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What Prison is Alex Murdaugh In?

Alex Murdaugh is a former attorney who is currently in jail awaiting trial on multiple charges. He was denied bond and has been behind bars since October 2021. But what prison is Alex Murdaugh being held in during this time?

Background on Alex Murdaugh

Alex Murdaugh was a prominent lawyer in Hampton County, South Carolina. He worked for the law firm his great-grandfather founded over 100 years ago. Murdaugh had significant influence in the area both professionally and socially.

However, in June 2021, things began to unravel for Murdaugh. His wife Maggie and son Paul were murdered at their family estate. Murdaugh then became a person of interest in the case but was never charged. Over the next few months, investigations revealed that Murdaugh had been involved in numerous financial crimes.

Financial Crimes & Charges

Here are some of the main financial allegations and charges against Alex Murdaugh:

  • Stealing settlement funds from clients at his law firm
  • Money laundering
  • Computer crimes
  • Forgery
  • Insurance fraud related to a staged attempt on his own life

In total, Murdaugh faces about 100 criminal charges spanning multiple schemes and victims. The alleged crimes added up to millions of dollars obtained illegally.

Murdaugh’s Timeline Behind Bars

Alex Murdaugh has been in custody since October 2021 when he was first arrested. Here is a timeline of his incarceration so far:

October 2021

  • October 14 – Murdaugh is arrested after being discharged from rehab. He is charged with stealing settlement funds meant for the sons of his late housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.
  • October 17 – A judge denies bond and orders Murdaugh to be held in custody.

November 2021

  • November 4 – Murdaugh is transported from a detention center to a private mental health facility in Muskegon County, Michigan. He spends about two weeks there.
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December 2021

  • December 9 – Murdaugh is extradited back to South Carolina.
  • December 17 – A judge again denies bond after additional charges are filed against Murdaugh.

2022 & Beyond

Murdaugh has remained behind bars without bond continuously since December 2021. Additional charges and hearings occur throughout 2022. Murdaugh’s complicated web of alleged crimes will likely take years to unravel through the full trial process.

Where is Alex Murdaugh Being Held?

So what prison is currently housing Alex Murdaugh as he awaits trial?

Alex Murdaugh is being held at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

He has been at this Richland County facility since his return from Michigan in December 2021.

Details on Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center

Here are some key details about the jail Murdaugh is residing in:

  • Location: Columbia, SC
  • Capacity: around 1,900 inmates
  • Run by: Richland County Sheriff’s Department
  • Opened: 2004
  • Security level: varies by housing unit

This detention center houses inmates of all security classifications from minimum to maximum security. Housing units are divided by security designations.

Murdaugh is likely being held in a high-security area given the seriousness of his charges. But the exact conditions of his confinement are unclear to the public.

How Long Could Murdaugh Be Incarcerated?

Alex Murdaugh potentially faces decades behind bars given the number and severity of the crimes alleged against him.

Some key factors that will impact his length of incarceration include:

  • Number of charges – Murdaugh faces around 100 charges spanning multiple incidents and victims. More charges equals more potential prison time.
  • Type of charges – Some of Murdaugh’s charges are quite serious such as money laundering and computer crimes. The severity of charges is a sentencing factor.
  • Number of victims – With dozens of victims from multiple cases, Murdaugh will likely face steeper punishment.
  • Sentence per charge – Each charge carries its own possible sentence length set by law. For example, money laundering can mean up to 20 years in prison. The sentences can add up quickly.
  • Serving time concurrently vs consecutively – If sentences run concurrently, Murdaugh would serve them all at once. But if consecutively, the time would be served back-to-back, greatly extending the incarceration period.

While the details are still uncertain, legal experts expect Murdaugh will likely be imprisoned for decades if convicted. He is facing substantial time behind bars at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center and potentially other prisons.

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Murdaugh’s Life in Jail

So what is daily life like for Alex Murdaugh in jail? Here are some details on conditions at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center:

  • Housing – Murdaugh likely resides in a small cell with a bunk, toilet, sink, and not much else. Higher security inmates often stay in their cells for much of the day.
  • Meals – Inmates are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their cells or common areas. Meals are simple, such as cold cereal or sandwiches.
  • Activities – Opportunities for things like exercise, TV, reading, chores depend on the security level. Higher security inmates have fewer privileges.
  • Visitation – Inmates can have visitors on a schedule based on security status. Visits take place in a room with security controls.
  • Medical – Basic medical services are provided within the jail by nurses and doctors. Serious conditions require external hospital visits.

So while certainly not luxurious, the detention center meets Alex Murdaugh’s basic needs as he awaits the extensive legal process ahead.

Questions About Murdaugh’s Incarceration

Alex Murdaugh’s time spent in jail awaiting trial raises several additional questions:

Has Murdaugh been granted any special privileges in jail?

There are no indications that Murdaugh receives any special treatment beyond appropriate protections given his high-profile case. He seems to follow standard protocols based on his security status.

Does Murdaugh interact with other inmates?

Opportunities for inmate interaction are limited at higher security levels. But he may have occasional contact with other prisoners in common areas. Interaction is likely kept to a minimum due to the notoriety of his case.

Will Murdaugh be transferred to another facility in the future?

It’s possible Murdaugh could be moved to another facility before or during trial depending on space, security factors, and legal proceedings. But Alvin S. Glenn is likely to remain his home until conviction and sentencing to a permanent prison.

How does Murdaugh afford his legal fees while in jail?

Most of Murdaugh’s assets have been seized to pay back victims. But he has received help from one remaining friend to pay for his defense team. He also may have access to hidden resources.

What access does Murdaugh have to news or information from outside?

Murdaugh can request reading material and access certain television news programming. His lawyers also update him on developments in his case. Information access is determined by security protocols.

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How Unusual is Alex Murdaugh’s Incarereration Situation?

The circumstances around Alex Murdaugh’s incarceration and criminal charges are highly abnormal:

  • The number and variety of serious crimes alleged are extremely rare for an attorney in a rural community.
  • Having over 100 charges is exponentially more than a typical defendant.
  • The time Murdaugh has already served behind bars awaiting trial is unusually long for non-violent financial crimes.
  • The confusing web of Murdaugh’s alleged misdeeds makes the case extraordinarily complex.

Overall, Alex Murdaugh’s incarceration circumstances as he awaits trial are highly irregular compared to the norm. Both the scale and duration of his imprisonment are atypical for a white-collar criminal defendant.

Ongoing Murdaugh Crime Revelations

Even while in jail, new revelations about Alex Murdaugh’s alleged misdeeds continue to emerge. Just some of the recent updates include:

  • September 2022 – New charges for tax evasion, additional financial crimes
  • August 2022 – Murdaugh indicted for wrongful death lawsuit settlement theft
  • June 2022 – Murdaugh charged with money laundering, fraud, and forgery

It’s clear the full scope of crimes has yet to be uncovered. Murdaugh is not slated to stand full trial until 2023 at the earliest. More jail time awaits as this legal saga continues.

Alex Murdaugh Incarceration Timeline

June 7, 2021Maggie & Paul Murdaugh murdered
September 4, 2021Murdaugh resigns from law firm amid theft investigation
October 14, 2021Arrested for first time
October 17, 2021Denied bond, ordered detained
November 4 – November 21, 2021Transported to Michigan psychiatric facility
December 9, 2021Extradited back to South Carolina
December 17, 2021Bond denied again, more charges filed
June 2022Additional indictments on financial crimes
September 2022Tax evasion charges added
PresentStill incarcerated without bond


In summary, Alex Murdaugh is currently incarcerated without bond at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia, South Carolina. He is facing nearly 100 charges for a wide range of financial crimes and corruption. Murdaugh has been imprisoned since October 2021 and will likely serve decades behind bars if convicted.

Despite being locked up, Murdaugh’s complex web of alleged wrongdoings continues to unravel. New charges surface frequently even as he sits in jail awaiting trial. Murdaugh is not expected to face a full trial until at least 2023. Until then, he will reside in his small cell reviewing evidence, speaking with lawyers, and contemplating his dramatic fall from power.

Alex Murdaugh’s incarceration provides a glimpse into the demoralizing confinement that awaits if justice is served for his disturbing actions. His once prestigious legal career has been reduced to days and nights locked behind grim concrete walls.

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