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Jess Gabor Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Jess Gabor has been making waves in entertainment. She began on the Showtime series Shameless as Kelly Keefe. Born in California on October 23, 1996, Gabor is currently 28 years old as of 2024. But it’s not just her career that has people talking – her net worth of $3 million is equally impressive.

Who is Jess Gabor?

Jess Gabor is someone who pretends to be other people for her job – she’s an actress! She got to be really known when she acted as Kelly in a show called “Shameless.” Imagine playing dress-up and make-believe, but on TV where lots of people watch you.

Jess also was in a big movie where she pretended to be Maya. She started showing everyone her acting in 2014, and since then, she’s been in even more shows and movies. Jess loves spending time with her dog, Loucifer, and she grew up in a sunny place with lots of beaches – California!


NameJess Gabor
Date of BirthOctober 23, 1996
Age28 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Jess Gabor’s real name is actually the same – it’s Jess Gabor! Sometimes, people on TV or in movies use different names, but not Jess. She uses her real name both in her everyday life and when she’s acting.

Just like how sometimes your friends might call you by a nickname, but everyone knows your real name. Jess’s parents thought Jess was a great name when she was born, and she’s been Jess Gabor ever since. So, whenever you hear “Jess Gabor,” you know that’s really her!

Early Life and Education

Jess Gabor grew up under the sunny skies of California, where she could play outside all year long. As a girl, she loved to play pretend. This probably helped her become the amazing actress she is today! When Jess was about your age, she went to school just like you. She learned to read, write, and do lots of interesting things.

Jess always liked school because she could make new friends and learn new stories. Even as she grew up, she kept learning and chasing her dreams. Jess shows us that going to school and working hard is a big part of reaching for the stars.

Parents and siblings.

Jess Gabor has a family who loves her very much. Her dad’s name is Michael Gabor. She grew up in a fun and loving home in California, where she could play and dream big. Jess also has siblings, but their names and stories are special just for her family.

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Imagine having a family that supports you in everything you do, just like Jess’s family supports her. They all cheer for Jess when she acts in TV shows or movies. Having a loving family is like having a team that’s always on your side, ready to cheer you on!


Jess Gabor likes to keep some things just for herself. It’s like how you might have a secret for only your best friend. When it comes to having a boyfriend, Jess hasn’t told everyone if there is someone special.

It’s like when you have a crush and you feel all shy and giggly but decide it’s your little secret. So, we don’t know if Jess has a boyfriend, but that’s okay! It’s important to remember that everyone gets to decide what they want to share about their own story.

Jess Gabor physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Jess Gabor is as tall as a grown-up, but not too tall. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. And weight is 58 kg, but all bundled up in a way that lets her run and dance easily.

Jess looks just right, like when you draw a person with a big smile and they fit perfectly on your paper. She is as tall as 6 skateboard decks stacked up. She is cool to look at, like your favorite superhero standing tall and ready for adventure.

Jess Gabor Before Fame

Before Jess Gabor became famous, she was just like any other kid growing up in sunny California. She loved to play make-believe, which is pretending to be someone else, like a princess or a superhero. Jess would put on little shows for her family and friends, using her living room as a stage. She had a big imagination and loved to tell stories.

Even though she was just a regular girl, she had big dreams of being on TV and in movies. Jess worked hard. She went to auditions and practiced her lines. This was all before she became the star we know today.

Jess Gabor Career

Jess Gabor started acting in shows and movies. She did it because she loves telling stories and pretending to be different people. Her big moment came when she got to be on a TV show called “Shameless,” where she played the role of Kelly. This was a special job because lots of people watched her and thought she did a great job.

Then, she acted as Maya in a movie called “Run Sweetheart Run” in 2020. Jess worked hard. She had fun acting in different stories. Jess showed everyone her talent. She keeps acting in new shows and movies, making her dreams come true every day.

Jess Gabor Net Worth and Financial Success

Jess Gabor is like a treasure hunter. But, she gathers coins by acting, not by searching for gold. Picture a big treasure chest, but filled with $3 million! That’s a lot of money, isn’t it? She got this treasure by pretending to be different people on TV shows and in movies.

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Imagine playing dress-up and every time you did, someone gave you a golden coin. That’s sort of what happened with Jess! She worked hard. She played many roles and collected enough coins to fill her chest with $3 million. Isn’t that amazing?

Jess Gabor Famous Reason

Jess Gabor became famous. She was great at pretending to be Kelly Keefe on “Shameless.” Imagine playing a game where you pretend to be someone else. And, lots of people watch you and think you’re amazing.

That’s what happened to Jess! People loved watching her because she made believe so well that they felt like Kelly was a real person. This show was like a big, fun game that lots of people got to see, and it helped everyone know who Jess was. Plus, she acted in other stories too, where she had to pretend even more, making her even more famous!

Jess Gabor Nationality and religion.

Jess Gabor is from a sunny place full of beaches and fun called California, which means she’s American. Just like you might celebrate Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, Jess does too. She does so because she shares the same nationality as many of us here.

About religion, it’s like when some families go to church on Sundays or light candles on Friday nights. Everyone has their own way of celebrating what they believe. But Jess keeps her beliefs as private, like a special secret between her and her family. So, we talk more about the movies she acts in and the fun she has with her dog, Loucifer!

Jess Gabor Social Media

Jess Gabor likes to share bits of her life and fun moments on the internet. It’s like how you might share your cool lego build or a drawing with friends! She uses social media to post pictures. She even posts ones with her cute dog, Loucifer.

People from all around the world can see what Jess is up to, like her acting adventures or just having fun. It’s like having a magic book. You can see stories from someone’s life by just flipping the page or clicking a button! Isn’t that awesome?

Jess Gabor Legacy and Impact

Jess Gabor is like a superhero in her own special movie, creating waves of change without wearing a cape. She shows us that girls and boys can be anything they dream of, just like she became a star on TV.

Her acting is like a magic key that opens doors to new worlds. Jess’s journey inspires us to follow our dreams and be kind to everyone. It teaches us that our stories are important and can touch many people, just like hers does.

Jess Gabor Future Plains

Looking ahead, Jess Gabor has some really exciting plans! Imagine a giant map of all the fun places you want to visit and things you want to do – that’s what Jess’s future looks like. She wants to keep acting, playing new characters in movies and TV shows that we can all enjoy watching.

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Just like when you dress up and pretend, Jess does that for her job and loves it! She also dreams of helping animals and making the world a happier place. Imagine if you could be a superhero every day. That’s what Jess wants. She wants to do it by making more stories come to life and by sharing kindness wherever she goes.


  • Jess Gabor loves playing with her dog, Loucifer. They go on walks and play fetch.
  • She enjoys watching movies. Her favorite might be fun cartoons or exciting adventures.
  • Jess likes to paint. She uses lots of colors to make pretty pictures.
  • Reading books is another hobby. She reads stories about magic lands and brave heroes.
  • Jess also likes to cook. She makes yummy food like cookies and pasta.
  • Sometimes, she goes hiking. She explores nature and sees beautiful flowers and animals.
  • Playing board games with friends is fun for her. They laugh and have a good time together.

Interesting Facts About Jess Gabor

  • Jess Gabor loves animals, especially her dog named Loucifer.
  • She became famous by acting on a TV show called Shameless.
  • Jess was born in a place with lots of sun and beaches, California.
  • In 2020, she played a character named Maya in a movie.
  • She started acting in movies in 2014.
  • Jess is pretty tall, as tall as six stacked skateboard decks!
  • She has saved a lot of money from acting, about 3 million toy cars worth!


Who is Jess Gabor?

Jess is an actress who plays in TV shows and movies. She pretends to be different people for her job.

How old is Jess?

Jess is 28 years old.

Does Jess have a pet?

Yes, she has a dog named Loucifer. They are best friends.

What shows was Jess in?

Jess was in a show called Shameless. She acted as a character named Kelly.

How tall is Jess?

She is as tall as 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What movies did Jess act in?

Jess acted in a movie named Run Sweetheart Run in 2020.

How much money does Jess have?

Jess has saved up about 3 million toy cars worth of money. That’s her net worth!


In our story about Jess Gabor, we learned a lot! Jess is a talented actress who brings smiles to many faces when she acts in movies and TV shows. She loves her dog, Loucifer, a lot and enjoys many fun activities like painting and going on hikes. Jess’s journey shows us that with hard work and passion, dreams can come true.

She teaches us to always be kind and to follow our hearts, no matter how big our dreams are. Remember, like Jess, you can achieve great things too if you believe in yourself and never give up.

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