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Is Alex Belfield in Prison? Examining the YouTuber’s Stalking Conviction and Sentencing

Alex Belfield is a controversial British YouTuber known for fiery commentary and sparring with media personalities. But his online feuds landed him in legal trouble, making headlines wonder – is Alex Belfield in prison? A closer examination of his bitter battles, criminal trial, and sentencing details sheds light on his status.

Belfield’s Background and Notoriety

Prior to his arrest, Alex Belfield had gained notoriety as:

  • The host of Celebrity Radio on YouTube launching in 2011
  • Known for gossip, smears, and lambasting the BBC and media figures
  • Accused of harassment and abuse by many subjects of his videos
  • Built an audience through sensational attacks and “free speech” crusades

With over 170,000 subscribers, Belfield courted conflict and outrage for clicks, particularly targeting the BBC. His growing list of enemies would eventually take action to hold him legally accountable.

The Harassment Complaints Against Belfield

In 2020, various individuals Belfield had repeatedly antagonized through his channel and social media filed formal complaints of stalking and harassment, including:

  • BBC Radio presenters Jeremy Vine, Liz Green, and Rozina Breen
  • Former BBC radio host Stephanie Hirst
  • BBC regional TV presenter Helen Thomas
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham
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The sustained attacks and contact directed at them took an extreme toll on mental health and safety, warranting police intervention. Investigators soon uncovered extensive evidence supporting the disturbing pattern.

Arrest, Trial, and Guilty Verdict

In July 2020, Belfield was arrested and charged with four counts of stalking involving serious alarm/distress.

In August 2022, his trial began where prosecutors presented deeply incriminating details of his online abuse and threats toward victims:

  • 800+ harassing social media posts and daily emails over months/years
  • Encouraging viewers to troll his targets and share their addresses
  • Threatening language and intimidation tactics
  • Monitoring and publishing victims’ addresses and movements
  • Ignoring police warnings and cease and desist notices

The defense claimed his conduct was foolish but not criminal. Nonetheless, the jury unanimously convicted Belfield on all four counts of stalking.

Belfield’s Prison Sentence

In September 2022, Belfield appeared for sentencing after being remanded into custody. The judge handed down the following punishment:

  • 1 year and 10 months imprisonment
  • 5 year restraining order preventing contact with victims
  • Warrant issued for further 26 weeks jail time if restraining order violated
  • Victims stated his “campaign of harassment” destroyed lives and careers

Belfield was immediately jailed and led to the cells proclaiming his innocence. With time still left to serve, the question remained – where did they send Belfield to prison?

Where is Alex Belfield Serving His Prison Sentence?

According to reports, Alex Belfield was transported from court to begin his 20-month jail term at:

HMP Birmingham

The main Category B men’s prison in Birmingham handles remand, sentenced, and short-term inmates.

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Notable conditions at the facility include:

  • Has capacity for 1,450 prisoners
  • Houses young offenders age 18-25
  • Suffers from overcrowding and staffing issues
  • Cell blocks organized into “communities”
  • Self-care units grant more autonomy

Belfield will likely be held in the general population among fellow convicted stalkers and harassers.

Will Belfield Be Released Early from Prison?

Belfield will be eligible for release after serving half of his sentence on license. But demonstrating reform is key:

  • The earliest potential release date is 9 months if granted parole
  • His behavior in prison will determine if release occurs then
  • He must take rehabilitation programs to prove change
  • The parole board will assess the ongoing risk he poses

If deemed still a threat, Belfield could serve the full prison term through summer 2024. Time will tell if his antagonistic nature continues behind bars.


Alex Belfield’s provocative YouTube presence built him an audience, but his bullying and stalking ultimately landed him behind bars after numerous victims stepped forward. His saga is a cautionary tale about internet fame gone wrong. While Belfield’s supporters decry the sentence as an attack on free speech, his targets feel justice was served through the prison term. Going forward, Belfield faces a long road to rebuild his reputation and public trust after emerging from his cell in Birmingham.


What specific criminal offence was Alex Belfield convicted of?

Four counts of stalking involving serious alarm/distress under the UK’s Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

How many victims testified against Belfield during the trial?

Five individuals provided extensive testimony detailing Belfield’s criminal harassment – four BBC employees and one police commissioner.

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What was Belfield’s defence against the stalking charges?

He claimed his conduct amounted to only a “foolish prank” and that he was exercising his right to free speech through legitimate journalistic criticism.

What evidence helped prosecutors prove Belfield’s guilt?

His hundreds of threatening and dehumanizing tweets, emails, YouTube clips, and online posts provided concrete documentation of the relentless harassment.

When will Alex Belfield be eligible for early release from prison?

The earliest he could be paroled is after serving half of his sentence, so approximately 9 months. But he may serve the full term based on behavior.

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