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Where is Blackrose Prison in ESO?

Blackrose Prison is a group dungeon located in the northern part of Cyrodiil in The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s found in the western part of the Imperial City district, just north of the Memorial district.

Location and Access

To access Blackrose Prison, you need to go to the Imperial City area of Cyrodiil. The easiest way to get there is to travel to the Imperial City district from your faction’s main gate. Once inside Imperial City, head north past Memorial district into Prison district. You’ll see the dungeon icon for Blackrose Prison in the northwestern part of the district.

You can also teleport directly to a player inside Blackrose Prison or use the grouping tool to queue for the dungeon. The dungeon is tuned for groups of 4 players at Veteran Rank 16.

History and Background

Blackrose Prison has a dark history in Elder Scrolls lore. It was used by the Ayleids to house political prisoners and torture enemies of the empire. Many Ayleid kings met their end within the walls of this sinister prison.

After the Ayleids fell, the prison came under Imperial control. It continued to be used for holding dangerous criminals and enemies of the state. The Imperial Legion has kept tight control over Blackrose for centuries.

Notable Prisoners

Some of the infamous prisoners kept at Blackrose over the eras include:

  • Valen Aquilerius – An Ayleid king who rebelled against the empire
  • Vanus Galerion – Founder of the Mages Guild who was imprisoned for defying the Legion
  • Archmage Traven – Leader of the Mages Guild who the Legion viewed as a threat
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The harsh conditions and cruel torture within Blackrose have ended many lives throughout its dark history.

Layout and Enemies

Blackrose Prison has a maze-like layout spanning two levels. The winding halls and locked cells make it easy to get lost or trapped inside. Some of the enemies you’ll encounter in Blackrose include:

  • Undead and skeletons
  • Humanoid daedra
  • Dremora torturers
  • Xivilai overseers
  • Prisoners who’ve gone mad
Lunar ContemplationIlambris Amalgam
Hall of JudgmentCouncilor Vandacia
Tribunal’s CensureHigh Kinlord Rilis

The dungeon culminates in a final showdown with the prisoner bonus boss, The Mad Architect. This powerful enemy wields deadly Daedric magic and will take an organized group to defeat.

Champion Points

With the challenging enemies and environments in Blackrose, it helps to have your champion points allocated correctly. Here are some tips:

  • Put points into Hardy and Elemental Defender to improve survivability
  • Allocate points to increase your critical rating and damage
  • Invest in Staff Expert to boost damage with destro staves
  • Slot Bashing Focus to help interrupt dangerous enemies
  • Improve your spell and physical resistance

The right CP setup will give your group an advantage taking on the dangers within Blackrose Prison.


Blackrose Prison is located in the Prison district of Imperial City. Its position in the northwest part of the district makes it easy to locate. Inside you’ll traverse winding halls facing undead, daedra, and maddened prisoners. With smart tactics and Champion Point allocation, groups can overcome Blackrose’s perils and take down the Mad Architect. This challenging dungeon provides intense PvE content for ESO players.

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