future with boyfriend Craig were shattered. Faye realized her poor choices had destroyed everything she loved in life far too late.

Impact of Faye’s Imprisonment on Family

Faye’s prison sentence also deeply affected her loved ones:

  • Adopted father Tim collapsed from stress following the sentencing.
  • Biological mother Anna felt like she failed as a parent.
  • Craig was left heartbroken with his partner jailed.
  • Grandmother Elaine could only visit Faye occasionally.
  • Younger sister Hope struggled badly with Faye gone.

Losing Faye so suddenly to prison devastated the Windass family. They could only pray she would emerge intact and learn from her mistakes.


Faye Windass’ downfall stands as a stark warning about consequences of deception. One foolish decision to conceal the truth quickly snowballed to steal Faye’s future.

Her prison sentence exemplifies how obstructing justice ultimately only harms innocent people and oneself. No friendship is worth the destruction Faye brought upon her own life and family.

Sadly, her story reflects reality for too many youths whose impulsiveness leads to prison. For Faye Windass and others like her, the road back from such monumental shame and punishment will be long and painful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays the role of Faye Windass on Coronation Street?

The character of Faye Windass has been portrayed by actress Ellie Leach since 2011 when the character was first introduced as an 11-year old.

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What crime was Faye actually convicted and sentenced for?

Faye was sentenced to 3 years in prison for perverting the course of justice by obstructing the investigation into Seb Franklin’s death and for lying under oath.

How old was Faye Windass when she went to prison?

Faye was 18 years old when she was sentenced to prison in 2021 on the show. The prison term derailed her life just as she reached adulthood.

Why did Faye decide to conceal her friend Kelly’s involvement in the crime?

Faye wanted to protect Kelly out of misguided friendship, not realizing the severity of Kelly’s role. She felt compelled to keep Kelly’s trust.

How did Faye try to mislead the police investigation initially?

Faye lied about knowing anything when first questioned. She later continued concealing and destroying evidence of Kelly’s involvement when the truth began emerging.

How long was Faye Windass sentenced to prison for?

Faye received a 3 year prison sentence after being convicted of perverting the course of justice and lying under oath.

Did Kelly Neelan actually serve any prison time for her role in Seb’s murder?

Yes, Kelly was also convicted and sent to juvenile detention. But she was released early after testifying against the actual attackers.

How did Faye’s loved ones react to her being sentenced to prison?

Her family was devastated. Adopted father Tim had a major panic attack. Biological mom Anna felt like a failure. Boyfriend Craig was heartbroken.

What youth facility was Faye incarcerated at?

Due to her young age, Faye was imprisoned at a dedicated youth detention center with juvenile inmates versus an adult facility.

Did Faye adjusting to prison life and accept responsibility for her actions?

Initially Faye struggled badly with life behind bars. But she eventually matured, accepted her mistakes, and resolved to atone once released.

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