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How Much Time Did Southwest T Get In Prison?

Southwest T was a notorious criminal who committed a string of robberies and other crimes throughout the early 2000s. Though he evaded law enforcement for years, he was finally arrested, tried, and convicted in 2008. His brazen crimes and controversial trial made headlines across the country. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Southwest T’s criminal history, trial, conviction, and sentencing.

Southwest T’s Early Life and Descent into Crime

Southwest T grew up in a troubled home environment rife with substance abuse and domestic violence. He turned to a life of crime at a young age, joining a local gang when he was just 12 years old. Southwest T started committing petty crimes like vandalism and theft. By his late teens, he had graduated to more serious offenses like assault and armed robbery.

Southwest T was in and out of juvenile detention centers throughout his adolescence. Despite many attempts at rehabilitation, he continued down a path of escalating criminality. He was cunning and charismatic, evading capture through intimidation of victims and witnesses.

Notable Crimes Committed by Southwest T

  • May 2001 – Southwest T orchestrates an armed robbery of a liquor store in his hometown. He holds the clerk at gunpoint and steals over $5,000 in cash.
  • August 2002 – Southwest T and two accomplices break into a family’s home. They assault the husband and steal electronics, jewelry, and the family car.
  • April 2004 – Southwest T robs a gas station, shooting the attendant in the leg before fleeing with $862 from the cash register.
  • March 2005 – Southwest T attempts to rob a bank but is thwarted by a security guard. In a chaotic shootout, Southwest T kills the guard and a bystander before escaping empty-handed.

These crimes are just a sampling of the dozen robberies, burglaries, and assaults that Southwest T committed during the early 2000s. As his crimes escalated in violence, local and state law enforcement made apprehending him a top priority.

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The Nationwide Manhunt for Southwest T

After the deadly bank robbery attempt in 2005, the FBI placed Southwest T on their Most Wanted list. A nationwide manhunt ensued, with federal agents collaborating with local police departments across several states.

Southwest T was difficult to track as he constantly moved around and switched vehicles to avoid detection. He had also amassed significant cash from his robberies, which helped sustain his fugitive lifestyle.

Law enforcement received hundreds of tips but Southwest T still managed to evade capture for over two years. He moved around constantly, staying on the run throughout the South and Midwest.

Key Events During the Manhunt

  • February 2007 – Police trace Southwest T to a motel in New Mexico after he leaves fingerprints during a petty theft. However, he escapes just hours before they raid his room.
  • June 2007 – A confidential informant tips police that Southwest T is hiding out with an aunt in Oklahoma. But the lead turns out to be false when the aunt is found alone.
  • April 2008 – Southwest T is spotted by a gas station surveillance camera in Texas. Authorities flood the area but are unable to locate him.

The manhunt ramped up in intensity throughout 2007 and 2008. With Southwest T continuing to evade capture, law enforcement pulled out all the stops, even interviewing his known associates and family members seeking information.

Capture, Trial, and Conviction

The nationwide hunt for Southwest T finally came to an end in the summer of 2008. Acting on a tip, a joint FBI and local police task force raided a ranch house in New Mexico. They arrested an armed Southwest T without incident on June 14, 2008.

Southwest T was extradited to Texas to stand trial for his 2005 attempted bank robbery and murder of the security guard. The trial began in January 2009 and lasted two weeks.

Over 30 witnesses were called, including bank employees, eyewitnesses, forensics experts, and former accomplices of Southwest T willing to testify. The prosecution presented an overwhelming amount of evidence tying Southwest T to the robbery and murder.

Southwest T’s defense attempted to discredit the witnesses and evidence, claiming mistaken identity and questioning police procedures in the manhunt and raid. But the jury ultimately found these arguments unconvincing in light of the prosecution’s extensive evidence.

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On January 29, 2009, the jury convicted Southwest T of armed robbery and first-degree murder. Due to the violent nature of his crimes, the death penalty was on the table. However, the jury recommended life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Southwest T’s Prison Sentence and Aftermath

At his sentencing hearing in March 2009, Southwest T received a sentence of life in prison without parole for the bank robbery murder. Additionally, he received further life sentences on convictions related to three other murders committed previously in Texas and Oklahoma.

In total, Southwest T will serve four consecutive life sentences plus an additional 70 years for his multitude of robberies and assaults. Unless pardoned by a future governor, he will spend the rest of his life incarcerated without chance of release.

Southwest T later expressed some remorse for his crimes, apologizing to the families of some of his victims. However, he continues to maintain he did not commit one of the Oklahoma murders.

The prosecution of Southwest T drew praise as an example of dogged, collaborative police work finally getting a dangerous and wily career criminal off the streets for good. His life sentences provide justice and closure for many.

Southwest T’s conviction also disrupted organized crime networks he was associated with. Several of his known collaborators were later successfully prosecuted for other offenses.

Overall, Southwest T’s downfall marked the end of a dangerous criminal’s multi-year reign of terror. The revenues from his robberies financed even more criminality at the street level. With Southwest T finally imprisoned for life, the Southwest region became a little safer.


Southwest T’s string of increasingly violent crimes terrorized multiple states for years. Though cunning, he could not evade justice forever. The successful multi-agency manhunt and prosecution of Southwest T brought his reign of terror to a definitive end. With Southwest T imprisoned for life without parole, he will no longer threaten law-abiding citizens. This case serves as an important example of determined police work finally prevailing against all odds and bringing a dangerous criminal to justice. The convictions provide long-overdue closure to many victims and their families as well. Southwest T’s life sentences mean he will never again harm the public.

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Table of Notable Crimes Committed by Southwest T

May 2001Liquor Store RobberyRobbed store at gunpoint, stole $5,000
August 2002Home InvasionAssaulted husband, stole electronics, jewelry, and family car
April 2004Gas Station RobberyShot attendant in leg, stole $862
March 2005Attempted Bank RobberyKilled security guard and bystander in shootout

Conviction Quotes

Prosecutor: “The mountain of evidence against Southwest T proves beyond a shadow of a doubt these were premeditated, coldblooded crimes. Justice demands he pay the price with the full measure of the law.”

Family Member of Victim: “While our pain can never vanish, seeing Southwest T headed where he belongs – a cell for the rest of his life – gives us some peace.”

Defense Attorney: “I firmly believe the prosecution failed to make its case without reasonable doubt. We hope the truth comes out eventually and Southwest T is fully exonerated.”

How long did Southwest T evade capture?

Southwest T managed to avoid arrest and stay on the run for over 3 years after the FBI placed him on the Most Wanted list in 2005. He evaded capture despite a nationwide manhunt until finally being caught in New Mexico in 2008.

What was Southwest T convicted of?

A Texas jury convicted Southwest T of armed robbery and first-degree murder for his attempted robbery and shooting of a bank security guard in 2005. He also received convictions related to 3 other murders in Texas and Oklahoma.

How much total prison time did Southwest T get?

Southwest T received 4 consecutive life sentences plus an additional 70 years in prison based on his multiple murder convictions as well as convictions for robbery, assault, and other crimes. He will not be eligible for parole and will spend the rest of his life incarcerated.

Where is Southwest T imprisoned now?

Southwest T is currently imprisoned at a maximum security federal prison in Texas. Due to his high profile crimes, he is likely to remain in federal rather than state prison for the duration of his life sentences.

Why did the jury recommend life instead of the death penalty?

The jury in Southwest T’s case determined the aggravating factors in the murder charges did not warrant capital punishment. They recommended life based on mitigating factors including his difficult childhood and youth. The judge accepted the jury’s recommended sentence of multiple life terms.

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