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Can You Find Out If Someone Is in Prison? Search Tools and Resources

Having a friend, loved one, or acquaintance go to prison can be an anxious and isolating experience for those on the outside. But how easy is it to get information and updates on an incarcerated person’s status and location? This article examines publicly accessible records, government resources, and services to help people search for and locate imprisoned individuals.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator

For federal prisoners in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) offers an online public inmate locator tool. This database allows searching by:

  • Inmate name
  • BOP Register Number

The locator provides current housing facility, release date, demographic info, sentencing details, and contacts for each prisoner in the federal system. However, it only covers the approximately 150,000 federal inmates (12% of the U.S. prison population).

State Department of Corrections Records

Each U.S. state maintains its own separate prison system and records. Most state Departments of Correction offer online inmate lookup tools similar to the federal BOP locator. Examples include:

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State directories provide prisoner status, location, offenses, and parole eligibility within the given jurisdiction. However, record availability and detail varies between states. Contact information for specific prisons assists further.

Directory of State Agency Offender Search Sites

The National Institute of Corrections maintains a directory of links to each U.S. state and territory corrections department website, many of which house inmate lookup tools. Examples include:

Note that some local jurisdictions like cities or counties operate separate detention facilities not covered in statewide prison databases.

Third-Party Background Check Companies

Many for-profit companies run proprietary databases compiling public records on arrests, court cases, incarcerations, releases, and parole details. Examples include:

They charge lookup fees but provide instant nationwide searches encompassing state, federal and local jurisdictions. However, accuracy varies and important context may be missing.

Crowdsourced Prisoner Location Wikis

Some publicly editable wikis like exist where users can voluntarily share information on known inmates’ whereabouts. However, data accuracy is unreliable without sourcing the entries. Professional services provide more rigorous and frequently updated results.

Hiring a Private Investigator

Licensed professional investigators possess paid access to proprietary databases, public records, and contacts within the corrections system to reliably determine someone’s incarceration status across multiple jurisdictions. But their services can prove expensive and excessive if basic public lookups are sufficient.


While no universal centralized database exists spanning all prisons, enough public records and locator tools enable determining most individuals’ incarceration status with some diligent searching across jurisdictions. Federal and state systems offer the bulk of inmate data online for free. Private services fill remaining gaps for a fee. With the right approach and resources, concerned citizens or loved ones of prisoners need not remain completely in the dark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are juvenile detention centers included in public inmate locators and prison records?

No, confidentiality laws generally protect the records of juveniles charged in the justice system. Their names and cases do not appear in public inmate databases. However, some state agencies will confirm a juvenile’s detention anonymously if contacted. Family can also voluntarily disclose details to supporters. But official public juvenile inmate locators do not exist.

Can a prison reveal anything over phone or mail if asked directly about an inmate?

Prisons are very limited in what they disclose about inmates, even to family, for privacy reasons. They generally cannot confirm if someone is at their facility over the phone or mail. Inquiries from concerned citizens get redirected to official inmate lookup sites. For family notifications, prisons contact emergency contacts on record.

Is there a way to search for incarcerated individuals across the entire U.S. in one place?

Unfortunately there is no single unified nationwide database. The vast majority of prisoners are held in independent state systems. The Federal Bureau of Prisons website offers one-stop lookups for federal inmates only. Private data brokers compile state and federal records, but charge for searches. Checking individual state DOCs remains the most comprehensive way.

Can someone remove their name from public prison inmate locators or opt out?

No, inmates do not have the ability to opt out of prison record databases. Locator tools draw from official corrections system records only. Removing names would compromise public safety oversight. Inmates also cannot remove court case info leading to their convictions. But some states offer record expungement after release.

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Do all state prisons publish updated inmate rosters and locator sites online?

Most do to facilitate transparency, but some smaller local jails and detention centers lag in providing public digital databases. A few systems charge lookup fees or have other access limits. Contacting facilities directly can help if no inmate roster is posted online. But overall, online prison lookups are widely available at state levels.

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