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Jessenia Rebecca Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Jessenia Rebecca is a popular Colombian influencer, model, and social media star. She has taken the internet by storm. She did it with her funny sketches, relatable memes, and stunning swimsuit photos. Jessenia was born on August 17, 1995. She quickly became famous. She has over 2.1 million followers on her Instagram account, rebeccajlive. At just 29 years old, she has become a household name in the world of social media and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Her real name is Jessenia Rebecca Beaumont. This Latina beauty has won her followers’ hearts. She did it with her infectious personality and captivating content. Her net worth is estimated to be a whopping $4 million, a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft. Jessenia is 5 feet 4 inches tall and her weight is 58kg. She is petite but powerful, and her fans love her. Keep reading to learn more about Jessenia Rebecca’s family, bio, and her rise to success in 2024.

Who is Jessenia Rebecca?

Jessenia Rebecca is a super cool lady from Colombia, which is a country with lots of mountains and coffee. She’s like a star on the internet. Lots of people go there to see her funny videos and pretty pictures. They especially like the ones of her in swimsuits.

Imagine she’s like a teacher. But, instead of teaching in a classroom, she teaches fun stuff on Instagram. Instagram is a place on your phone where you can see photos and videos. Jessenia has a big number of friends online – over 2 million! That’s more than you can count on all your fingers and toes, even if you had a hundred hands and feet!


Full Name:Jessenia Rebecca
Born Date:August 17, 1995
Age:29 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Jessenia’s real name is a bit longer than just Jessenia Rebecca. It’s Jessenia Rebecca Beaumont! Like some superheroes, she has a special name for saving the day. Jessenia has a full name she was given at birth.

It’s a bit like having a secret code that tells you more about who she really is. So, when you hear “Jessenia Rebecca,” you can also think of her as Jessenia Rebecca Beaumont. That’s her complete, special name that makes her unique.

The Early Years of Jessenia Rebecca

Jessenia Rebecca was a bright and cheerful girl. She grew up in Colombia, a country known for its beautiful flowers and tasty coffee. From a young age, she loved to dance around the house, making up her own fun dances to any music that played.

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Jessenia also liked to draw colorful pictures. She drew pictures of her family, pets, and the sunny landscapes around her home. Jessenia Rebecca was always surrounded by love and laughter. She learned important lessons from her family. They were about being kind, working hard, and having fun. Even as a little girl, Jessenia had a big smile and a bigger heart, making everyone around her happy.

Parents and siblings.

Jessenia grew up in a warm and loving home in Colombia with her family. Her mom and dad always encouraged her to follow her dreams and be herself. She has brothers and sisters too, who love to play and laugh together. They sometimes appear in her funny videos, making silly faces and dancing around.

Jessenia’s family is very important to her, and she always talks about how much they support each other. Every day, they share meals, tell stories, and create happy memories. Her family’s love and laughter are a big part of what makes Jessenia the bright star she is today.


Jessenia has a special friend who makes her smile a lot. She likes to keep things about her heart private, so she doesn’t talk much about him on the internet. Imagine having a best friend. You laugh with them and share secrets. Maybe you even dance with them in the living room to fun music. That’s kind of what it’s like for Jessenia.

She’s happy, and that’s a beautiful thing. Just like in fairy tales, princesses have princes. Jessenia has someone special to her. But remember, every story is unique, just like hers.

Jessenia Rebecca physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Jessenia is not very tall, but not too short either – she’s right at 5 feet 4 inches. And her weight is 58kg.

Jessenia is strong and healthy, kind of like your favorite superhero but without the cape. She glides, a dancer twirling in a stunning gown, with perfect poise. Her body is just right for all the fun activities she loves to do, like dancing and swimming in the ocean.

The Rise to Stardom on Social Media

Jessenia’s journey to becoming a big star on the internet is like a fairy tale. Imagine finding a magic wand that lets the whole world see your fun pictures and videos with just a wave. That’s sort of what happened to Jessenia when she started sharing her life on Instagram in June 2022.

In just a little bit of time, like how quickly summer turns to fall, over 2 million people started following her. They loved watching her dance, laugh, and share stories. It’s like she threw a huge party online, and everyone was invited to join the fun!

Jessenia Rebecca Career

Jessenia Rebecca became super famous because she loves sharing her life online. Imagine playing dress-up. Then, showing it to everyone in the world. That’s what she does with her fun videos and beautiful swimsuit pictures! She joined a group called Content House Miami, where she and friends make cool stuff together.

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Jessenia also teaches people how to have fun and be happy, just like a fun class at school. She uses music from famous singers to make her videos even more exciting. It’s like she’s a teacher, but for fun things!

Jessenia Rebecca Net Worth

Imagine you have a big, shiny treasure chest full of gold coins and jewels. That’s kind of like what “net worth” means. But, instead of treasure, it’s all the money someone has from their job or things they make. Jessenia Rebecca’s treasure chest is really, really big because she’s worked super hard.

Her treasure chest, or net worth, is filled with about $4 million! That’s like if you had a million, four times. She got the treasure by making fun videos and pictures. Many people like to watch them. She also got it by being in cool groups, like Content House Miami.

Jessenia Rebecca Famous Reason

Jessenia became super famous. She shares happy and funny videos. They make people laugh and smile. She loves to dress up in pretty swimsuits and show everyone how much fun you can have in the sun.

She’s like a sunshine friend on your phone, always there to make your day better with a dance or a joke. People from around the world watch her. She spreads joy and cheer, like a superhero. Her power is to make you happy with her amazing adventures and funny stories.

Jessenia Rebecca Nationality and religion.

Jessenia comes from a beautiful country called Colombia, which means she is Colombian. This is a place with lots of green mountains and delicious coffee. Being Colombian is part of who she is, like how you might be from the town or country where you were born.

As for her beliefs, if she has a religion and goes to a church or temple, Jessenia keeps that part of her life private. Like some people might not tell you their favorite secret spot. Jessenia keeps her beliefs to herself.

Legacy and Impact

Jessenia Rebecca is like a bright star in the sky, making the world a happier place. With her fun videos and pictures, she teaches everyone how to smile and laugh, even on a cloudy day. She’s like a superhero without a cape, showing us that being kind and spreading joy is a superpower.

Jessenia is making a big, colorful splash in the world. It’s like throwing glitter everywhere. The glitter sticks and shines, making everything more beautiful. Because of her, many people learn to dance, share happiness, and be proud of who they are. Jessenia is building a path of light and laughter. It’s for everyone to follow. She leaves sparkles wherever she goes.

Jessenia Rebecca Future Plains

Jessenia has lots of dreams for the future, like a big, colorful book she’s writing the story of. She wants to keep sharing her happy dances. She wants to share her sunny swimsuit pictures with everyone on the internet. Jessenia thinks about making her own clothes line. It will have all the colors of the rainbow so that people can wear happiness.

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She also dreams of traveling to more places. She’s like a treasure hunter looking for beautiful spots to share with her friends online. Jessenia hopes to keep teaching everyone how to find fun in each day. She turns normal moments into magical memories.


  • Jessenia loves to dance. She moves to fun music like Karol G songs.
  • She enjoys drawing. Jessenia makes colorful pictures when she’s not busy.
  • Traveling is a big hobby. Jessenia visits new places and shares adventures online.
  • She likes swimming in the ocean. It’s a fun way to stay cool.
  • Cooking tasty food is fun for Jessenia. She tries new recipes to share with friends.
  • Playing with her pet dog brings her joy. They run and play together in the park.
  • Watching movies on cozy nights is something Jessenia enjoys a lot.

Interesting Facts About Jessenia Rebecca

  • Jessenia loves to dance to fun music. She enjoys tunes by Karol G and Nicki Minaj.
  • She started her Instagram in June 2022. That’s not very long ago!
  • Jessenia is a fan of swimsuits. She shares lots of swimsuit pictures.
  • She once said, “What happens in Colombia stays in Colombia.” That sounds mysterious!
  • Jessenia is not just about fun. She calls herself a teacher too.
  • Her favorite color might be a secret, but she loves colorful outfits.
  • Jessenia has a big following on Instagram – over 2 million people! That’s like a whole city of friends.


What’s Jessenia’s full name?

It’s Jessenia Rebecca Beaumont!

How tall is she?

essenia is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Is she on Instagram?

Yes, she has over 2 million friends there.

Can Jessenia cook?

She sure can! She loves trying new recipes.

Does Jessenia like music?

She loves dancing to songs by Karol G and Nicki Minaj.

What’s her favorite thing to do?

Jessenia loves dancing, drawing, traveling, swimming, cooking, and playing with her pet dog.

How old is Jessenia?

She’s 29 years old as of 2024.


In the world of bright colors and big dreams, Jessenia Rebecca shines like a star. She’s not just a pretty face; she’s a teacher, a dancer, and a big sister to her pet dog. With her love for swimming, cooking, and drawing, Jessenia shows us it’s fun to try new things.

She dances to her own beat, shares her adventures online, and teaches us to love life. Jessenia is like a superhero of fun, bringing smiles and teaching us to be brave and bold. Let’s keep watching her journey, maybe even learn a dance move or two!

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