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Who Called Rick in Prison?

Rick Sanchez, one of the main characters on the popular animated sitcom “Rick and Morty”, has spent time in prison during the course of the show. Fans are often curious about who might have called Rick while he was incarcerated. In this article, we will explore some of the likely suspects and the implications of their connections to Rick.

Rick’s Background

First, some background on Rick Sanchez. He is a scientific genius and alcoholic who drags his teenage grandson, Morty, on dangerous intergalactic adventures. Rick has a nihilistic outlook and doesn’t seem to form strong bonds with most people, with the exception of Morty and sometimes his daughter Beth’s family.

Rick has made many enemies over the years and has been imprisoned a few times. Most notably, in the Season 3 premiere “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, Rick turns himself in to the Galactic Federation and is sent to space prison. While there, he manages to escape by taking over the body of a guard.

Rick’s Personality and Relationships

  • Brilliant but unstable alcoholic
  • Manipulative and selfish
  • Deep connection with Morty
  • Rocky relationship with Beth’s family
  • Many intergalactic enemies

Who Might Have Called Rick in Prison?

Now let’s look at some of the likely suspects who may have been in contact with Rick during his incarcerations.

Morty Smith

Morty is Rick’s most obvious connection. He has proven fiercely loyal to his grandfather over the years, despite Rick’s often abusive behavior towards him. Morty helped rescue Rick from space prison in “The Rickshank Rickdemption”. He would likely want to stay in touch with Rick while he was locked up to make sure he was okay or work on another escape attempt.

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Beth Smith

Beth is Rick’s daughter and Morty’s mom. She has a contentious relationship with her father, resenting his long disappearance from her childhood but also craving his approval. Beth may have called Rick in hopes of understanding more about where he was during her formative years. Their bond is complicated but meaningful.

Jerry Smith

Jerry is Beth’s husband and Morty’s father. Jerry is cowed by Rick and frequently subject to his mockery and disdain. However, when Rick was threatening to leave the family, Jerry did tell him “I’m glad you’re back.” Some part of Jerry might miss Rick when he’s gone and want to stay updated on his status.

Summer Smith

Summer is Rick’s granddaughter and Morty’s older sister. Of the whole family, she seems to dislike Rick the most, calling him a “pathetic, insecure old man” at one point. However, Summer also craves adventure and Rick is her gateway to exploring the multiverse. She may have conflicting feelings about keeping in touch with her locked-up grandpa.


Unity is a hivemind Rick was romantically involved with. Unity came back into Rick’s life in the Season 2 episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation”. They have a tortured relationship, still caring for each other but unable to make it work. Unity may have called Rick in prison out of lingering affection or a desire for closure.

Tammy Guetermann

Tammy was a high school classmate of Summer and Morty’s who turned out to be an undercover agent for the Galactic Federation. She nearly captured Rick and his family. As one of Rick’s nemeses, Tammy may have checked in on her detainee to gloat or gather intel.

Evil Rick

In the Season 1 episode “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”, an “Evil” Rick from another reality framed our Rick for murder. The two Ricks battled it out in the end. If Evil Rick survived, he may have called the main Rick in prison to torment him while he was vulnerable.

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Gearhead was one of Rick’s alien friends who helped him with missions. In the Season 3 premiere, Gearhead betrayed Rick by planting a bomb on him and siding with the Galactic Federation. Later Gearhead begged for forgiveness but Rick ignored him. Gearhead may have called Rick hoping to make amends.

Questioning the Possibilities

Looking at all these potential suspects raises some intriguing questions:

What Might Have Motivated the Caller?

  • Concern for Rick’s well-being
  • Desire to make amends for past betrayals
  • Longing for adventure/excitement Rick provides
  • Romantic affection that still lingers
  • Wanting to gloat at an enemy while he’s down

How Would Rick React to the Caller?

  • Annoyed refusal to talk
  • Burst of rage against a betrayer
  • Genuine care for a loved one
  • Sadness and regret over failed romance
  • New scheme for escape and revenge

How Would the Call Impact Rick Once Released?

  • Spark effort to reconnect with family
  • Drive him to isolate further out of bitterness
  • Renew motivation to get revenge
  • Rekindle hope for love and connection
  • Push him to escape sooner and stir up more chaos

Other Potential Callers

While the suspects discussed above seem most likely, a few other characters could possibly have reached out to Rick in prison as well:

  • Supernova – An alien Rick had bad breakup with
  • Abradolf Lincler – Genetic hybrid created by Rick
  • Squanchy – Rick’s party animal friend
  • Birdperson – Rick’s loyal alien comrade
  • Worldender – Alien who defeated Rick in battle
  • Krombopulos Michael – Assassin friendly with Rick

Any of these characters might have felt inclined to get in contact with Rick while he was locked up. Their motivations could range from nostalgia to vengeance to simply keeping tabs on him. Each would provide an intriguing glimpse into another part of Rick’s mysterious past and web of connections.

Rick’s Convictions and Quotes

To better understand Rick’s mindset regarding prison and human connection, here are some relevant quotes of his and crimes he’s been convicted of over the years:

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Rick’s Convictions

  • Indecent exposure on Gazorpazorp
  • Credit fraud in the Bepis system
  • Aiding prisoner escape on Xerxes 9
  • Manufacturing illegal Cob Planet currency
  • Teaching unlicensed antimatter research

Rick’s Quotes About Prison

  • “Prison’s not a place for smart people.”
  • “Listen to me, Morty, I know that new situations can be intimidating. You look around and it’s all scary and different.”
  • “Well, look at this, Morty: I’m a pickle. I’m Pickle Riiiick!”
  • “I’m not driven by avenging my dead family, Morty! That was fake. I-I’m driven by finding that McNugget sauce.”
  • “There is no God, Summer; gotta rip that band-aid off now, you’ll thank me later.”

These quotes illustrate Rick’s flippant attitude toward authority and rules. While he can justify anything with his belief in moral nihilism, deep down Rick does seem to recognize how much his family cares for him, even if he takes it for granted. Being cut off from them in prison may have given him more perspective on those bonds.


Rick Sanchez has clearly led a chaotic life filled with galactic misadventures and slippery morals that have landed him in legal trouble. Prison has been a temporary stopping point for Rick where he loses his freedom but maintains his defiant spirit. Any calls Rick received while incarcerated would provide a window into the psychological factors driving this complex character.

Were the calls from friend or foe? Those longing for his presence or cursing his existence? Seeking forgiveness or still holding a grudge? We may never know all the details, but it’s certain that anyone who dared to ring Rick behind bars had a stirring story of their own. Rick attracts and repels other lost souls who see echoes of themselves in his genius and depravity. In the end, fans keep tuning in to witness where these tumultuous relationships may lead for Rick and those caught in his orbit.

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