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Amirah Dyme Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Amirah Dyme is also known as the “Cake Queen.” She has taken Instagram by storm with her stunning looks and great style. Amirah was born on January 14, 1995 in Germany. She has quickly become famous as a popular Instagram model. She promotes fashion brands like NA-KD, Fashion Nova, and Blanco Bay. As of 2024, Amirah is 29 years old. She has already gotten a whopping 4.2 million followers on her self-titled account.

Amirah has Sudanese roots and a family of seven siblings. Her brother often appears on her Instagram. She has captured many hearts with her unique beauty and fashion sense. Amirah is 5 feet 5 inches tall and her weighft is 58kg. She is a social media sensation and a successful entrepreneur. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. Let’s take a closer look at Amirah Dyme’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio in 2024.

Who is Amirah Dyme?

Amirah Dyme is a lady who loves fashion and showing her style on the internet. She was born in a place called Germany but her family also comes from Sudan, which is another country far away. Amirah has a very big family with seven brothers and sisters!

She likes to take photos and share them with people all around the world on a website called Instagram. Many people like to see her photos and they follow her to see more. Amirah is also called the “Cake Queen” because she is really good at picking out clothes that look nice.


Full Name:Amirah Dyme
Born Date:January 14, 1995
Age:29 years old as of 2024

The significance of the nickname “Cake Queen”

People call Amirah “Cake Queen” because she has a special way of showing off her clothes and style. It’s as delightful as a cake! Just like how everyone loves a good cake at a party, people enjoy seeing Amirah’s fashion.

It’s like she adds the icing on the cake with her pictures, making everything look even better. This nickname tells us Amirah is good at picking outfits. She is good at making herself look wonderful. She’s like a queen of all the yummy cakes.

Early Life and Education

Amirah Dyme grew up in Germany. Her house was filled with love and laughter, thanks to her big family of seven siblings. From a young age, she loved dressing up and playing with fashion. She always chose her own outfits for school.

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Amirah went to a school near her home where she learned many things, just like you. She enjoyed her classes and always tried her best. Amirah’s love for fashion grew with her, and she started dreaming of sharing her style with the world. She always knew she wanted to do something creative and fun when she grew up.

Parents and siblings.

Amirah Dyme has a big, loving family. Her dad’s name is Kosar Dyme, and her mom’s name is Elsa Dyme. Together, they have eight children, including Amirah! She has seven brothers and sisters. That means her house is always full of fun and sometimes a little bit noisy.

Imagine having that many playmates right at home! Amirah and her siblings enjoy time together. You can even see her brother in some of her Instagram photos. They share lots of happy memories, making Amirah’s family a very important part of her life.


Amirah Dyme has a special friend, like a prince in stories, his name is Robert Covington. Just like in fairy tales where princesses have someone they like a lot, Amirah has Robert. They like spending time together and sharing their happy moments.

Robert is like a knight to Amirah, always there to make her smile and share adventures with her. It’s like having a best friend who is also your hero. Amirah and Robert like to make each other happy. They do this like friends do. It shows that having someone special can make your days brighter and full of joy.

Amirah Dyme physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Amirah Dyme is tall 5 feet 5 inches! Her weight is 58kg. Amirah looks just like a princess from your favourite storybook.

She always looks lovely, whether she is dressed up for a fancy party or just hanging out at home. Her smile is bright and makes people happy. Amirah takes good care of herself. She eats healthy foods and stays active. This way, she can always look her best in her beautiful outfits.

Amirah Dyme Before Fame

Before Amirah became famous, she was a young girl who loved playing dress-up. She would often try on different outfits and walk around her house as if it were a big fashion show. Amirah always had a big smile when she wore her favorite dresses.

She also liked to take pictures, even before she had an Instagram account. Imagine taking a photo with a big, funny hat or a shiny pair of shoes; that was Amirah! She dreamed of sharing her love for fashion with people everywhere. Even though she wasn’t famous yet, her heart was full of dreams and colorful outfits.

Amirah Dyme Career

Amirah Dyme became famous. She loves showing everyone her cool clothes on Instagram. Amirah takes pictures. She wears different outfits and shares them with people around the world.

Big clothing companies, such as NA-KD, Fashion Nova, and Blanco Bay, noticed her skill. She was good at showing off their clothes. They asked her to help. This means she gets to wear their clothes and take pictures. Then, those companies show Amirah’s pictures to even more people. This is how Amirah turned her love for fashion and photos into her job. This made her the “Cake Queen” of Instagram.

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Amirah Dyme Net Worth and Financial Success

Amirah Dyme is like a treasure hunter. But, instead of seeking gold and jewels, she finds success and money through her love of fashion. Amirah shares pictures on Instagram wearing cool clothes. She works with big clothing companies. Her worth net worth is $2 million!

Imagine a huge pile of shiny coins; that’s kind of like Amirah’s treasure. Amirah’s treasure chest keeps growing. She adds to it by sharing her style.

Amirah Dyme Famous Reason

Amirah Dyme became popular. She shares many pretty pictures on Instagram. People all over the world like to see her wearing beautiful dresses and cool outfits. When she started showing her clothes and how she dresses up, many people wanted to follow her to see more.

She also works with big companies. She shows everyone their clothes. This makes more people want to look at her pictures. That’s how Amirah became known as the “Cake Know” and got so many friends on Instagram, more than 4 million! She loves fashion, and everyone loves seeing her style.

Amirah Dyme Nationality and religion.

Amirah Dyme was born in a beautiful place called Germany, so she is German. But she also has roots in Sudan because her family comes from there. This makes her special because she gets to learn and share things from two different worlds.

She keeps her beliefs private. They’re like a secret toy. We talk about where she comes from. But, she keeps her beliefs in her heart. She likes to keep them just for herself and her loved ones.

Amirah Dyme Legacy and Impact

Amirah Dyme, our “Cake Queen,” is like a superhero of fashion. She shows everyone how dressing up can make you feel happy and confident. By sharing her outfits and smiles, she teaches us that being yourself is the best thing you can be. Sharing your favorite toy makes others happy. Amirah shares her style and makes people worldwide smile.

She helps big clothing companies by wearing their clothes. She shows how nice they look, which is a big deal! Amirah’s story tells us that following what you love can change the world. She loved playing dress-up.

Amirah Dyme Future Plains

In the future, Amirah wants to do more fun and big things! She dreams of traveling to new places. She wants to take pictures in front of beautiful sights. Amirah also hopes to work with more clothing brands. She’ll show off their pretty dresses and cool shoes.

She wants to help people feel happy and confident in what they wear, just like she does. Plus, Amirah thinks about creating her own line of clothes. She wants to make designs as colorful and joyful as she is. She’s excited to share more adventures and styles with everyone!

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  • Amirah loves taking photos. She takes lots of pictures for her Instagram.
  • She enjoys traveling. Amirah goes to different places and sees new things.
  • Dancing is fun for her. She likes moving to music and having a good time.
  • Amirah likes to spend time with her family. She has a big family and loves them a lot.
  • Shopping for clothes is something she enjoys. Amirah wears pretty dresses and shows them on Instagram.
  • She also likes to watch movies. Watching stories on the big screen is exciting for her.
  • Amirah loves to eat tasty food. Trying new foods from different places is fun.

Interesting Facts About Amirah Dyme

  • Amirah is known as the “Cake Queen” because she loves fashion and looking great.
  • She first shared pictures on Instagram in June 2016 and lots of people liked them.
  • Amirah was born in Germany but her family comes from a place called Sudan too.
  • She has a big family with seven brothers and sisters, and sometimes they appear in her pictures.
  • She also shows videos with a friend named Christian Combs, who is popular on Instagram.
  • Amirah loves to help people know about cool clothes from brands like Fashion Nova.
  • She is not very tall, 5 feet 5 inches, but she is known for being very pretty and stylish.
  • People all over the world follow her on Instagram, more than 4 million!


How old is Amirah Dyme?

Amirah is 29 years old as of 2024.

Why do people call her “Cake Queen”?

She’s called “Cake Queen” because she’s very stylish and loves fashion.

Who is Amirah’s boyfriend?

Her boyfriend’s name is Robert Covington.

How tall is Amirah?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

How many brothers and sisters does Amirah have?

Amirah has seven siblings, including brothers and sisters.

What kind of pictures does Amirah like to post on Instagram?

She posts lots of fashion pictures and photos with her family.

How many people follow Amirah on Instagram?

Over 4 million people follow her.


In the end, Amirah Dyme is a very special person who shares beautiful pictures and fun videos. She loves fashion and is known by many as the “Cake Queen.” Amirah has a big, happy family. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and spending time with them. She also likes to try new foods and watch movies.

Her Instagram is a place where over 4 million people come to see her style and adventures. Remember, Amirah started like anyone else. But, she worked hard and became famous for doing what she loves. It shows us that following our dreams and sharing our joy with others can lead to amazing things.

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