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Waka Inoue Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Waka Inoue is a famous Japanese tarento and actress. She has gained fame for her roles in many films and TV shows. Born on May 13, 1980, in Tokyo, Japan, Inoue is currently 44 years old and her real name is Naoko Aramura. She comes from an entertainment family. Her mother is former actress Kyoko Saga. Stay tuned to find out more about this talented actress.

Who is Waka Inoue?

Waka Inoue is a super cool lady from Tokyo, Japan. She acts in TV shows and movies, which means she gets to pretend to be different people for her job! It’s easy to imagine getting to be a space explorer one day and a detective the next.

She also used to model, which is like being a professional poser for photos. Waka is also a mom, which is a super important job. She has two daughters she loves a lot. Plus, she likes sharing pictures of yummy food and fun selfies online.


NameWaka Inoue
Date of BirthMay 13, 1980
Age44  years old as of 2024
BirthplaceTokyo, Japan
Real Name

Did you know Waka Inoue wasn’t always called that? Her first name when she was born was actually Naoko Aramura. That’s right! Just like how some superheroes have secret identities, Waka has one too. But instead of fighting bad guys, she lights up our TV screens and makes us smile with her acting.

It’s common for actors to pick a different name. Waka thought “Waka Inoue” was perfect. So, next time you see her in a movie or a show, you can whisper to your friends, “That’s Naoko Aramura,” and share a little secret!

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Tokyo, Japan, Waka Inoue, also known as Naoko Aramura, had a pretty cool childhood. It’s easy to imagine living in a big, bustling city filled with so many people and interesting things to see! As a little girl, she probably went to school just like you. She learned to read, write, and do math. she even starred in school plays or painted beautiful pictures in art class.

School is where we all start. We learn new things every day. We make friends and dream about what we want to be when we grow up. Just like you, Waka was once a kid learning and growing every day.

Parents and siblings.

Waka Inoue, who we know is also Naoko Aramura, has a special family. Her mom is Kyoko Saga, and guess what? Her mom was an actress just like Waka! That means acting is special in their family. It’s like how some families have lots of people good at cooking or sports.

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We don’t know much about her dad or if she has brothers or sisters. Imagine if Waka’s family all acted out stories together at home, just for fun! That would be like having your own live movies every day!


Waka Inoue’s husband is Ken Iizuka. They got married in 2012. Ken Iizuka is someone who also loves to create stories, but he does it by directing movies. Think of him as the captain of a ship. But, instead of the ocean, he guides through the world of movies. He ensures the story comes to life just right.

Waka and Ken share their love for storytelling, one in front of the camera and the other behind it. Together, they make a great team, not just in making movies but also in being a family with their two daughters.


Waka Inoue and Ken Iizuka have two daughters who fill their home with laughter and joy. Just like in any family, there are days filled with playtime, stories, and adventures. These little girls are the sparkle in their mom and dad’s eyes.

Imagine having a mom who’s appeared on TV and in movies! These kids might think their mom’s job is like being a superhero or a princess from a fairy tale. Their lives are filled with love. They learn and grow each day, surrounded by creativity and fun. Their parents have exciting careers.

Waka Inoue physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Waka Inoue is pretty tall, like the princesses you see in fairy tales, standing at 5 feet 6 inches. Imagine stacking a bunch of toy blocks, one on top of the other, until they’re as tall as you, and then some more! That’s how tall she is.

And her weight is 58kg. She is strong and healthy because she takes good care of herself. She eats well and stays active. It’s like how superheroes look strong so they can save the day!

Waka Inoue Before Fame

Long before Waka Inoue became a famous actress and a favorite face on TV, she was just like any other kid. She went to school, played with her friends, and maybe even daydreamed about becoming a star one day. Waka started her journey to fame as a gravure idol, posing for pictures that would be seen all over Japan.

This was her first step into the world of entertainment, and she worked really hard. Imagine dressing up and smiling for the camera, hoping to make your dreams come true. That’s exactly what Waka did before she became the star we know today.

Waka Inoue Career

Waka Inoue started as a model, posing for cameras and looking pretty in magazines. Then, she became an actress, which means she got to act in movies and TV shows. Imagine playing pretend, but on a big screen where lots of people can see you!

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She’s been in more than 40 different shows and movies, like being a princess or a hero in many stories. Waka even worked on a show called Arakawa Under the Bridge. She pretended to live in a wacky world under a bridge. Isn’t it cool to think about playing make-believe as your job?

Waka Inoue Net Worth and Achievements

Waka Inoue has a net worth is $3 million! It’s like she found a big pile of shiny gold coins. This treasure comes from acting in shows and movies, making her a star. Imagine buying lots of ice cream and toys with that! Waka also did something really cool.

She was a guest announcer for K-1, which is a big deal in Japan. It’s like being picked to help out in a super important sports game. Plus, she’s been in over 40 different shows and movies, making her a super actress. That’s a lot of achievements, like collecting lots of stars in a game!

Waka Inoue Famous Reason

Waka Inoue became super famous because she is an amazing actress on TV shows and movies. She can pretend to be lots of different people, which is really cool. Everyone loves to watch her because she makes every character seem real and fun. Also, she was once a gravure idol, which means she was in magazines smiling and looking pretty.

Plus, she shares fun pictures of her life on Instagram, making her fans feel like they’re friends with her. Waka’s talent in acting and sharing her life’s happy moments are why so many people think she’s awesome!

Waka Inoue Nationality and religion.

Waka Inoue is from Japan, which means she is Japanese. Japan is a country with lots of beautiful places, like mountains, forests, and big cities. People in Japan speak Japanese. They have many exciting traditions and tasty foods. About religion, not everyone talks about what they believe, and that’s okay!

What’s important is that Waka, like everyone else, gets to think and believe in what makes her happy and kind. Like in your classroom, all come from different places. They believe in different things. But, it’s all about being friends and learning from each other.

Waka Inoue Legacy and Impact

Waka Inoue is like a sparkly star in the sky of movies and TV shows. She helps make the world of acting brighter with her smile and the fun roles she plays. Just like when you draw a picture and it makes everyone happy, Waka’s acting does that for people all over.

She shows us that it’s cool to be yourself and to follow your dreams, no matter how big they are. Because of Waka, some people might even start acting or believing in themselves more. It’s like she’s sprinkling a bit of magic everywhere she goes. She makes the world happier with her talents.

Waka Inoue Future Plains

Waka Inoue has big dreams for the future! She plans to keep acting in TV shows and movies because she loves bringing characters to life. Imagine getting to be a superhero, a princess, or even a detective – that’s what Waka gets to do!

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Also, Waka looks forward to trying more tasty foods. She will share those adventures on her Instagram. Who knows, maybe she’ll even learn to cook some of those dishes at home with her daughters!


  • Waka loves trying out different kinds of foods. She finds joy in tasting new dishes and enjoys sharing pictures of her meals with friends online.
  • She has fun taking pictures of herself. Sometimes she makes funny faces, and other times she just smiles. It’s a way for her to capture happy moments.
  • Waka spends lots of time with her husband and two daughters. They go to parks, eat ice cream, and play games together. It’s her favorite thing to do.
  • She likes watching movies, especially funny ones. It makes her laugh and feel relaxed.
  • Exploring new places is exciting for Waka. She loves seeing different parts of the world and learning about other cultures.

Interesting Facts About Waka Inoue

  • Waka Inoue’s real name is Naoko Aramura. She picked a cool stage name!
  • She was born on May 13, 1980. That makes her a Taurus. People say Tauruses are strong and kind.
  • Waka is not just famous on TV and movies. She shares pictures of yummy food and herself on Instagram. Over 70,000 people like to see them!
  • Before she was famous, Waka started as a gravure idol in 2002. That means she modeled for magazines and photoshoots.
  • She has been on TV and in movies over 40 times. That’s a lot!
  • Waka got married to Ken Iizuka in 2012, and they have two cute daughters.
  • Her mom, Kyoko Saga, was also an actress. Acting talent runs in her family!


What’s Waka Inoue’s real name?

Her real name is Naoko Aramura.

How old is Waka?

As of 2024, she’s 44 years old.

Is Waka tall?

Yes, she’s 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Does Waka have any kids?

Yep, she has two daughters.

Who did Waka marry?

She married a man named Ken Iizuka.

What kind of pictures does Waka like to post?

She loves posting pictures of food and selfies.

Has Waka acted in movies or TV shows?

Yes, she has been in over 40 movies and TV shows!


In this story about Waka Inoue, we learned a lot! She’s a famous lady on TV and in movies, who loves sharing her life with us. She has been in lots of shows and movies, which makes her really popular.

Waka also loves her two daughters very much and enjoys having fun with them. Her real name is Naoko, but she chose Waka Inoue as her star name. Remember, Waka shows us that following our dreams and having fun with what we do is really important!

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