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How Much Money Does Prison Break Heist Give You?

The Prison Break is one of the original 4 heists added to GTA Online as part of the Heists Update back in 2015. This ambitious 4-player job sees players breaking an ally out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary and remains a popular way to make money 7 years after its release. But just how much can you expect to earn from successfully completing the Prison Break finale?

Overview of the Prison Break Heist

The Prison Break is a 5-part heist requiring 4 players to complete. One player takes on the role of Prisoner, another Pilot, another Officer and finally the Prison Guard. Each prep mission involves acquiring equipment and intel needed to infiltrate Bolingbroke Penitentiary and escape via plane.

Once the prep work is complete, the team can launch the finale. This involves breaking the Prisoner out of jail, ambushing the prison convoy, acquiring the getaway plane and finally making a dramatic airborne escape. It’s one of the more complex and exhilarating heists in GTA Online.

Prison Break Heist Payout

The baseline payout for completing the Prison Break finale is $200,000. Here’s how the take is split between players:

  • Prisoner (25%): $50,000
  • Pilot (25%): $50,000
  • Officer (25%): $50,000
  • Prison Guard (25%): $50,000
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This assumes none of the players took a smaller cut to give more to other team members. The host can choose how to distribute the cuts as they invite players.

On top of the base payout, there are several bonus rewards:

  • Elite Challenge Bonus: An extra $50,000 is awarded if the elite challenge is completed. This requires escaping in under 5 minutes 30 seconds with nobody dying.
  • Setup Costs: Players earn money back for whatever was spent on setup costs. This is usually around $40,000.
  • First Time Bonus: An extra $100,000 is awarded the first time a player completes the heist finale.

Taking the elite challenge and first time bonuses into account, players can expect to earn around $300,000 from their first successful Prison Break finale.

Maximizing Your Prison Break Payout

While $300,000 is a solid payout, there are ways to boost your income from the Prison Break heist:

Reset and Replay Finale

Once you’ve completed the heist once, you can reset it and replay the finale. This allows you to farm the finale repeatedly for the full $200,000 take each time. Replaying the finale is quicker than setting up the entire heist again.

Increase Team Members’ Cuts

As host, try giving your team larger cuts like 30% or 40%. This may motivate them to complete the mission quicker and unlock the elite challenge bonus. A 40/20/20/20 split will increase your take to $230,000 if you beat the elite challenge.

Use Player Saved Outfits

Wearing a saved outfit prevents players losing their armor on the finale. This makes it easier to survive and complete the elite challenge. Make sure your team equips an outfit in the lobby.

Prison Break Heist Reward Summary

Here’s a quick overview of the potential rewards from completing the GTA Online Prison Break heist:

  • Base Payout: $200,000
  • Elite Challenge: + $50,000
  • Setup Costs: + $40,000
  • First Time Bonus: + $100,000
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Maximum Take (1st Time): $390,000

Replaying the finale with an optimized split can earn you $230,000+ each run. While not the most profitable heist, the Prison Break remains a classic GTA Online mission.

Heist Challenge Leaderboards

Completing heists quickly is not just about earning bonuses. GTA Online tracks fastest completion times across all heists, awarding places on the leaderboards. Here are the current top times for completing the Prison Break finale:

Prison Break – Hard Difficulty

1TheGamingGorillas5m 26sOctober 3, 2022
2PCMasterRace6m 14sSeptember 28, 2022
3VinewoodLocos6m 58sOctober 1, 2022

Prison Break – Normal Difficulty

1Los Santos Legends4m 48sOctober 9, 2022
2BRG Crew5m 33sOctober 7, 2022
3OfficialApexClutch5m 55sOctober 5, 2022

Setting a fast time requires an experienced crew with quick communication, coordination and reflexes. But getting your team onto the leaderboards is a major achievement.

Guilty Convictions from Prison Breaks

Prison breaks in real life are serious criminal offenses resulting in additional convictions and sentences when caught. Here are some notable cases:

Frank Morris and Brothers’ Escape from Alcatraz

Date: June 11, 1962

Prison: Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

Convictions: Escape from federal custody – 5 years added to sentence

Quote: “A man will find a way to get out if he really wants to.” – Frank Morris

Pascal Payet’s Helicopter Escapes

Date: 2001, 2003, 2007

Prison: Luynes Prison, Grasse Prison, Largentière Prison

Convictions: Escape, kidnapping of prison guards – 30 year sentence

Quote: “There’s no point condemning me for being who I am, a prisoner who escapes!” – Pascal Payet

Richard Matt and David Sweat’s Escape from Clinton Correctional

Date: June 6, 2015

Prison: Clinton Correctional Facility

Convictions: Escape, burglary – 7 years added to sentences

Quote: “You never know what you’re capable of until you have no other choice.” – Richard Matt

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While Hollywood often romanticizes prison escapes, they usually end badly for those involved and lead to further incarceration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the GTA Online Prison Break heist and escaping from prison in general:

How long does it take to complete the Prison Break heist?

  • From start to finish, expect the Prison Break heist to take 1-2 hours including prep missions and finale. The finale itself takes 15-20 minutes for an experienced team.

Is the Prison Break heist hard?

  • The Prison Break is considered one of the more challenging heists. It requires coordination across 4 roles and has some difficult gunfights. An experienced team communicates well to overcome the challenges.

How do you unlock the Prison Break heist?

  • You need to buy a high-end apartment with a heist planning room. The cheapest option is $200,000. You’ll also need to be at least rank 12.

What is the maximum number of players for the Prison Break?

  • The Prison Break requires exactly 4 players. Two players is not enough and you cannot play with more than 4.

Can you replay the Prison Break heist finale?

  • Yes, once you have completed the finale once, you can replay it directly by calling Lester and selecting ‘Replay Heist’. This allows you to grind the finale.


The Prison Break remains one of the most iconic heists in GTA Online, providing an exciting 4-player cooperative experience since the game’s early days. While not the most efficient grinding method today, it still rewards players with around $300,000 for their first completion.

Optimizing your strategy, working as a team and replaying the finale can net your criminal crew over $200,000 per 30 minute run. Just beware that real life prison breaks end in long sentences rather than tropical getaways. But in GTA’s virtual world of high stakes crime, breaking an ally out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary offers a memorable thrill ride.

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