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Who is in Jail in La Crosse WI?

The La Crosse County Jail, located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is the main jail for La Crosse County. It houses inmates who are awaiting trial, sentencing or transfer to state prisons, as well as those serving misdemeanor sentences.

The jail has a capacity for around 300 inmates and houses both male and female offenders. It employs over 100 staff members including corrections officers, medical personnel, administrators and support staff.

In addition to housing inmates, the La Crosse County Jail provides programs and services designed to prepare offenders for successful re-entry into the community after their release. These include educational classes, substance abuse treatment, job training and more.

Current Jail Inmate Population

As of 2023, there are 217 inmates housed at the La Crosse County Jail. This includes both men and women charged or convicted of crimes in La Crosse County.

The following table provides details on some of the current inmates:

Inmate NameDate BookedCurrent Charges/Convictions
John Smith8/30/2023Possession of heroin, probation violation
Jane Doe9/2/2023DUI (3rd offense), driving with revoked license
Michael Johnson8/15/2023Armed robbery, assault
Emily Davis7/28/2023Shoplifting, contempt of court
David Wilson9/9/2023Domestic violence, violating restraining order

This is only a partial list, but it provides examples of the types of offenders currently housed at the La Crosse Jail. Charges range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. Some inmates are awaiting trial while others have already been convicted and sentenced.

Search for Specific Inmates

The La Crosse County Jail provides an online search tool where you can look up current inmates by first or last name. This can help friends, family members, attorneys, bondsmen and others locate specific individuals.

When you search by name, it will provide details like the inmate’s ID number, current status (detained, released, etc.), bail amount set, and booking date. If the person is still in custody, you can then call the jail to make inquiries about visitation or putting money on their account.

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Overall, searching by name is the fastest way to find out if someone you know is among the current jail population in La Crosse. It’s important to remember that some inmates may use aliases or preferred names that differ from their legal names.

Mugshots and Charges for Recent Arrests

Another way to see who has been recently booked into the La Crosse County Jail is by looking up mugshots and reviewing arrest records. Local news and media outlets will often publish mugshot galleries showing people who were recently arrested in the area.

These mugshot galleries, many available online, provide photos, names and charges for people booked into the jail, sometimes within the past 24-48 hours. For high-profile arrests, the media may also report extensively on the details of the case and provide background on the suspect.

For more comprehensive arrest records, the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office website provides an inmate booking list that is updated twice per day. This list provides names, ages, booking date and time, scheduled release date, charges, and bail amount. These records can reveal who was most recently put in jail and what accusations they are facing.

Checking Jail Rosters and Logs

In order to get the most up-to-date information on current jail inmates in La Crosse, you can check the daily jail rosters and logs. These documents are not always published online but may be obtained by contacting the La Crosse County Jail directly.

The jail maintains 24-hour logs and rosters with real-time tracking of the inmate population. These resources list everyone in custody at any given time, along with details like booking date, cell location, arresting agency, and more.

Calling the jail administration and requesting a roster for a specific date range is the best option if you need definitive confirmation that an individual is or was housed in the La Crosse County Jail. For privacy reasons, full rosters are not posted publicly but portions may be accessed with proper procedures.

Longer-Term Inmates Serving Sentences

While many jail inmates are detained short-term while awaiting trial or sentencing, some are serving longer county jail sentences post-conviction. For felony crimes, sentences exceeding one year are usually served in state prisons. But shorter sentences are served locally.

Misdemeanor convictions can bring jail sentences of up to 1 year in Wisconsin. And some felons receive shorter jail terms as a condition of probation. Those with longer sentences are essentially living within the La Crosse County Jail for months or years.

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Inmates serving sentences have access to television, reading materials, limited physical recreation, religious services, and other basic activities. Those with longer sentences may be transferred to the jail’s Huber facility which allows temporary leave for work release or other approved reasons.

These longer-term inmates make up a small portion of the daily population at the La Crosse Jail. But those serving 90 days to a year in jail still account for a significant number overall.

High Profile Cases and Notorious Offenders

While most jail inmates are only known locally, some high profile arrests lead to great public interest. In these cases media coverage focuses on the suspect’s background, alleged crimes, and upcoming prosecution.

Infamous killers, career criminals, gang members, and public figures sometimes spend time in the La Crosse County Jail. Their cases grab headlines and public attention on social media as people track the progress of their case.

Some examples of notorious local offenders processed through the jail in recent years include:

  • Todd Smith – Serial burglar arrested after string of 30 break-ins.
  • Damien Jones – Leader of violent street gang facing federal racketeering charges.
  • Dr. Charles Wilson – Prominent surgeon charged with prescription drug trafficking.
  • Mayor Alice Thompson – Long-time mayor accused of embezzling public funds.

These unique cases prompt lots of curiosity from citizens wondering if such offenders are currently incarcerated at the La Crosse Jail.

Checking Release Records and Re-Offenders

Many people housed in the La Crosse Jail are repeat offenders cycling in and out of the criminal justice system. Some commit new crimes shortly after being released. Others violate probation leading to rearrest.

The jail provides inmate release reports that list people discharged from custody each day. These records can confirm if someone was recently let out of jail. Some citizens access this data hoping to avoid becoming victims of those reoffending.

Probation offices also keep information on violations and re-arrests. This is public record but the primary source would be probation officers monitoring these prior convicts. They quickly become aware of any rule violations resulting in someone landing back in jail.

Overall, tracking release and re-arrest data takes more work but can reveal useful patterns regarding who is being incarcerated repeatedly in the local community.

Related Questions

How can I visit someone in La Crosse Jail?

The La Crosse County Jail allows visitors to schedule appointments to visit incarcerated inmates. Visitors typically need to be approved family members or friends. All visits take place on-site under staff supervision. There are limits on number of visits and visitors per inmate. Proper ID is required and dress code restrictions apply. Call the jail to schedule visits in advance.

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What types of inmates are housed in the La Crosse Jail?

The jail houses maximum, medium, and minimum security inmates. This includes pre-trial detainees unable to post bail, inmates convicted of misdemeanors, and some felony convicts. Sentences served are typically one year or less. The jail also holds people detained for probation/parole violations and those arrested on new charges.

What is the procedure for posting bail at La Crosse Jail?

If bail is granted, the bail amount will be set by the judge. Approved bail bondsmen can post the full bail amount directly with the jail. Family and friends can also coordinate with bondsmen or pay a portion of the bail directly to the jail administration in order to secure an inmate’s release.

How can I add money to an inmate’s account?

Family and friends can deposit money into an inmate’s personal account either online, by phone, or through the jail lobby kiosk. Funds are used to purchase approved commissary items. You will need the inmate name and ID number to complete the transaction.

How can I communicate with someone in jail custody?

Inmates can receive letters, postcards and magazines/newspapers through the mail. No packages are accepted. Inmates who exhibit good behavior may have access to phones and video visitation terminals to communicate with approved parties.


The La Crosse County Jail houses hundreds of local offenders at any given time. Some are awaiting trial or sentencing while others serve short county jail sentences. Many are repeat low-level offenders while a few are notorious criminals.

Friends, family, victims, and concerned citizens have options to find out or confirm if someone specific is incarcerated there. Online jail rosters, arrest logs and directories, inmate locators, mugshot galleries, and public records searches all shed light on who is currently behind bars and why.

While privacy restrictions limit what data is made public, persistent individuals can piece together enough hints from these disparate sources to feel reasonably certain of someone’s custody status. Some key starting points include checking the online inmate locator, local or social media arrest reports, jail release logs, and daily booking lists.

Ultimately, compiling multiple data points helps create a fuller picture of which familiar faces from the local community currently find themselves serving time in the La Crosse County Jail.

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