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Where is Ben Field Now? Which Prison is He Incarcerated In?

Ben Field is a notorious convicted murderer currently serving a life sentence in prison for killing a vulnerable elderly victim to inherit money. His shocking crimes of manipulation and greed horrified the public.

In 2019, Field was found guilty of murdering Peter Farquhar and attempting to kill Ann Moore-Martin in the English village of Maids Moreton. The cold-blooded nature of his offenses and lack of remorse made headlines.

Nearly four years later, where is Ben Field now? His current whereabouts and details of his harsh incarceration provide some justice for the families of those he exploited.

Background on the Crimes of Ben Field

The twisted saga began when church warden and PhD student Ben Field insinuated himself into the lives of his deeply religious neighbors Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin in the idyllic village of Maids Moreton.

Despite being decades younger, Field deceitfully portrayed himself as a confidante and caregiver to the lonely retired lecturers in their 60s and 80s. He gradually gained total control over their lives.

Field ultimately killed 69-year-old Farquhar through poisoning and gaslighting in order to claim his estate when he died. He then attempted the same prolonged poisoning scheme on the unmarried 83-year-old Moore-Martin after she became besotted with him.

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In 2017 when Moore-Martin narrowly survived a serious seizure, suspicions were raised and police finally investigated the spate of deaths and illnesses in the village. Extensive evidence soon exposed Field’s elaborate years-long manipulations and murderous plots.

In 2019, Field was found guilty and given a life sentence with a 36 year minimum before parole. His two accomplices, girlfriend Martyn Smith and magician Tom Field, were also convicted.

Where is Ben Field Imprisoned Now?

Following his 2019 conviction, Ben Field was incarcerated at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire to begin serving his lifelong prison sentence.

Nearly four years later in 2023, Field remains imprisoned at the same maximum security facility. Some key facts about HMP Wakefield:

  • Location: Love Lane, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
  • Capacity: Around 750 high-risk inmates
  • Category: High security with prolific and dangerous prisoners
  • Notable inmates: Harold Shipman, Charles Bronson, Jeremy Bamber
  • Managed by: Her Majesty’s Prison Service

As one of Britain’s toughest prisons, HMP Wakefield is notoriously grim. Its imposing Victorian architecture contains inmates like Field who have committed the most disturbing crimes.

Surrounded by thick walls and razor wire, Field resides in a single high-risk cell detached from general population prisoners who could target a reviled sex offender and killer.

Details of Field’s Imprisonment Regime

As an extremely high-risk prisoner, Field spends nearly all of his time confined alone under tight restrictions:

  • Housed in a single cell in a protective isolation unit.
  • Allowed only 1 hour a day for solitary exercise in a secure yard.
  • Cell is specially alarmed and he is escorted by guards when outside unit.
  • Contact with other prisoners is banned due to safety risks.
  • Field will likely remain in the unit indefinitely due to his offenses.
  • His privileges and activities are highly limited compared to other inmates.
  • He lives an existence almost completely isolated from all human contact.

Additionally, authorities closely monitor Field’s communications. His mail is checked and his phone calls limited to prevent further manipulation and misconduct.

Field is serving his sentence in a prison within a prison. The isolation protects him from retribution, but also denies him freedoms and any power over others he once abused.

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Will Field Ever Be Released?

Given the calculated, cold-blooded nature of his offenses, Ben Field has very bleak prospects of ever being granted parole or freed. Some factors making his release extremely unlikely:

  • Field was given an unusually long 36 year minimum term due to the severity of his crimes. This takes him to age 80 for just parole eligibility.
  • By then, he will likely be elderly, ill and no longer a high risk to the public. But the parole board will still likely deny release.
  • Field has shown zero remorse and taken no responsibility for his actions.
  • His capacity for manipulation means he could offend again if freed into society.
  • His case provoked high public outrage. Any release would face backlash and be politically difficult.
  • Even if paroled, Field would be under strict monitoring and recallable to prison.

Barring a successful appeal years down the line, Ben Field will almost certainly die alone in prison to serve out the rest of his days. Thefamilies of his victims can be reassured he will remain locked away indefinitely.


The brutal nature of Ben Field’s crimes means he is likely to spend the rest of his life incarcerated, if not longer. At HMP Wakefield, he remains under the tightest security.

Field’s victims deserved so much better than the twisted manipulation and deceit he inflicted. While true justice is impossible, his lifetime behind bars means Field will never be able to victimize others again.

For the loved ones of Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin, knowing that Field now lives locked away and powerless provides some small comfort. Though he stole years of life, he will not steal their lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were Ben Field’s exact crimes and sentences?

Field was convicted of murdering Peter Farquhar, attempting to murder Ann Moore-Martin, and multiple counts of fraud and burglary. He received a life sentence with a 36 year minimum term.

What was Field’s connection to the two retired lecturers he killed and manipulated?

Field ingratiated himself with his victims by becoming their church warden and pretending to be a caring friend and confidante, all to isolate and control them.

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Where did the crimes take place in the UK?

The crimes occurred in the village of Maids Moreton in Buckinghamshire, England after Ben Field moved there and began manipulating vulnerable residents.

How did Field murder his first victim Peter Farquhar?

He poisoned Farquhar over a long period of time by secretly spiking his food and drinks with drugs and ethanol. This made him seem unwell and drove him to suicide.

How old were each of Field’s victims when he began targeting them?

Peter Farquhar was 69 and Ann Moore-Martin was 83 when Field first cynically entered their lives with murderous intentions.

What evidence eventually exposed Field’s long-term manipulation and crimes?

Extensive financial records, journal entries by the victims, fingerprint evidence, and handwriting analysis helped prove Field’s elaborate gaslighting and plotting.

Why is Wakefield prison where Field is housed considered so tough?

HMP Wakefield houses some of Britain’s most dangerous offenders. It is overcrowded and inmates are confined for long periods with only basic facilities, making it a very harsh environment.

How does Field’s minimum 36 year sentence affect his parole eligibility?

Field must serve at least 36 years before he can apply for parole. This will make him around 80 years old in 2061, at which point he will likely be denied release.

Has Field expressed any remorse for his barbaric crimes?

No. Field has accepted no responsibility and shown no genuine remorse. His lack of conscience implies he is still a danger to society.

Is there any chance authorities could reduce Field’s life sentence in future?

It is highly unlikely. Field’s crimes provoked such outrage it is hard to imagine any government allowing him to be released within his lifetime.

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