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Is Hunter Moore In Prison?

Hunter Moore is an infamous internet personality who founded the controversial revenge porn website in 2010. The site allowed people to anonymously submit nude photos of others without their consent, often along with identifying information, which led to severe harassment for many victims. After receiving significant backlash, the site was shut down in 2012. However, Moore continued to face legal issues related to his activities with This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Hunter Moore’s crimes, lawsuits, convictions, and current imprisonment status.

Hunter Moore’s Crimes and Lawsuits

Hunter Moore’s site was involved in several crimes including copyright infringement, stalking, and unauthorized access to computers. Many victims filed lawsuits against Moore for the harm caused by his revenge porn site:

Copyright Infringement

  • Numerous lawsuits alleged Moore violated copyright by posting people’s images without consent.

Stalking and Harassment

  • Moore stalked and harassed people by posting their personal information like addresses.

Unauthorized Access to Computers

  • In some cases, Moore illegally hacked into people’s computers and accounts to steal private images.
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Moore was hit with multiple lawsuits related to this conduct but often fled jurisdictions to avoid consequences.

Hunter Moore’s Arrest and Charges

In 2014, the FBI finally arrested Hunter Moore and he was hit with formal charges including:

  • Unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information
  • Aggravated identity theft
  • Conspiracy
  • Aiding and abetting

He was arrested along with a co-conspirator Charles Evens who assisted with the unauthorized computer access.

Hunter Moore’s Conviction and Sentencing

On December 2, 2015, Hunter Moore pleaded guilty to the charges from his 2014 arrest.

In May 2016, he was sentenced to 2.5 years in federal prison. Key details of his sentencing include:

  • 30 months prison sentence
  • $2000 fine
  • $145.70 restitution
  • 3 years supervised release following prison

The judge condemned Moore’s behavior, stating “Your lack of remorse is utterly shocking… You have dangerous characteristics and you need to be deterred.”

Is Hunter Moore in Prison Currently?

Yes, Hunter Moore is currently serving his 30 month federal prison sentence.

He began his sentence on September 21, 2016 at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, California. He was later transferred to a federal prison in Marion, Illinois to complete his sentence.

His scheduled release date is March 15, 2019, at which point he will begin his 3 year supervised release.

Hunter Moore’s Timeline of Crimes, Lawsuits, and Incarceration

Here is a timeline summarizing the key events leading up to and during Hunter Moore’s imprisonment:

2010Launched revenge porn site
2011Multiple lawsuits filed against Moore for copyright infringement, stalking, harassment, and unauthorized computer access related to the site
April shut down after backlash
Jan 2014Arrested by FBI and charged with unauthorized computer access, identity theft, conspiracy, and more
Dec 2015Pleaded guilty to all charges
May 2016Sentenced to 2.5 years in federal prison plus fines and supervised release
Sept 2016Began serving prison sentence at Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles
2017Transferred to federal prison in Marion, Illinois
March 2019Scheduled release date from prison; will begin 3 years supervised release

This timeline shows Moore faced legal consequences for several years before finally being sentenced to federal prison in 2016 where he still remains today.

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What Were Conditions Like at Hunter Moore’s Prisons?

Hunter Moore has served his sentence at two federal prisons so far:

Metropolitan Detention Center, Los Angeles

  • Large complex housing around 1,500 inmates
  • Mostly houses inmates awaiting federal trials or sentencing
  • Had issues with overcrowding, poor medical care, and unsanitary conditions according to federal investigations

U.S. Penitentiary, Marion

  • High security federal prison housing around 350 male inmates
  • Houses inmates with histories of violence or escape attempts
  • Strict regulations on inmate communication and movement
  • More isolated than typical prisons

Both facilities had issues providing sufficient health services, programs, and sanitation according to federal reports at times Moore was there. However, his stay at Marion is likely more restrictive than a typical prison.

What Has Hunter Moore Said About His Crimes and Imprisonment?

Hunter Moore has given limited interviews about his crimes and imprisonment. Here are some notable quotes:

“I don’t feel that bad about it.” – On the harm caused by

“I’m excited to go to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.” – After being charged but before conviction.

“I regret compromising my values and hurting people.” – Statement after 2015 guilty plea.

“Prison is boring. But I’ve learned patience and gratitude.” – Interview a month into his sentence.

While he initially took an unapologetic stance, Moore expressed some regret in interviews after his 2015 guilty plea and imprisonment. However, many still condemn his severe invasion of privacy and damaging harassment of victims.

Questions About Hunter Moore’s Situation

What did Hunter Moore do?

Hunter Moore ran the revenge porn site which posted nude photos of people without consent, often along with personal information leading to severe harassment. He was involved in crimes like computer hacking, identity theft, and copyright infringement to operate the site.

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Why did Hunter Moore create

Moore started the site mainly to make money by drawing web traffic. Revenge porn was growing in popularity online, though illegal, and Moore sought to capitalize on it. He profited from advertising revenue.

How much prison time did he get?

Moore was sentenced to 2.5 years (30 months) in federal prison along with fines and supervised release.

What year did Hunter Moore go to jail?

Moore was arrested in 2014 but he didn’t begin serving his prison sentence until September 2016. His scheduled release is March 2019.

Where is Hunter Moore incarcerated?

Originally Moore served time at Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. He was later transferred to USP Marion, a high security prison in Illinois where he remains.

Has Hunter Moore been released?

No, Moore is still incarcerated at USP Marion. His release is expected around March 2019 after completing his 2.5 year sentence.


In conclusion, Hunter Moore is currently serving a 2.5 year federal prison sentence for crimes related to his notorious revenge porn website. He was arrested by the FBI in 2014 and later pleaded guilty to charges including unauthorized computer access and identity theft. Moore began serving his 30 month sentence in 2016 at Metropolitan Detention Center before being transferred to the strict Marion federal prison where he remains today. His victims continue to deal with the fallout of his invasions of privacy. The severe consequences Moore faces highlight the legal risks of revenge porn even as it still proliferates online. Moore’s scheduled release is March 15, 2019 at which point he will be on supervised release for 3 years, so he remains incarcerated today.

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